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  • In particular, at the conclusion of Wolf's trial, the judge proclaims: "We've heard the evidence, most of it quite ridiculous." An outraged Wolf takes umbrage at the "most" and snaps: "Some of it!"
  • "That's not funny." "'ll get funnier if we keep doing it."
  • Virginia hitting Wolf over the head with the vase at her grandmother's apartment when he tried to kiss her.
    • He just breaks out a big grin after she does this.
  • During the Red Riding Hood scene at Grandma's apartment:

Wolf: (speaking of the meat cleaver in his hand) Oh, no! How did this get here?

  • When they go back to rescue Tony from the prison:

Wolf: Okay, how about, I wear the shoes, and then you touch me, 'cause if you're touching me we'll both be invisible.
Virginia: No way. You're lying, you just want the shoes for yourself! (Actually just about any scene with the magic shoes is hilarious.)

Tony: What is the point of having a door with a horrible death behind it? WHAT DOES THAT ACHIEVE? (throws frog through door)

  • BOOM*

Wolf: I guess it's the other door.

  • As she goes to chase after the dog Wendell:

Blabberwort: He can't escape, we're in a prison!

    • Would that be Insane Troll Logic? Actually a lot of the Trolls' lines would count as that, particularly Burly rejecting Bluebell's idea that they were shrunk by Virginia and put in a matchbox in her pocket with "How can we be in a matchbox--where are all the matches?"
  • At the Huntsman's treehouse:

Wolf: I've always wanted to say this...'Love of my life, let down your lustrous locks!

(Virginia throws her hair down at him, hitting him right in the face)

(As he's climbing)

Wolf: Look out below, close your eyes!

Tony: What is it?

Wolf: Dandruff!

Virginia: I do not have--

(And a bit later)

Wolf: I've just found another gray one!

(Virginia growls)

  • Wolf's description of how he wants his lamb prepared at the restraunt:

"No, no! "Rare" implies dangerously cooked. When I say rare I mean just let it look at the oven in terror, then bring it out to me."