Times of Contempt

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The fourth book in The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski, originally in Polish but currently being translated to English.

While mentoring Ciri in the art of magic, Yennefer is invited to the upcoming sorcerer council at the Thanedd Island, where they reunite with Geralt. However, things go downhill fast when a coup d'etat breaks out amongst the mages. Geralt is crippled (would be killed, if it were not for Triss), Yennefer disappears without a trace until book five, and Ciri is teleported by stray magic deep into the Nilfgaard territories. Meanwhile, Nilfgaard renews its assault, crushing the Northern Kingdoms one by one.

Tropes used in Times of Contempt include:

"He [Geralt] killed a dozen Squirrels, slaughtered Artaud Terranova and caused unhealthy arousal of Keira Metz."