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And now, our hosts...

Cookie Masterson -- The most well-known of the hosts. Was the green-room organizer in the volume 1, Sports, and Volume 2, then went on to star in Movies, Volume 3, the Netshow, PlayStation, part of The Ride, Offline, the online game, and 2011. Also the green-room organizer in German Volume 1, German Volume 2, German PlayStation, and German Volume 4.

Josh "Schmitty" Schmitstinstein -- The newest of the hosts, has hosted in TV, part of The Ride, the Netshow, Louder! Faster! Funnier!, 5th Dementia, Mock 2, and The Lost Gold. He also acts as The Announcer in 2011.

Nate Shapiro -- The game's first host, who has appeared in 1, the Netshow, the Tiger Electronics Tabletop version, and part of The Ride.

Guy Towers -- Hosted Sports, the Sports Netshow, and part of The Ride

Buzz Lippman -- The least popular of the hosts, Buzz hosted Volume 2, and made a cameo in The Ride.

Bob -- Hosted Headrush

Jack Cake -- Hosted the British Version.

Quizmaster Jack -- The host of the German volumes. Hosted Volume 1, Volume 2, Abwärts!, PlayStation, and Volume 4 with the first game voiced by Axel Malzacher and the latter 4 being voiced by Kai Taschner.

Troy Stevens -- Hosted the short-lived live-action game show. Portrayed by Paul Reubens.

Raul -- Replaced Cookie as the organizer in Movies. Also hosted the Netshow.[1]

  1. One Netshow question asked "Which of these people has never hosted an installment of You Don't Know Jack?" "Cookie" was the correct answer, though it's advertised afterward that he would be hosting Movies. If you chose "Raul", the host angrily told you that he's Raul.