The Adventures of Pete and Pete/Characters

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Characters from The Adventures of Pete and Pete

The Wrigley Family

Big Pete Wrigley (Michael Maronna)

The elder Pete is more stoic, as well as the one who tends to face the most "normal" challenges and moral quandaries of the two. He's somewhat insecure to boot.

Mr. Slurm: (after getting out of the driving simulator with Pete) Congratulations, Mr. Wrigley. You're dead.

Little Pete Wrigley (Danny Tamberelli)

One of the greatest military minds of the twentieth century, Pete the Younger is brash, rude, and headstrong. He also tends to have the more "epic" adventures.

Don Wrigley (aka "Dad", Hardy Rawls)

He's a well-meaning man who loves his family, his car, and his job (he owns a driving range). Dad is sometimes torn between his devotion to his sons and pressure from his neighbors.

  • Bumbling Dad - But not to the Homer Simpson degree; Don is right sometimes.
    • Moreover, he usually realizes when he's messed something up with minimal prompting. It just takes him awhile.
  • The Other Darrin - A different actor played Dad in the first couple shorts before Hardy Rawls was hired.
  • Vanity License Plate - "KING O FROD", later replaced when he finds and defeats the holder of "KING OF ROAD"

Joyce Wrigley (aka "Mom", Judy Grafe)

She's usually more sensible than Dad, but she has her loopier moments, usually when somebody is attacking her remotely via the metal plate in her head.


Ellen Hickle (Allison Fanelli)

Big Pete's best friend besides his brother. She has a type-A personality and can easily lose herself in a new project or cause. Ellen is also both the most likely to support Big Pete and the most likely to call him out when he's being a jerk.

Artie, the Strongest the World! (Toby Huss)

Little Pete's personal superhero. He's imaginative, impulsive, creative, crazy, supportive, and subversive. In general, Artie is loved by kids and hated by adults.

Nona F. Mecklenberg (Michelle Tractenberg)

A newcomer to Wellsville, Little Pete is the first friend she makes. Nona has a lot of strange habits, including wearing a cast on her arm at all times because she likes how it feels.

Teddy Foresman (Dave Martel)

One of Big Pete's friends. He's book-smart, but street-dumb, which makes him kind of irritating. Teddy's a nice guy, though.

Bill Korn (Rick Barbarette)

Another of Big Pete's friends in seasons one and two. He's street-smart, but book-dumb, and kind of a prankster.

Clem Linnell (Aaron Schwartz)

One of Little Pete's most loyal friends from the specials through season two.

Mort Mortenson (Aaron Beener)

Another early recurring friend of Little Pete's.

Monica Perling (Maris Hudson)

Kreb Scout Monica has a variety of skills learned from her merit badges earned, and usually proves herself helpful in a pinch.

Wayne Pardue (Justin Restivo)

"The Main Brain" in his own mind, "The Pain" to everyone else.


"Endless Mike" Hellstrom (Rick Gomez)

He's older than the bully villains and thus better at subtlety, deception, sabotage, etc., but younger than the IAC (see below) and thus still willing to be openly violent.

Pit Stain (aka Fran Jones, Eric Kushnick)


A recurring bully from the original shorts.

Open Face

A bully who tries to turn Ellen against Big Pete in the Valentine's Day special.

Paper Cut

A bully with masterful origami skills, capable of creating deadly weapons from paper. Loves Rock-Paper-Scissors. Hates losing.

International Adult Conspiracy

Kent Schwinger (Adam West)

Little Pete's junior-high principal.

Mr. Markle

The high school marching band director.

Garbage Man (Joseph McKenna)

A city employee whose favorite activity is crushing Christmas trees.


Stu Benedict (Damian Young)

Bus driver, friend, basket case.

Mr. Tastee

Wellsville's most popular ice cream man, who never ever removes his big plastic head.

Phil Hickle (Steve Buscemi)

Ellen's father, a school counselor.

James Mecklenberg (Iggy Pop)

Nona's pop.

Miss Fingerwood (Syd Straw)

The Petes' math teacher.

Mr. Slurm

Big Pete and Ellen's shop (and later, driving) instructor.

Sally Knorp (Ellen Cleghorne)

Another bus driver.