T/R-andom Watch

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    (Actually called T/R-andom Watch) An ongoing webcomic created by Jared. An impulse buy by Grant for a fancy and expensive watch leads to misfortune when it turns him into a girl and his friend Amy into a catgirl.

    A Watch that bends reality, a group of friends caught in a loop of random transformations, and a secret agency of unknown origin. T/R-andom Watch is a webcomic with a continuously evolving storyline and artwork.

    Can be found here: T/R-andom Watch.

    Tropes used in T/R-andom Watch include:
    • Art Evolution: The first strips are irregular and black and white, the later are color and regular.
    • Catgirl: Amy becomes this temporarily.
    • Disappeared Dad: Grant is not at liberty to talk about why his father left.
    • Gender Bender:Grant has this occur as the effect of the watch.
    • Oh Crap: Ashlee!Grant's reaction when she!he realizes she has agreed to go on a date with Roy.
    • Pixellation: Grant destroys a box so thoroughly it can only be shown pixellated.
    • Sketches Always Spoil: Some pictures in the T Random Watch Sketchbook show Eva shooting some sort of beam from her fingers...A power which has yet to be seen in the actual comic.
    • Reality Warper: The random watch.