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Tokyo Yankees is a Japanese speed metal, thrash metal and hardcore Punk Rock band. Established in 1988 in Tokyo by vocalist Soichiro "Ume" Umemura, Masanori "Nori" Hashimoto, bassist Ami, and drummer Takashi "U.D.A." Udagawa, who were veterans of other Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands, they were part of the origin of Visual Kei. Signed to Yoshiki Hayashi's Extasy Records label at first, they recorded several albums and established a short but successful career before the first closing of Extasy Records to bands other than X Japan, after which they dropped in popularity and went on hiatus.

They would reunite in 2000 to do an anniversary album for former Extasy bands, and after this reunion decided to continue activities as a band. Eventually dropping most of the trappings of Visual Kei for being a non-visual Heavy Metal band, they proceeded to play with well known bands at lives in the Tokyo rock scene.

Unfortunately, in 2007, vocalist Ume died as a result of ongoing health problems. Guitarist Nori, bassist Yoshi, and drummer U.D.A. decided to continue the band, sharing vocal duties and occasionally bringing in guest vocalists as well. The band is currently signed to 413Tracks as its label and continues to play gigs.

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