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Characters from Total Drama Island are really some of the characters of 6teen's doppelgangers.

  • Jen and Courtney: Both are uptight, bossy Team Moms, and they even look alike.
    • Only Courtney is worse.
  • Izzy and Lydia: Both are psychopathic Yandere Strange Girls.
  • Jonesy and Duncan
  • Wyatt and DJ
  • Caitlyn and Lindsey
  • Harold and Darth: They're both nerds with hidden talents. Each at one point got back at Jonesy/Darth.
  • Katie & Sadie and the Clones
  • Nikki and Gwen: Both Goths.
  • Heather and Tricia: Alpha Bitches

Stoked is an Alternate Universe 6teen.

  • Stoked takes place in the same universe as 6teen, just in different parts of the country (Stoked in British Columbia, 6teen in Ontario)

There is nothing outside THE MALL.

  • The outside world of the mall is never shown. Employment opportunities outside the mall are never discussed. The mall seems to contain everything necessary to sustain life and society and hanging out at the mall seems to be every character's only pastime. The Mall is a giant arcology.
    • There have been multiple scenes set outside the mall, including several set in the Masterson home and Jude's bedroom in "Dude of the Living Dead."
      • The masterson home is inside the mall. All those people live somewhere.

Nikki's family moves back within a few months.

  • In the Grand Finale, Nikki unselfishly chose to go along with her parents' plans to move to Nunavut so that her father could get his dream job. Nikki has a very close circle of friends, including a very close boyfriend. There aren't many people in Nunavut, especially teens Nikki's age for her to get along with. To make a long story short, she'll be miserable. She'll try to put up a good front of being happy to support her parents, but, as good parents do, they'll see right through it. Nikki's father won't be able to enjoy his dream job with his daughter suffering, and his own job performance will suffer. He'll get fired and Nikki and her parents will move back, reuniting Nikki with her friends at the mall.