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    • In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... The A-Team.

    Season 1

    Mexican Slayride, Part 1 and 2 [1.1]

    B.A. Baracus: You learn to love him, Mama. But it takes a long time. Referring to Hannibal
    Amy: That's the same thing he said about you.

    Murdock: I'm surprised the surgeon general let me out.
    Face: He didn't. I did. I had to bring your Uncle Deke into town.
    Murdock: How is Uncle Deke?
    Face: You don't have an Uncle Deke.
    Murdock: I'm sorry to hear that. I was beginning to like him.
    Face: No, you hated him. He used to beat you.
    Murdock: That creep!

    Face: I got us a Gulfstream. Can you fly it?
    Murdock: Hey, brother. If it's got wings, I can fly it.
    Face: Great.
    Murdock: Hey, Face, what's a Gulfstream?

    Hannibal is strapping an unconscious B.A. to his seat on the plane.
    Amy: Excuse me, but what are you doing?
    Hannibal: We're tying him up so he won't kill us if he comes-to.
    Amy: (looking puzzled) I see. Excuse me again, but isn't he one of you, I mean isn't he on the team?
    Face: Yes.
    Amy: So then why do you have to drug him?
    Hannibal: He hates the pilot.
    Amy: Hates the pilot? Why?
    Face: Because our pilot is insane.
    Amy: (pointing at the cockpit) So he's up there now, flying us?
    Face: Yes.
    Murdock, who should be flying the plane, walks past singing. Face gets up and leads him back to the cockpit.
    Face: What a kidder!
    Amy: I'm not sure you are exactly what I bargained for.
    Hannibal: Let's get something straight right now. You want your friend back. The authorities shined you on, so you went out and hired a bunch of gun-fighters. Now, if you wanted someone with good manners, you should've hired an English butler.
    Amy: The pilot's really insane?
    Hannibal: We think so.
    Amy: Are you still being chased by the government?
    Hannibal: That's right.
    Amy: What I don't understand, is why you're not living in Switzerland, where it's safe?
    Hannibal: Because we're not Swiss. We're Americans. We've got a little problem right now. But we'll work our way out of it somehow. In the mean time, we stick together and do what we do best.

    Murdock is singing in the cockpit when Hannibal joins him
    Hannibal: The sleeping giant awakes.
    Murdock stops singing and stares shocked at Hannibal.
    Hannibal: How fast can you bring us down?
    Murdock: You just landed, brother.

    The team are driving back to the airport. B.A. slams his foot on the brakes, which causes a tape-recorder to come out from under the seat.
    B.A.: I ain't going on no airplane!
    Murdock picks up the tape recorder.
    Hannibal: What's this?
    Murdock presses play on the tape recorder.
    Amy: (voice on tape) on the jazz. Four restless romantics...
    Hannibal: Restless romantics?
    Amy:(voice on tape) ...the edge of society, which is the only place left they can survive...
    Hannibal takes the tape recorder and presses the stop button.
    Hannibal: What's this, the last reel of a Disney movie?
    Amy: I wasn't going to tell you guys...but I decided to do a story on you!
    B.A.: I ain't goin' on no airplane!
    Hannibal: Forget it lady. It ain't gonna happen.
    Hannibal ejects tape and gives it to Face
    Amy: C'mon guys, I know, I know. What you guys are doing is really important. You saved Al. And you caught the terrorists. Everybody's against you. The government is after you. You gotta hide. I think that's a hell of a story!
    B.A.: I said I ain't gettin' on no airplane Hannibal!
    Amy: I won't publish it until you've cleared yourselves.
    Hannibal: You won't publish it, period! You think we're looking to become Book of the Month Club Celebrities? You gotta be nuts, lady!
    Murdock: I'm nuts. Let's keep that straight. Okay? I got my whole room and board resting on that fact.
    Hannibal: He's right.
    Amy: B.A. was telling me about 'The Jazz' - and I think I caught the fever!
    Hannibal: So?
    Amy: let me in - or I write the book...and blow your cover!
    Hannibal, Face and Murdock look at each other
    B.A.: I said I ain't gettin' on no airplane Hannibal!
    Amy: C'mon guys, I can help you with lots of stuff! I have the paper; I have influence; I have a computer at the paper for research stuff...and I have the 1st Amendment to hide behind.
    Hannibal: We'll talk about it on the airplane.
    B.A.: I told you I ain't goin' on no airplane!
    Hannibal: Ah, c'mon B.A., be a sport!
    Hannibal tries to stick a needle into B.A.'s shoulder. B.A. grabs his arm.
    B.A.: Gotcha! I told you you weren't gonna get me this time sucka, no sirree!
    Hannibal: Now B.A., you know I wouldn't try to fool you.
    B.A.: Don't put no dogpile shuffle on me Hannibal.
    Amy sticks needle into B.A.'s shoulder
    B.A.: I...I...
    B.A. falls unconscious

    Children of Jamestown [1.2]

    Martin James: The Lord shall test them! They shall walk through the valley of his wrath.
    Hannibal: Now you're beginning to walk through the valley of my wrath, Preacher.

    Face gets hit hard in the face
    Hannibal: (holds up three fingers) How many fingers am I holding up?
    Face: Blue.

    Pros and Cons, [1.3]

    B.A. Baracus: We vote because I say we vote!

    Murdock is being shown Rorschach ink blots by a prison psychiatrist. The first picture is a butterfly
    Murdock: Tractor.
    Psychiatrist: You don't really see a tractor, do you, Murdock?
    Murdock: (smiles) You're right. I was just guessing.
    Psychiatrist: Well, don't guess. What does it look like?
    Murdock: Ink. It looks like ink. See, I have done this most of my life off and on and I don't see nothin', so I just guess.
    Psychiatrist: It looks like a butterfly, don't it? See, there's the wings and there's the head.
    Murdock: Hey, yeah. Yeah! I see that. Yeah, it's a butterfly!
    Psychiatrist: Good. Butterfly. Now what is this?
    (Psychiatrist puts another picture on the table.)
    Murdock: Garbage bag. Empty garbage bag.
    (Psychiatrist rolls eyes and motions for the guard to take Murdock away.)
    Murdock: I'd like a trash bag, please, if you have one. I really could use a trash bag.

    Murdock: (from inside padded cell) TRAAAAASH BAGS! I want TRAAAAASH BAGS! I want 'em! I want 'em!!
    Psychiatrist: (To guard) Do we have any trashbags? Maybe he'll put his head inside and suffocate.

    Murdock: TRAAAAAASH BAGS! I want TRAAAAAASH BAGS! (gets one and stops shouting)
    Psychiatrist: We give him one, and he shuts up for a couple of hours.
    Face: Hmmm. Interesting. If I could talk to him, I might be able to determine if it's a genuine neurotic fixation or if our boy is trying to section eight his way into the soft walls of a prison psych ward.
    Psychiatrist: I sure would appreciate that. None of us can get any sleep around here.

    Murdock and Hannibal are seated in chairs will trash-bag balloons tied to them
    Hannibal: Murdock, how'd I let you talk me into this?
    Murdock: I don't know, I have intermittent memory loss!
    Takes off over prison wall

    A Small and Deadly War [1.4]

    Murdock opens his mouth to say something
    B.A.: Shut up, Murdock! Shut up!

    Murdock: (sings) Did you ever see a hearse go by and think that someday you'd surely die. They put you in a little box and cover you over with dirt and rocks.

    Bad Day At Black Rock [1.5]

    Face and Hannibal get arrested by a county cop.
    Cop: 'Course you realize when we run these prints thruogh we are gonna find out who you guys are.
    Hannibal: I told you before, we're ballet dancers.
    Face: That guy over at Doc's is our choreographer.
    Hannibal: Yeah, we had a nasty audience. I don't think they liked our "pas de deux". Opened up on us from the first row with a .50-caliber machine gun.

    Holiday In The Hills [1.9]

    Face: (after their left wing started releasing smoke and the plane's altitude reader,fuel indicator, compass, and other things started messing up.) Murdock, what's gonna happen?
    Murdock: Looks like we're gonna crash.
    Face: No, c'mon, really. What's gonna happen?
    Murdock: (Their right engine stops) Looks like we're gonna crash... And die.

    West Coast Turnaround [1.10]

    Hannibal: Murdock, B.A., take the right. Face, stay with me.
    Face: Uh, Hannibal, if we're gonna fight, I'd really prefer to be teamed with B.A.
    Murdock: Me too.
    Hannibal: Are you guys saying you don't want to team up with me?
    Face & Murdock: Yes!
    Hannibal: Why?
    B.A.: I'll tell you why. Because when you're on the jazz, man, you're dangerous!

    Till Death Do Us Part [1.12]

    Murdock: Oh wow! You went to Hamburger Heaven! Home of Captain Bellybuster, America's Hero. Did ya get me a Bellybustin' Surprise Pack Hannibal, didja didja didja?
    Hannibal: Ah, sorry Murdock. But...with 6 Tummy Tingler malts, look what you get free!
    Murdock: A Captain Bellybuster cap! Out of the Blue I'm coming at you. Super Nutritious and Super Delicious!

    Season 2

    Diamonds 'N' Dust [2.1]

    Vanatta: What are you gonna do with us?
    Face: Well, we were thinking maybe we'd tie you to a tree and leave you for the lions. They like a little snack at night.
    Murdock: Yeah, they get the munchies, right after Carson.
    Hannibal: Could try the old Indian trick.
    Face: Stake 'em out over an anthill?
    Hannibal: I've always liked it.
    Face: Uh, I don't know. I'm not sure how I'd get the ants to go for these two.
    Murdock: Oh, that's easy. Just stick an ice-cream cone right in their pocket.
    Vanatta: You guys are crazy.
    Hannibal: Oh, he's crazy. We're just bad-tempered. Okay, start walking.
    Vanatta: What, you are letting us go?
    Hannibal: For now.
    Vanatta: We'll never make it back on foot.
    Hannibal: Try it on your hands and knees.

    Murdock: [sings] I'm Bogey the Bear, I'm covered with hair!

    Bad Time On The Border [2.4]

    Face: You don't have a plan, do you?
    Hannibal: Of course I have a plan. But it's a secret.

    Hannibal: (to Prince) If you don't take your hand off of me, your family will wear black.

    Prince: (referring to Face who pretends to be a guy called Jerry) Jones, Garcia, why don't you show Jerry here what a nice street we got outside? Just make sure when he lands he don't hit my new car.

    When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? [2.5]

    Murdock is laying on the tracks to hear if the train comes.
    Murdock: No. No, I don't hear nothing.
    Murdock's horse nods.
    Murdock: Are you sure?
    Horse whinnies and Murdock listens again.
    Murdock: Well, I don't hear nothing but if you're positive that..."
    B.A. grabs Murdock.
    B.A.: I'm warning you, I've had enough of you talking to your invisible friend.
    Murdock points at his horse.
    Murdock: Does he look invisible? You can't see HIM?
    B.A.: Invisible or not, I don't want you talking nothing to nobody. Got that?
    Murdock: Well, I'm sorry but I'm not the one with the bad attitude. When someone talks to me I feel obliged to respond in kind.
    B.A.: It's not a somebody! It's a horse! And horses don't talk!
    Murdock: (sings) A horse is a horse, of course and no one can talk to a horse, of course, unless of course (B.A. starts to strangle him) the horse, of course is the famous Mr. Ed.
    Face: (on the radio) Murdock, any sign?
    Murdock chokes on the radio.
    Face: (into the radio) B.A., take your hand off Murdock's throat.
    Murdock: Yeah! (into the radio) Ed says ...
    B.A. grabs the radio.
    B.A.: (into the radio) Ain't no train coming!
    Face: (to Hannibal) Who's Ed?
    Hannibal: Guess?
    Murdock's horse whinnies and train is audible.
    Murdock: (into the radio) Train coming, muchachos. And I ain't tellin' you who told us.

    Murdock: (sings) I'm an old cowhand From Rio Grande and I learned to ride before I learned to stand.
    B.A.: You don't shut up I'll knock you off that horse!

    After the A-Team freed some wild mustangs.
    Murdock: Once again, the misterious Rider of the Range deals another triumphant blow for the rights of the oppressed.
    Face: (to a man) Don't ask.
    Man: I wasn't going to.

    The Taxicab Wars [2.6]

    Murdock: Hi, I'm Dr. Vern, veterinarian. And this (holds his hand up where is a sock) is my talking dog, Socki. Wuff!
    B.A.: And this is my talkin' fist. Its name is Knock-Out. Do you wanna hear Knock-Out speak?
    Murdock: No.

    There's Always A Catch [2.8]

    Hannibal: If you lean on the Mayers once more you're gonna be shopping for some new kneecaps.

    Steel [2.10]

    Face calls Hannibal.
    Hannibal: Tomy Tillis? Crazy Tommy T?
    Face: That's right. Crazy Tommy T. A guy like that that has mob connections out that wazoo, you know what I mean?
    Hannibal: Yeah, but the question is, what's he got to do with Denham? And why put the pressure on Mickey to keep from putting his high-rise up?
    Face: Whatever the reason, Hannibal. I don't think we wanna get in this guy's way. Crazy Tommy T hits a wall head on and there's nothing left but a pile of bricks.
    Hannibal: Well, as soon as B.A. finishes paying off the crew, I'll take him and Murdock and I'll scout Denham. Now, you stick with Tillis. See what else you can find out.
    Face: Stick with Tillis? Hannibal, I didn't plan on making a career out of this. You know, I'm in my 'vette. Not exactly the most inconspicuous car to do a tail job in.
    Hannibal: That'll work for you. He'd never think that anybody could be crazy enough to follow him with a car as flashy as that.
    Face: You don't believe that?
    Hannibal: No, but thought you'd feel better. Bye.

    Crazy Tommy T: (to Face) Talk to me or I'll have Jilly here use your head for an anvil.

    Crazy Tommy T: You don't know you are messing with.
    Hannibal: Oh, yeah! I do. You're the king cockroach around here. Now, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. In about a minute, I and my three friends are gonna unleash on you your worst nightmare. You're gonna wish the earth opened up underneath your feet and swallowed you whole.
    Crazy Tommy T: What's the easy way?
    Hannibal: Oh, that was the easy way.

    Say it With Bullets [2.16]

    Face: Look Hannibal, there's about a hundred reasons why I hate this plan of yours, but my biggest objection, even bigger than my objection to letting someone else drive my 'vette, my biggest objection is sending the Golden Age of Television here to back up Tawnia while she's trying to scam a piece of scuzzy luggage like Harnett.
    Murdock: Thanks for the support, O Facial one.

    Colonel Decker: (on bullhorn) It's over, Smith. You lost.
    Hannibal: And I was having such a nice day.
    Face: Don't worry, he'll give us a minute like he always does.
    Colonel Decker: (on bullhorn) You have thirty seconds to give up your weapons before we open fire.
    Hannibal: Got to give the man credit. He's learning.

    Hannibal: Are these the only guys in the van, Murdock?
    Murdock: Yes, Sir. I checked for invisibles but they didn't have any with them.

    Chopping Spree [2.19]

    Murdock's got a plant which lives in B.A.'s van. Then the van gets stolen.
    B.A.: Hey, man, he's taking my van!
    Murdock: B.A., will you stop acting like a crybaby? ... Wait a minute. Wait a minute. The little guy's in the van. They've got my plant! He's been plantnapped. Oh, they'll probably cut off a leaf and send it to me to prove they've got him.

    Season 3

    Timber! [3.5]

    A tree falls on Murdock.
    Murdock: [sings in pain] I'm a lumberjack, I'm ok. I got no legs, but what the hey.
    Hannibal: How are you doing, Murdock?
    Murdock: I think there is a tree on my leg.

    Murdock: [sings] I'm a lumberjack, I'm ok. Sleep all night and then work all day. Wear my clothes just once a year. Smells real bad but I don't care. I'm a lumberjack, that's a fact.

    Face: I'm allergic to bullets. Especially those headed into my direction.

    Trouble on Wheels [3.7]

    [Murdock acts as if he was a crazy boss who is being threatened by some guys]
    Murdock: Nobody comes in here and threatens me under my own roof. Especially when I'm eating a tuna-fish sandwich.

    Sheriffs of Rivertown [3.10]

    Face: You better watch my back.
    Murdock: Who's gonna watch mine?
    They walk across the room.
    Murdock: Face, your back. It's looking good.

    [B.A. and Murdock were attacked by one of Boyle's men]
    Hannibal: You're sure it was one of Boyle's men?
    Murdock: Absolutely. It was that guy, Lupis. He's about 6'3', built like a bathtub.
    Face: You want me to pick up WHO?
    Hannibal: Eh ... Lupis. He works for Boyle. We saw him yesterday.
    Face: Oh, yes. It's the big one, about 6'4', built like a chest of drawers?
    Murdock: Yeah, that's the guy, guy. And you be careful. He almost killed B.A. He's at least 6'5', 240.
    Hannibal: Now, I'm gonna check out his office. You check his house. If the guy Lupis shows, bag him.
    Face: Wait, the guy's 6'6', 250 pounds. He almost killed B.A., and you want ME to bag him?
    Hannibal: Sure.

    The Bells of St. Mary's [3.11]

    Face: But Hannibal, rules are made to be broken!
    Hannibal: Noses are also made to be broken, right, Face?

    Face: The bigger they are, The harder they fall.
    B.A walks into the room
    B.A: The bigger they are, the harder they hit!

    Beverly Hills Assult [3.23]

    [Murdock pretends to be a crazy painter and brought off a deal. His partner wants to shake hands]
    Murdock: Murdock does not shake hands, Murdock does not play sports, Murdock does not open canned food. Murdock paints.
    Murdock: [holds up a pizza] Let us break pizza to cement the bargain.

    Shawn: Mr. Murdock, welcome to your new studio.
    Murdock: I don't get it. I've already got a studio. My studio and I go back a long way. Long before home personal video cassette recorders.
    Shawn: While you're under contract with the gallery, this is your studio
    Murdock: You don't seem to understand! I need my studio! I trained inspiration to find me at that studio! Now, how is it going to find me?

    Season 4

    Mission of Peace [4.20]

    Face stole Rudi's wallet and shows him.
    Rudi: That's my wallet!
    Face: That's right (reads the ID-card in the wallet) Charles Winston ... Wait a minute. Charles Wins ... THE Charles Winston? You're Charlie the Clip?
    Rudi: You picked my pocket!
    Face: No, I can't believe it. I picked the pocket of Charlie the Clip. You know who this is? I studied every scam you've ever done. This is the guy who sold the Brooklyn Bridge... to Brooklyn!

    Season 5

    Dishpan Man [5.1]

    Frankie: Hey, I couldn't help noticing that jacket's beginning to dry out and crack. Ever try tanning butter?
    Murdock: Only on pancakes. It tastes pretty yucky.
    Frankie: Huh?
    Murdock: But it did turn my tongue a nice shade of brown.
    Frankie: [to Face] Who is he?
    Face: Well, uh, when we get on the plane you can sit next to him and if you figure it out, let us know.

    Family Reunion [5.8]

    [Murdock has just told Face that AJ Bancroft was his father]
    Face: What kind of a friend are you?
    Murdock: Well it still might not be true. It's possible that he isn't your father.
    Face: Yeah, and it's possible he is. Why didn't you tell me Murdock, why? Why- why did you hide it from me?
    Murdock: Because AJ begged me not to tell you, and I said OK, but if he didn't tell you, then I would.
    Face: I see, so you tell me now, huh, after he's dead. Well your timing stinks!
    Murdock: WELL HE WAS DYING! What do you want me to do?! It was a last request!
    Face: Oh, I see... Well, it's nice to know where your loyalties are. And who else have you told? Hannibal, BA, Frankie, the newspaper boy?
    Murdock: No no... Just you, me and... Stockwell knows.
    Face: Stockwell? You- you told Stockwell about my father but you can't tell me?! I swear, you know, I don't understand what motivates you. And you know something? You were always the one that I thought I could count on.
    Murdock: Well you still can count on me!
    Face: Oh really?! Now because of you I may have lost the only chance I had to find out who my father was. Did you think it wasn't important?
    Murdock: Face-
    Face: Ah, just leave me alone...
    Murdock: Listen, there's more to this story-
    [Face shoves Murdock to the ground. They stare at each other for a moment and Murdock gets up]
    Murdock: Good… good, good. You're perfectly clear about that. But let me tell you one thing. You remember when I was in the van and you caught me on the phone? And I told you I was talking to Erica and I asked you for your advice. I said someone had come to me and they told me something about Erica but they begged me not to tell her about it, I said what should I do, you said to trust your gut instinct! Well it wasn't Erica I was talking about. It was you! And you were wrong! And let me tell you this: If AJ had not died, and if he had the opportunity to tell you, right now, here by this tree, you would be thanking me for holding back and not telling!
    Face: Look, Murdock-
    Murdock: No, don't say anything!... The one thing about you and me I've always liked… that's our fights. Because we don't have to… stumble over our lips… apologizing.

    The Point of No Return [5.9]

    Stockwell: Check us in, the name is Robbins.
    Face: Come on Murdock, let's go.
    Frankie: Hey! Where you guys going huh? Whats happening?
    Face: Well, if you were in a strange town and you need to find somebody, who do you ask?... Cab driver.
    Frankie: Ah. Yeah, but Stockwell said to stay right here and check in.
    Murdock: Well, that's great, that's great, you just do that, that's great.
    Frankie: To B.A: come on

    Stockwell: Where are Peck and Murdock?
    Frankie: Well, uh, Face saw a girl he knows and Murdock, he, he saw....
    B.A: Somethin' in his head, aint' no tellin' what it was.
    Stockwell: I believe my instructions to stand by were quite clear.
    Frankie: Well, you know how impulsive boys can be.

    Frankie: I've always thought of Johnny as some kind of ... Superman, ya' know?
    B.A: There ain't no body!
    Frankie: They don't always find a body, B.A.
    Murdock: Hey Frankie, do you know something we don't know? Why are you trying to convince us that Hannibal's dead?
    Frankie: I'm not! I'm just trying to face facts. Everything we've heard so far says that Johnny's not alive.
    Face: Frankie, there's not a shred of hard evidence that says that he's dead.
    Frankie: Yeah, except that goon back there who says he was killed!
    Silent Pause
    Murdock: I'm, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just that g- goons are not a very reliable source of information you know.
    Face: Yeah, see the bottom line here Frankie is that were not gonna believe Hannibal's dead until we get some proof.
    Murdock: If there's no body, then Hannibal is alive.
    Face: I think the key to this whole mess is Bobby, that little peddycab peddler.
    Frankie: Yeah, how come you haven't let Stockwell in on that one!?
    Murdock: Stockwell? Stockwell? Stockwell doesn't give a rats tail whether Hannibal is alive or dead!
    B.A: You got that right crazy man.
    'Stockwell walks into the room
    Stockwell: O.K we're upgrading the status of this mission to Code Red. Now according to Colonel Smith's message, we've got 16 hours before the plutonium shipment changes hands. I have arranged for our friend back there to be picked up in a half an hour. So I want you to stay here until then.
    Face: B.A and Frankie will uh, cover this end here for you, Murdock and I have something we've gotta check out.
    Stockwell: No, you're not checking anything out until the prisoner is picked up. Then I want you to meet Alice and me at Hop Louie's. Understood?
    Stockwell: Is there a problem?
    Murdock: Yes. We do not believe that Hannibal is dead, General.
    Stockwell: That's an interesting fantasy, but we don't deal in fantasies in this business.
    Frankie: Fantasy? Whoa, whoa, whoa wait just a minute here. This situation is NO FANTASY!

    Stockwell: Well, perhaps that was the wrong choice of words. No commander rests easily when one of his men has fallen. But men do die. Colonel Smith understood that. He took that responsibility. Now, we've got fifteen hours and fifty-eight minutes to find the plutonium, or it won't matter whether Hannibal Smith is alive or dead. The only thing that will matter, is whether he died in vain.
    Another pause
    Stockwell: Now, you went against my instructions and got involved in this peddycab mess. They tried to kill you. Face and Murdock get up to leave while Stockwell has his back turned . Obviously our cover was blown the minute you stepped in the hotel.
    Stockwell loooks around to see Face and Murdock gone. Then he looks up at Frankie
    Frankie: Uh, Face saw a girl.
    B.A: And Murdock saw something in his head.

    The Spy Who Mugged Me [5.11]

    Orange juice, please. Shaken, not stirred. And I'd like a bottle of Dom Perignon '75
    —Murdock (French accent):
    My apologies monsieur but we are temporarily out of stock. Will '78 suffice?
    Well I don't see why not.
    I'll tell you why not, because '78 is an abomination. Try '71.
    —Face (to Murdock using a earpiece)
    Except, I wouldn't wash my car with it. Try '71.

    The Grey Team [5.12]

    Murdock: Just think: if we get a pardon, we may never have to eat a knuckle sandwich again!
    BA: I wouldn’t bet on it crazy man. Looks like Hannibal’s on the jazz again!
    Face: Oh no…
    Murdock (to Hannibal): No, you tell me right now, you tell me right to my face, you tell me that you don’t have a plan.
    Hannibal: Well, I...I was thinking, like Bernie and George. What are we gonna do when this thing’s over? I mean, what are we really qualified to do?
    Face: Go after thugs in the park…
    Hannibal: And outlaw motorcycle gangs…organized crime figures… why, there’s a world of slime-balls out there!
    Murdock: I knew it. I just knew you had a plan.
    Hannibal: Comforting, isn’t it?
    BA: I'll get the van.

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