You Don't Know Jack/YMMV

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  • Awesome Music - When it comes to Jack Attack music, the first version heard in The Ride/Abwärts! are probably one of the best, mixing the right amounts of ominousness and intensity together. Must be the bagpipe-esque parts.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Cookie is the most popular host after all.
  • Fan Dumb: The letters for the "Pissed About a Question" questions in Offline and Louder! Faster! Funnier! are good examples of it.
  • Nightmare Fuel - The music, visuals, and sounds that play during the Jack Attack can reach "do not play alone after sunset" levels.
  • Porting Disaster - The PC version of 2011 somehow had less features than its console counterparts, despite most of those features being more than possible on a PC. Almost all of the games supported at least 3 players on PC; 2011 supports 4 players on consoles, but only 2 on PC due to the new question format with money-based-on-time-to-answer not working so well when everyone has to share a "controller." When a concerned player tweeted a request for further clarification as to why the PC version was limited to 2 players to YDJK's twitter account, this insult was what he got in reply.
    • The DS version of 2011 doesn't include the "Wrong Answer of the Game" and the "Nocternal Admissions" Questions.
  • Who's The Scrappy? - Not Neeeee! But seriously, it's the dummy in 2011.
  • Spoiler - The ad for "Movie Ending Phone," a parody of Moviephone which spoils the ending to, among others, Star Wars [1], Fargo [2], Scream [3], No Way Out [4], Primal Fear [5], The Godfather [6], Thelma and Louise [7], and Se7en [8].
    • The Jack Attack of episode 34 of 2011 is "Spoiler Alert!", where you have to match the movie with its well-known twist.
  • Squick - The contents of Chocky's various breakfast cereals. (Raw blood sausage, anyone?)
  1. Darth Vader is STILL Luke's father!
  2. Steve Buschemi ends up in a woodchipper!
  3. The killers in Scream are the boyfriends!
  4. Kevin Costner's the russian spy!
  5. The Defendant in Primal Fear is faking it!
  6. Pachino lives, DeNero dies!
  7. They drive off a cliff!
  8. Keven Spacy is Kaiser Soze! And he's the killer in Se7en!