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  • Iggy Pop Nona's Pop singing the touching if somewhat humiliating song "Dance with Me" (which also qualifies as Crowning Music of Awesome).
  • Even after catching Little Pete tunneling his way out of the house and attempting to make a run for it while grounded, Don decides that he can't ground Pete on the Fourth of July because it would go against everything the holiday stands for.
  • Pete and Ellen's kiss in "Day of the Dot" and "Time Tunnel".
    • And Ellen deciding to sit out the field trip with Pete in "Yellow Fever", in spite of the fact that he spent the entire episode making a complete ass out of himself.
    • Ellen's kiss to an unsuspecting Older Pete in "The Big Quiet", who's worried about an upcoming road trip with his father.

Ellen: I'll be thinking about you.

  • The ending of "The Call":Twice in a row. First the fact that the telephone operator kept the phone ringing for years hoping to tell The Petes' mom his true feelings. And even after she gently rejects him for her family, he keeps the ring going as a symbol of his devotion. awwww.
  • The Pete's dad trying to bring back Aritie to save his son.
    • Arties Farewell.
  • Nona taking the pictures of her old brick wall off her house... because she found a friend.

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