The 10th Kingdom/Awesome

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Troll King: I am alone and unarmed.

Evil Queen: As am I.

Troll King: Where are my children?

Evil Queen: To be quite honest, I have no idea. I simply used them as an excuse to get you to meet me.

Troll King: Then I will kill you.

Evil Queen: Don't you wish to hear my great plan first?

Troll King: I have known of your plan all along--to put the imposter prince on the throne, and rule the Fourth Kingdom yourself.

Evil Queen: Do you think I spent seven years rotting in jail to rule only one of the Nine Kingdoms? I intend to have them all.

Troll King: But...where do I fit in?

Evil Queen: Yes...I see what you mean.

Troll King: I have heard enough. Trolls...arise! (guards appear from among the apple trees, surrounding her) You didn't expect that, did you? My men have been hiding here for the last hour.

Evil Queen: I am impressed at your foresight. And had you arrived two hours earlier, you would have found me...poisoning the apples! (watches Relish and his men collapse, writhing in agony) Poison is something of a science with me, and I seem to have timed it just right. You know what they say, Relish: an army marches on its stomach!

(gives a bow) Your Majesty, I read your book!