I Always Wanted to Say That

    Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

    "I'm gonna say it!!! Number 8 on the list of Lines I Want To Shout At Least Once In My Life! FIRE MAIN CANNON!!"


    Kind of the meta-Stock Phrase. A character says a cliche line (or famous quote from a movie) in some appropriate situation and sends up the lameness of it by noting he was wanting an opportunity to say it.

    The Genre Savvy's way of Playing with a Trope.

    A slight variation is when a character has always wanted to hear the phrase said to them. A common Lampshade Hanging, for example, of any cabbie who is told to Follow That Car!.

    Examples of I Always Wanted to Say That include:

    Anime and Manga


    Yami: And now I put Tea in face-down position. I always wanted to say that.

    • Sentou Mecha Xabungle does this a lot, being a slapstick comedy sandwiched between two mecha anime buns...
    • Gravion does an variant on this. Klein Sandman suddenly caps off the titular Super Robot's combination sequency by introducing the title mecha in a badass way. When Sandman's assistant asks "What was that?", he responds "I always wanted to do that," followed by a Twinkle Smile. His maids even Squee over him.
    • In Episode 10, "Hot and Cold Kitties," of the English version of Samurai Pizza Cats, The Big Cheese announces that he has always wanted to say "Fire all phasers" before directing his monster to start attacking the city.
    • In the Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 281, Haruna tells she has a list of phrases she wanted to shout at least once in her life. The one she had said was number 8. "Fire Main Cannon!!"
    • Durarara!!: Shizuo Heiwajima, one of the strongest human beings in existence, found being attacked by Honor Before Reason Seiji hilarious when he and Celty encounter Celty's goal. Nevertheless, he took Seiji's You Shall Not Pass behavior with great aplomb. "I've always wanted to say this! Go on ahead and leave him to me!" Because Seiji amuses him, Shizuo only gently headbutts him to unconsciousness.
      • In episode 13, Kinnosuke Kuzuhara mentions that he always wanted to say this if he ever ended up hunting down a supernatural entity: "Don't screw with the cops, monster."
    • In one episode of Black Butler, Ciel comes into possession of a camera that reveals the photographed person's most precious (but dead) thing (be it person, animal, or other). Ciel orders Meirin, Bardroy, and Finny to secretly take Sebastien's picture. As the three were extremely worried that they would be fired, they all excitedly shout "Yes, my lord!", then say the trope name verbatim.
    • In Bakuman。, when Saiko and Shujin are tailing Hattori, they invoke this in the following exchange:

    Shujin: I hope he takes a Taxi.
    Saiko: How come? It's easier to follow him on foot.
    Shujin: I want to get in a taxi and say "Follow That Car!!"
    Saiko: ...Tell me you're not just doing this for fun.
    Shujin: I'm just saying that'll make it feel more realistic.

      • And it actually happens; Hattori does take a taxi, and when the pair jump on the next one, Shujin says exactly that. Even the driver plays on it:

    Shujin: Follow That Car!!
    Driver: *chuckles* It's been 5 years since I last heard that.

    • Haruka in The Secret of Haruka Nogizaka has a moment of this when she uses the fact she's cosplayed as Shana to do the "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" catchprase.
    • Yumeji in Yumekui Merry takes a slash from a sword while in a dream for Merry saying "As a guy...it was a situation I wanted to try doing once."
    • Dominion Tank Police. Da Chief does the "Go ahead, make my day!" line, and when his men congratulate him on being just like Dirty Harry, admits he always wanted to say that.
    • In the opening of the 6th episode of Persona 4: The Animation, Igor is not in the Velvet Room so Margaret says "Welcome to the Velvet Room" in his place and then invokes this trope.
    • The Enies Lobby arc of One Piece has an instance where Rob Lucci is implied to be a fan of The Lord of the Rings.

    Lucci: "I can't let you pass. At least let me say that."


    Comic Books

    • In one episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage comic, Raphael gets to point a gun (actually a stun-ray) at an enemy's face and invites him to "Make my day!" (predictably thinking that he'd always wanted to say that).
    • While Peter Parker is sneaking around his neighbourhood in Ultimate Spider-Man, suspecting that the Green Goblin is nearby, he thinks to himself: "It's quiet... too quiet... I just like saying quiet. Too quiet."
    • While pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment in the new[when?] Blue Beetle series, Brenda's crime lord aunt leads with "Say hello to my little friend!" and remarks sotto voce that she's always wanted to say that.
    • In an issue of The Brave and the Bold, the Joker breaks out of the asylum (again), this time to help Batman solve the murder of the Penguin. Batman reluctantly accepts his help, and when they find that the Penguin had faked his death in order to cover a major crime, they capture him as the police arrive. The Joker says "Take him downtown and book him!" Then he turns to Batman and says "I always wanted to say that!"
    • From Astonishing X-Men: The team are trying to locate the Breakworld's interplanetary attack system, and they believe it's on a nearby moon. That's when The Beast notices something

    Beast: I always thought I'd have more fun if I ever got to say this, but that's no moon...

    • At the conclusion of the first story arc of Fables, Bigby gathers everyone for "the parlour scene" - the classic whodunnit ending where the detective gathers all the important characters together to tell them who did what, and how, and how they figured it out. He notes that he's always wanted to do it, only to have another character point out that they're not in a parlour. A shade impatiently, he overrides this objection and proceed to lay it all out anyway.
    • One of the early installments of Buffy season 8 features Warren saying "This isn't over, slayer." just before he's teleported out by a witch. Then, as he disappears, he remarks "I just do not get tired of saying that..."
    • In an issue of Justice League International our heroes are fighting the robotic Manhunters. Dr. Fate has run off to follow a hunch. Superman (somehow) has missed this:

    Superman: Did anyone see where Doctor Fate went?
    Hawkgirl: He went thataway! You know, I've been waiting years to say that!

    • In Martian Manhunter Annual #2, J'onn has solved the mystery of why Gorilla City has declared war on humans, and arrives in front of the apes and the League.

    J'onn: I expect you're wondering why I called you all here today.
    Thought Caption: Call me whimsical, but I've waited years for the appropriate time and place to say that.


    Von Hammer (Thought Caption): I'm Will von Hammer, Private detective and sex machine to all the chicks.
    Actually, I'm not, but I always wanted to say that.


    Fan Works


    '"All wings report in," said General Potter. They'd rehearsed this during their one training session on Saturday.
    '"Red Leader standing by," said Seamus Finnigan, who had no idea what it meant.
    '"Red Five standing by," said Dean Thomas, who'd waited his entire life to say it.


     "How the did should I know? I always wanted to say that." Manson said.
    "Rome wasn't build in a day." Redd said.
    "What's that mean?" United asks.
    "I don't know. I just always wanted to say that." Redd said.
    An awkward silence appears for a moment. One even called out her birth name.
    "I always wanted to say that." Spur said.
    Markipler: Let's Get It On! I always wanted to say that.

      • Ditto in Episode 5

     "I mean it, THIS MEANS WAR!" Hornet said.
    "DUN DUN DUN!"
    "Geri, We're already in one." (She looks at Spur and Redd.) "And, I know that was the both of lots." Hawk said.
    "I know. I always wanted to say that." Hornet said.



    • A very well-done cinematic variation comes from The Paper, when Henry wants to stop a paper from going out bearing an incorrect front-page article:

    Henry: We stop and replate. Go upstairs and write up what you've got. Tell Lou to send down "They Didn't Do It".
    Michael McDougal: Hey Henry, are you going to say it? You gotta say it.
    Henry: Use the same art they used for "Gotcha!".
    Michael McDougal: Come on, how often do you get the chance? You can't just do it and not say it, come on!
    Henry: I - Stop the presses!

    • After hijacking a steam locomotive in Back to The Future III, Doc Brown blows the engine's whistle, saying, "I've wanted to do that all my life!" There's a Shout-Out to this in Robert Zemeckis's The Polar Express where the boy protagonist does the same thing and says the same line.
      • Earlier in the movie, Doc and Marty are discussing how to catch up to that train on a short timeframe. Doc is more familiar with the local area than Marty (or at least, more familiar with travelling around it with 19th-century technology), so he points out that they will have to "cut 'em off at Coyote Pass!" This does not receive an explicit remark, but considering that Doc is explicitly stated to be a fan of the Old West several times in the series, maybe Zemeckis just figured it wasn't needed.
    • During a chase scene in The Man Who Knew Too Little, Wallace drives over a series of traffic cones just right to launch them into the air. (In his defense, he thought it was all an act.) Both he and the police pursuing him had "always wanted to do that."
    • Variation in The Great Muppet Caper: at the end of the newsroom scene at the beginning of the movie, Gonzo screams "STOP THE PRESSES!!!!" When asked what happened, he replies, "I don't know. I've always wanted to say that."
    • In Ghostbusters, a slight variation.... Venkman-- "hold on, I've always wanted to do this--" (yanks tablecloth, spilling cutlery and dishes on the floor) "AND THE FLOWERS, ARE STILL STANDING!"
    • In the Woody Allen movie Play It Again, Sam the main character gives a heartfelt speech to a woman in the airport. When the listener is impressed by his words, he admits "It's from Casablanca. I've waited my whole life to say it!"
    • Kick-Ass: "Say hello to my little friend!"
    • Jumanji: The poor Butt Monkey cop, Carl, has been thoroughly abused along with his car the entire movie. But the cherry on the top was toward the end, when he takes the children's aunt to their home, and they hear screams. When Carl can't get the door open, he grabs his gun, grins at Aunt Nora, and says "I've always wanted to do this," and tries to kick the door in. The key word here is "tries." Instead the monsoon on the other side of the door breaks through the door, and sends them down the street with a couple of alligators.
    • The Mask. When the police arrive to arrest Tyrell's gangsters:

    Charlie: Officers, arrest those men! I always wanted to say that.


    Ted: We Come in Peace! (aside to Harry) I always wanted to say that.

    • In Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, by Professor McGonagall of all people, after using the Piertotum Locomotor spell (animates the suits of armor to defend Hogwarts).
      • Especially cute is the schoolgirl giggle she gives while delivering the line. One suspects she's wanted to use that spell for some time.
        • Probably ever since she learned that spell.
    • Repossessed "My name is Barbara Walters, and this is 20/20. I always wanted to say that!"


    • The opening narration to Animorphs #2 chapter 16 reads as follows:

    It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.
    Sorry, I've always wanted to write that. But it really was a dark and stormy night.

      • And in book 16, Jake tells everyone (who are all in elephant or rhino morph) to charge. Marco remarks that "I bet he always wanted to say that".
    • The following dialogue exchange happens in Proven Guilty, Book 8 of The Dresden Files:

    Lieutenant Murphy: You think that was someone trying to look like a movie monster?
    Harry Dresden: Someone...or something.
    Murphy: How long have you been waiting to use that one?
    Harry: Years. The opportunity doesn't come up as often as you'd think.


    "'That's a harp he's playing, Nobby,' said one of them, after watching Imp for a while.
    'No, it's the honest truth, I'm--' The fat guard frowned and looked down.
    'You've just been waiting all your life to say that, ain't you Nobby,' he said. 'I bet you was born hoping that one day someone'd say 'That's a harp' so you could say 'lyre,' on account of it being a pun or play on words.'


    "You are shot?"
    "In the leg. It's Only a Flesh Wound." Charlie had waited his entire life to say those words and he felt very macho at that moment.

    • Deconstructed in the novel Silence of the Lambs. After discovering a bizarre set up involving a head in a jar and wooden phalluses, Starling says, 'We're not in Kansas anymore.' She immediately feels like a phony.
    • Into the Looking Glass: Master Chief Miller, took advantage of an opportunity to use a phrase he had waited "most of his adult life" to say, when kept from entering Disney World to investigate a possible gate by local security. The phrase? "We're in no mood for Mickey Mouse."[1]
      • In the next book in the series, the captain of humanity's first starship is beside himself with delight when he gets to say things like "Engage warp drive" and "Ahead Warp 1."
    • In Dread Brass Shadows, Crask remarks that it's the first time he's seen Garrett P.I. without some wiseass remark. Garrett speculates that Crask has been waiting for ages to say that.
      • Garrett himself invokes it when he gets to say "Egad", at the sight of Morley's foppish new look in Petty Pewter Gods.
      • And when he tells off Medford Shale, his great-uncle, in Faded Steel Heat, he recalls having always wanted to do that when he was a kid and had to suffer the old fart's grousing in silence.
    • In Life, the Universe, and Everything, Trillian can hardly contain her glee when saying "Take Me to Your Leader" to the Krikkiters.
    • In Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter is excited when he gets the chance to say "Ten-four" on the police radio.
    • In three books starting with Surfing Samurai Robots (1988), Mel Gilden told of Zoot, from the planet T'toom. T'toom has been picking up our radio broadcasts and managed to figure out our languages (speaking English became the "In" thing). Zoot, fascinated with Philip Marlowe, visits Earth Twenty Minutes Into the Future, and then ... well, he calls himself "Zoot Marlowe, from Bay City" and acts as a private eye, complete with loads of metaphors and similes that'd make Chandler proud. An old guy providing information in one of the books admits he'd always wanted to be able to pick up the phone, growl, "That you, Marlowe?" and have the answer be "Yes."

    Live Action TV

    • In The A-Team, on a mission, Face radios in to inform the rest of the team that "It's Quiet... Too Quiet", then notes he always wanted to say that.
    • Spaced features a variation on this trope in the episode "Help". At one point, when Tim and Daisy are being pursued by hooligans, they leap into a minicab, and Daisy yells "Step on it!"

    Tim: I can't believe you said "Step on it!"
    Daisy: Why?
    Tim: I wanted to say it.

    • Angel: At the end of series 2, the gang finds themselves in an alterative dimension determined to rescue Cordelia who was swept through earlier. It's a demon dimension where humans are slaves. The gang is captured and sent before the monarch for sentencing only to discover Cordelia's been made the monarch due to a prophecy about her visions. The servants expect her to demand the death punishment as required and her friends want her to free them. Her response? "Off with their heads!" followed quickly by "Just kidding!" and a sheepish acknowledgement that she always wanted to say that.
    • The Doctor Who episode "Tooth and Claw" has a variation in which Rose tries to get Queen Victoria to say "We are not amused." Her delight when Queen Victoria does indeed say it is short-lived because she also exiles her and the Doctor and sets up the Torchwood Institute to fight him if he returns.
      • "Voyage of the Damned" features the following dialogue from the Doctor:

    Doctor: Take me to your leader! *grins* I always wanted to say that.

    • The Doctor has a short memory; he uses this exact line twice in three seasons. (Though he hadn't said it before as the Tenth Doctor).
    • And this one from the Master:

    Master: We meet at last, Doctor. Oh, I love saying that!

    • In "Voyage of the Damned", the Doctor finally gets to say: "Allons-y, Alonso!" after wanting to say it since "Doomsday". And there's the way his face lights up when he finds out Alonso's name.
    • And then there's the sixth season opener when the Eleventh Doctor says "Who da man?!" Admittedly, he didn't say outright that he always wanted to say that line, but you can tell from his body language that he's just been waiting for the right moment for it. He immediately promises to never say it again.
    • Monk, "Mr. Monk and the Candidate":

    Sharona: Are we gonna let it go?
    Monk: Hell no.
    Sharona: What are we gonna do now?
    Monk: We're gonna follow the money. Ooh, I've always wanted to say that!


    Natalie: I've always wanted to say this; here's what happened.

      • Another Monk variation from "Mr. Monk and the Very Old Man"(given how rarely Captain Stottlemeyer manages to beat Monk to the solution):

    Stottlemeyer: Monk, I'm going to say something I've wanted to say for a long time.
    Monk: What is it?
    Stottlemeyer: I just solved the case.

    • In the Charmed episode "Siren Song", Paige says "Abracadabra" and the front doors are magically repaired:

    Piper: You did all that with 'abracadabra'?
    Paige: Nah. I used a spell. I just always wanted to say that.


    DA Yates: "I've waited my whole career to say this: "The Butler Did It."

    • Used humorously in the first episode of Young Blades: d'Artagnan (the son of the Dumas character) stops Jacqueline in the middle of the "all for one, one for all" catchphrase:

    Jacqueline: But I've been waiting my whole life to say that!
    d'Artagnan: And I've spent my whole life hearing it.

      • In a later episode, King Louis tries to say the catchphrase and is met with similar resistance. He ends up using it, and quoting "I Always Wanted to Say That" exactly, in a Deleted Scene Dream Sequence.
    • Used every time someone does a "true Daily Double" on Jeopardy!.
    • On MST3K, Joel once kissed Servo, and declared "Y'now, I always wanted to do that!". His excessive mugging to the camera indicates that he was using the phrase ironically.
    • In the "Three Days of Snow" episode of How I Met Your Mother, as Barney and Ted are closing up the bar, Barney says "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!" (quoting the song "Closing Time"), then turns to Ted and explains, "I've always wanted to say that. In a bar, I mean."
    • Top Gear: "Back to the studio." Played with when Clarkson anticipates the line, May says it before he can, and Clarkson in turn cuts off Hammond as he is about to say it.
    • Moonlighting did this when Dave Addison held a Summation Gathering. "I suppose you're wondering why I gathered you all here. I always wanted to say that."
    • From the Stargate SG-1 episode "Beachhead":

    Cameron: If you do not disengage the Stargate within 30 of our "Earth minutes", we will shut down the gate for you.
    Daniel: Earth minutes.
    Cameron: Yeah, I've always wanted to say that.
    Vala: Well, now you have.


    Orion: This disc will self destruct in 5 seconds...always wanted to say that.

    • Mama's Family: In one episode, Mama manages to apprehend an infamous burglar by knocking him out with a cardboard sign. Right after she does so:

    Mama: Alright, scum, spread 'em!
    Iola: Thelma, he can't hear you. He's out cold.
    Mama: I know. I just always wanted to say that.

    • In one episode of The Drew Carey Show Drew's neighbor is on a horse talking to Drew and at one point offends him, whereupon Carey says, "Now get out of here, you--ooh, I have wanted to say this my whole life--and the horse you rode in on!"
    • Subverted in the Veronica Mars episode "An Echolls Family Christmas":

    Veronica: I have to say, I was a bit miffed. I was this close to being able to say "The Butler Did It"! But no, it was the butler's son.

      • Played straight in the season 2 episode "Happy go Lucky":

    Veronica: Do you know how long I've wanted to go to Stanford?
    Wallace: Since middle school?
    Veronica: Elementary, my dear Wallace. (Beat) Do you know how long I've waited to say that?

    • In The Mentalist Patrick Jane tells a group of journalists to "Stop the press" and then asks if that's the right phrase or not.
      • Another episode sees him excitedly jumping up and down crowing, 'The butler did it! I've always wanted to say that!"
    • In the Quantum Leap episode "Piano Man," after Sam Beckett leaps into a nightclub pianist, Al greets him with a hammed-up "Play it again, Sam. ... I always wanted to say that."
    • NCIS
      • "Deception"

    Abby: Permission to speak freely, SIR!
    Gibbs: You always do, Abby.
    Abby: I know. I just always wanted to say that.

      • "Enemies Domestic"

    McGee: Thanks. G100 grade ball bearings, 12 penny nails, plastic casing, copper wire, electrical tape.
    Abby: And, with a little bit of ingenuity. You too, can build one of these. A claymore mine, McGyver.
    McGee: McGyver?
    Abby: Been keeping that one in my back pocket for awhile.


    Lister: This might sound like a bit of a corny line, but... can't even bring myself to say it.
    Rimmer guard: Say what?
    Lister: Take us to your leader.
    Kryten: Oh, sir, how could you?

    • An example from Community episode "Introduction to Statistics", Troy states he has some questions he has wanted to ask Batman.
    • On Home Improvement, Al says this after he gets the chance to say "I told you never to call me here!".
    • Laverne and Shirley had short messages as it cut to commercial breaks. One of them was Shirley saying, "No no no! Don't touch that dial! ...I always wanted to say that."
    • 30 Rock:

    Jack: There's a war going on out there and you're going to have to pick a side. I've always wanted to say that, and I can't believe I wasted it on you [Liz].

    • In Power Rangers Zeo: While the team are riding on horses, Rocky says "We'll head 'em off at the pass!", invoking this trope immediately afterward.
    • In the TV adaptation of the comic The Bogie Man, the detective hunting for Francis Clunie (who believes himself to be an amalgam of Humphrey Bogart characters) seizes the opportunity to say "Round up the usual suspects!", adding "I always wanted to say that."
    • In an episode of Taxi, Louie realizes there's nobody in the garage except him. (Everyone has gone to support Bobby, something he thought was a waste of time.) He smirks, picks up the intercom microphone, and sings a few lines from "From This Moment On". Then he laughs, "I always wanted to do that!"


    Professional Wrestling

    • In the December 6, 2010 edition of WWE Raw, circumstances had led to CM Punk subbing for Michael Cole in reading the e-mail from the Raw General Manager, a role that Punk played up for all its worth.

    CM Punk: I've always really wanted to do this. I HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL!


    Video Games


    Dr. Crabblesnitch: Now, I'm not one to give in to popular sentiment--
    Jimmy: I can tell that by the way you dress.
    Dr. Crabblesnitch: (shocked) What?
    Jimmy: I'm just sayin', you dress great.

    • Battlefield: Bad Company: Haggard says this, as an explanation for responding to "Drop your weapons or we will take them by force." with "Oh yeah? Says You and What Army?!" - though at the American army which they just defected from. Therefore, the situation isn't that fitting, and Haggard apparently just really wanted to say that.
    • In Max Payne, Vladimir says the titular trope after saying he has "An Offer You Can't Refuse".
    • In the second Phoenix Wright game, a dapper villain kidnaps Maya: not his usual forte, but the particular situation required it. After making his demands, he concludes with "Oh, yes, that's right. Now that I am playing the role of the kidnapper, I can't pass up this chance to say, 'And don't even think about callin' the cops!'"
      • Also in the first Phoenix Wright game, the bellboy calls Phoenix 'Detective' adding that he knew Phoenix isn't a detective, but he always wanted to say that. Additionally in game 1, Phoenix and Maya are saved from certain death at the hands of the mafia by the timely entrance of mostly-inept Detective Gumshoe. He greets their gratitude with the phrase "Just doin' my job." and notes that he always wanted to say it.
    • Persona 4: Done as a Shout-Out; rookie policeman Adachi says this after he gets to use the line "We'll hear your excuses back at the station," which also happens to one of the battle victory catch phrases of police officer Katsuya in Persona 2.
    • In Super Smash Bros. Melee, if you use Falco's special taunt in the Star FOX-themed stages (also applies to the rehashed Corneria stage in Brawl), this may come up:

    Fox: All ships report in!
    Slippy: This is Slippy! I'm alright, I'm alright!
    Peppy: Peppy here! I'm a little shaken... but I'm okay. (Beat) Sorry. I've always wanted to say that.


    Big Chill:Freeze! Hahah...I always wanted to say that...

    • In Paper Mario, Toad Houses[2] have a slogan: "Refresh your Body and Soul!" The Toad you can find hiding in a wardrobe in a guest room of Peach's Castle aways wanted to say it; you give him an opportunity when you come along. (However, you have to already have found him. Recommendation: Come back after fighting Bowser the first time.)

    Web Comics

    • Dominic Deegan, Oracle For Hire: At the conclusion of the "Battle For Barthis" arc, Dominic (having just manipulated events to bring down the arc's villain) does a reversed variation of the trope. Realizing the situation is perfect, he thinks, "I've always wanted to say this!", looks around, and then cackles, "Dance, puppets! Dance!"
    • In The Dreamland Chronicles: #973, Scott Sava makes a particularly terrible 'cliffhanger' pun, and apologizes for it with "How often do you actually get to say that?"
    • Alasdair in Out at Home slaps his friend Kate while screaming "SNAP OUT OF IT, WOMAN!" he always wanted to do that.
    • Elan and Nale's father in Order of the Stick:

    "Elan... I am your father. Oh MAN! I've always wanted to say that line!"


    "Jareth: How I've longed to say this... You have no POWER over me."


    Web Original

    • The Spoony Experiment has a Running Gag referencing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode which urged the viewers to reference Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome whenever the word "thunderdome" is used in their life. If something in a movie reminds Spoony of Mad Max, he'll ask "Can't we just get beyond Thunderdome?" and celebrate the reference. During a recent spate of such jokes where it seemed like he was working one in every few weeks, Spoony humped the air and cried "I! CANNOT! BE! STOPPED!"
    • In SF Debris' review of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Code of Honor", character Tasha Yar gets to finally have... "Yars Revenge!". Chuck notes that he's been waiting years to work that joke into a review.

    Western Animation

    • In The Simpsons, Lisa bursts into a church and cries, "Repent, repent, before it's too late!" and follows it up with a giggle and "I've always wanted to say that in a New England church!"
    • In Gargoyles: David Xanatos joyfully yells, "It's alive! Aliiive!", then turns to Demona, grinning, and says the trope name, when he participates in creating the reanimated cyborg character Coldstone. Which is really quite understandable, considering that the preceding scene was just one hunchbacked assistant short of a Frankenstein reenactment.
    • In Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy:

    Edd: Time's a'wastin! *pause* I've always wanted to say that.

    • Numbuh 4 of Codename: Kids Next Door once had to rescue his brother and his parents when the Dodgeball Wizard captured them. When he told that "this time" It's Personal, Numbuh 2 wondered what he meant by "this time", since he never met the wizard before. Numbuh 4 simply admitted he always wanted to say that and then he even repeats the phrase.
    • In Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Dierdre (one of Sherlock's band of Irregular teen misfits) has been sent to follow a suspect. She calls out to the cabbie and points "follow that hovercab! I always wanted to say that."
    • The Real Ghostbusters did this on occasion, in reference to the tablecloth scene from the movie(listed above). One time, Venkman offered to swing from a chandelier to help capture a ghost, but Spengler accused him of making the offer because it was something he always wanted to do. He then added, "Well this time, what you've always wanted to do is something I've always wanted to do." Venkman happily yielded the chandelier to Spengler.
    • After Long Feng's arrest in Avatar: The Last Airbender:

    Sokka: Looks like Long Feng is Long Gone! Ahh, I've been waiting to use that one.


    Mikey: It's quiet...maybe too quiet. Always wanted to say that!


    Archer: I've waited all my life to say this exact phrase: I'M COMMANDEERING THIS AIRBOAT!

    • In the dream episode of Daria, where Daria is accused of killing Kevin, she tells Jane to track down the last group of people who touched her locker, where Kevin's body was found.

    Jane: Right Chef. I always wanted to say that.


    Real Life

    • In 2007, the Los Angeles Dodgers called up infielder Chin-Lung Hu. On the rare occasions he got on base, at least some announcers were unable to resist invoking this trope when saying that Hu's on first.
    • This Damn You Autocorrect entry invokes this.
    • An industry-specific example: "Man Bites Dog" is a Journalism 101 example of newsworthiness. Everyone in the industry knows the phrase. So whenever an event occurs that CAN have this headline applied to it (usually someone assaulting a police dog), you can bet that this will be the headline and that the entire staff of the news source is thinking, "Finally got to use it in real life!"
    • The sentence "The book is on the table" is an example of a basic sentence taught to ESL students in a few countries. As such, students from said countries cannot wait to see a book on a table somewhere where English is the primary language...
    1. For those not familiar with the idiom, "Mickey Mouse" is also derisively used to refer to silly/stupid stuff, often in the form of "Mickey Mouse shit"
    2. the free inns you run across on your journey