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Drinking game for True Capitalist:

  • Take a drink whenever Ghost gets a call from Tri$ha, Tzeki, Equestrian Citizen, the Ghetto Capitalist, Asho, Tub Guy, The Internet Buttstalker, Nikolai, the SUCK MAH DICK guy, the OOOOOOOOOO guy or the "Shut Up, Mom!" guy.
    • Take another drink if Ghost has a full conversation with the SUCK MAH DICK guy without realizing it's him.
  • Take a drink if someone takes too long.
  • Take a drink every time Ghost takes a drink.
  • Take a drink if Ghost mentions he could be on Sixth Street.
  • Take a drink if Ghost mangles a phrase
  • Take a drink if Ghost insists he isn't racist
    • Take another drink if he talks about "minorities" less than a minute later
  • Take a drink if the Engineer takes over the show
    • Take another drink if the Engineer plays the Boss Nigger theme song.
  • Chug the rest of whatever you're drinking if Ghost threatens to cancel Radio Graffiti.
  • Take a drink if a caller's voice is deemed fruity
  • Take a drink if the caller's parents are brought up
    • Take another drink if Ghost's parents are brought up
  • Take two drinks if Ghost refers to himself as a melting pot of friendship.
  • Take a drink if Ghost says a full Twitter or chatroom shoutout trolling name without stopping himself.
  • Take a drink whenever he cans.wavs
    • Take another drink if he's also looking for his mic in the process.
    • Take another drink if he starts puking.
  • Take a drink if KaraszKun calls
  • Take a sip whenever Ghost makes a religious swear. Alternatively, you might as well kill yourself right now and save the alcohol.

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