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  • Hey, It's That Guy!: As Malcolm Tucker was a rather late Star-Making Role for Peter Capaldi there are many examples. Malcolm caused this for people who saw Peter Capaldi in Torchwood as the much more sympathetic civil servant John Frobisher, or way earlier than that as the Angel Islington in Neverwhere. And after 2014, there's Capaldi's new role as the Thirteenth Doctor to boost his "Hey!" factor. And Cal "The Fucker" Richards is Cutler Goddamned Beckett, as if he needed to be even less likeable. Oh, and Peter Mannion is played by Supermac, perhaps better known as Lewis Prothero or, going further back, as the original Inspector Javert. The Thick of It has a surprisingly high "It's that guy!" factor.
  • No Export for You: Has not made it to DVD in the US, despite In the Loop becoming critically acclaimed there.
    • Region 1 DVDs are coming out in September 2012, and BBC America airs episodes, albeit heavily bleeped.

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