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  • Ear Worm: The opening
  • Fan Hater: In "Going Underground" Wayne refuses to hire Jonesy because he likes Top M-16s.
  • Girl Show Ghetto: Airs exclusively on PopGirl in the UK despite being a unisex show.
  • Ho Yay: It happens often between Jonesy and Jude. They've been Mistaken for Gay, they've kissed, and another time they reenacted the pottery scene from Ghost (keeping it PG-rated... sort of) in the episode Unhappy Anniversary.
  • Idiot Plot: "The New Jonesy" has Jen dating a Jonesy clone and being completely oblivious to their similarities. It takes her accidentally kissing Jonesy in a wig to convince her.
  • Les Yay: Most fans are set that there's something between Jen and Caitlin. Sometimes happens in canon if you look hard enough.
    • Nikki and Caitlin.
    • Tricia and Caitlin: Seriously Tricia's whole character revolves around Caitlin and how to make her life a misery. The brief time that Caitlin stopped working at the Lemon suddenly Tricia dumped her other friends to get back with Caitlin.
    • In "J is for Genius" Jen develops a crush on the temp boss Jane.
      • Actually it was a girl crush, which Jude pointed out that it was a none sexual thing.
  • Like You Would Really Do It The fans' initial reaction to the announcement of the series finale episode "Bye Bye Nikki", whose plot was announced to involve Nikki leaving the group forever. No way a light-hearted comedy show about a bunch of teenagers hanging out at the mall could have a Bittersweet Ending, right?
  • The Scrappy: Serena. Breaking up with nice guy Wyatt over a text message did not go well with fans.
  • What Do You Mean It's for Kids?