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    "I take it as a rule of nature that all American high schools are ruled by a pack of snobs, led by a supremely confident young woman who is blond, superficial, catty, and ripe for public humiliation. This character is followed by two friends who worship her, and are a little bit shorter".
    Roger Ebert, review of Sleepover

    Take your typical setting involving teenagers—say, a High School—wait an establishing scene or two or three, and there she is. See that attractive blonde cheerleader looking down her nose and sneering at the frumpy girl in glasses? That's her.

    The Distaff Counterpart to the Jerk Jock and sometimes his girlfriend; what he does with his fists, she does with a sharp tongue and sharper manipulation. Despite being a not-too-bright, unpleasant, bullying, and mean-spirited excuse-for-a-human determined to put down everyone except an elite few deemed worthy of her goodwill -- and she's usually kind of a bitch even to them—she will still be the most popular girl in school, surrounded by a fawning Girl Posse who suck up to her and act as her faithful minions. Rare male Alpha Bitches do exist, but they're just that - rare. They're distinct from the Jerk Jock in that they're mainly catty and manipulative, rather than physically threatening.

    She's also usually the scion of a wealthy and influential family, the star of the school and / or head sister of the influential college sorority house, thus providing her a network of local celebrity, influence and wealth to exploit. She's also quite the seductress, and consequently, all the boys fight amongst themselves—sometimes literally—to be her oppressed boyfriend. All this leaves her with the belief that she can do whatever she likes without consequences. Unfortunately, she's often right; the Powers That Be are not immune to her wealth, connections and influence, and she or her family can and will corrupt or coerce them into overlooking her bad behavior. Very likely to be a Narcissist.

    Because this type generally operates almost exclusively via psychological and social intrigue of various kinds, as mentioned, there is usually only one way to effectively deal with them. While this virtually never happens in fiction, there are occasional exceptions. Even on the rare occasion when this path is followed, the person doing so will never be male.

    Her natural enemy is the Cool Loser heroine. Whenever their eternal, jealousy-fueled struggle over possessions, boyfriends, and status is sparked anew, quarter will neither be asked for nor given.

    Usually the Veronica in a Betty and Veronica situation. Unlikely to be a Fille Fatale; she's too outwardly mean for that. Frequently on the Snob end of Slobs Versus Snobs. It's a Costume Party, I Swear, the Prank Date, and the Party Scheduling Gambit are just some of the many nasty tricks she plays. Often receives her comeuppance at the hands of a member of her own Girl Posse in a Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch moment.

    Contrast with Spoiled Sweet, where a girl is made out to be the Alpha Bitch, but is instead quite a sweetheart. Compare and Contrast with Lovable Alpha Bitch who is this trope with a heart of gold. This trope is probably so common because everyone who wasn't homeschooled knew someone like this... or was one.

    Examples of Alpha Bitch include:

    Anime and Manga

    • Nanami Kiryuu from Revolutionary Girl Utena. In the manga, Nanami only appears in a photo, so Juri takes her place as Alpha Bitch.
    • Soukou no Strain adds Isabella to the list of characters that it kills off, but her even worse successor, Mariette, makes it through to the end of the series. Oddly, Lavinia, who is named after the Alpha Bitch of A Little Princess, is the furthest thing from being an Alpha Bitch herself, being head-over-heels for protagonist Sarah.
    • Subverted in Red Garden. One of the Student Council members constantly complained about how the protagonist was being treated with kid gloves for her constant absences and tardies, and is seen several times spying on her, as if for blackmail material...then, in an emotional scene, she reveals that she's been worried about the protagonist for a long time, and wanted to help her with whoever is hurting her.
    • Tamaki Reika from Ojamajo Doremi, though she has a bit of a Freudian Excuse. (After she got serious burns as a baby thanks to her Bumbling Dad leaving a cup of hot coffee within her reach, he swore to never again make Reika cry...but ended up spoiling her rotten.) She becomes more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch later on, though.
    • Aki Honda from Narutaru, despite not being rich, is the cruelest and most horrible one ever created, graduating from criminal harassment to full-on rape. She meets a very nasty end when her favorite victim, local Lonely Rich Kid Hiroko Kaizuka, gets her Shadow Dragon and brutally murders Aki and her Girl Posse in what proves to be her Start of Darkness.
    • Eliza Reagan from Candy Candy is a good example. She is perpetually giving Candy and her friends a lot of troubles for her own amusement on seeing people suffer and her wealth and family prestige usually gives her more excuses to get away from her troubles. She usually is a Karma Houdini, but sometimes she gets truly spectacular comeuppances.
    • Sae from Peach Girl. She's Momo's main love rival, and is especially good at doing nasty things to Momo while making herself look innocent.
    • Mai-Otome
      • Shiho Huit fills this role in the anime, playing tricks on Arika and the other Corals and looking down on them because of their status.
      • Tomoe Marguerite is a more traditional Alpha Bitch, with a young hanger-on named Miya whom she verbally and physically abuses when no one else is looking. She's even tried to kill Arika and her friends on a few occasions.
      • The show also has Queen Mashiro, a Royal Brat who isn't even a student at the academy, but will skirt her administrative duties and visit there just to mock and laugh at Arika whenever she does something wrong.
    • Motoko Minagawa from Fruits Basket, complete with an obsessive crush on Yuki Sohma and a Girl Posse that harasses Tohru after she goes to live with Yuki and Shigure. In the manga, however, Motoko actually gets character development and gives up on Yuki.
    • Toka from Saki, though she does have a soft side.
    • Mao, an anime-only character in Kekkaishi, was apparently created to serve as Alpha Bitch for leading girl Tokine in that she flaunts her wealth and makes catty comments about her. Subverted because Tokine isn't really affected by her snarky comments.
    • Oniisama E
      • Aya Misaki, in all her bitchy, slanderous "glory". Poor Nanako and Mariko. Uncommonly for the trope, in the TV series she's given a Freudian Excuse (deep, deep insecurities and self-hate) and, by almost the end, she pulls a Heel Face Turn.
      • Fukiko "Miya-sama" Ichinomiya, whose minions include, oh, the entire snotty Sorority, is another example, though her bitchiness doesn't show until the later chapters. Just like Aya, Fukiko is WAY more bitchy in the manga than the anime.
    • Michiyo in Mahoraba acts like The Alpha Bitch Ojou to Asami out of insecurity. She really wants to be friends with Asami.
    • Ami of Toradora!, who usually hides her bitchiness behind a saccharine mask of sweetness until she feels she can get away with it. She does get Character Development, though, switching to Lovable Alpha Bitch. Being a very popular teen model, she's used to various people fawning over her and such. But, because she's a model, they expect her to be the cute, sunny, eternally bubbly girl she's often portrayed as. And she's sick of it.
    • Katherina Sforza from the Nunnally-centered Code Geass manga Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally. She and the Girl Posse get embarrassingly punished by Nunners's classmate and the local Extraordinarily Empowered Girl, Alice, though.
    • Tenjouin Saki of To LOVE-Ru is a stark subversion: while she meets almost all of the standard Alpha Bitch traits, right down to the Noblewoman's Laugh and Princess Curls, she has a very human side; she obtained one of the girls in her Girl Posse by rescuing her from bullies. She is legitimately kind to her friends, and to her servants.
    • Anna Maria from Blood Plus is a poster girl for this trope, despite not having a very large part in the series. A Rich Bitch complete with Princess Curls, her own posse of female followers, and being unreasonably rude and bullying. Naturally, she gets a slap to the face when Solomon invites Saya to dance instead of her.
    • Kafuko from Space Pirate Mito, complete with a Girl Posse, a sense of entitlement, and a not-so-secret crush on the protagonist.
    • Reiko Komori, one of Mamoru's friends in Gao Gai Gar, seems to be a younger, nicer version of this. The claws only come out on Sunou, one of their other friends, to one-up him whenever he starts bragging.
    • In Mahou Sensei Negima, after Yue gets Laser-Guided Amnesia, she ends up enrolling in a Magic School and has to deal with one of these, Emily Sevensheep. They get along better after that incident with the griffin dragon. And later, Emily dies (or better said, is written out of existence) in Yue's arms. She got better thanks to Asuna's World-Healing Wave.
    • Kurumi from Kimi ni Todoke gossips about, befriends, and manipulates the kindhearted and naive protagonist to get a boy to like her. Her comeuppance arrives when a comic relief P.E. teacher thinks Kurumi has the hots for him.
    • Otome Kato from School Days. Slightly subverted as she's a sports idol and not a Rich Bitch or cheerleader.
    • Pokémon
      • Ursula, one of Dawn's rivals, especially in the later episodes.
      • Also Giselle from one of the earliest episodes of the series, though she's a Lovable Alpha Bitch by the episode's end.
    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Poor Ange has to deal with whole class of them, all because they don't like her personality, which apparently spoils their mood. Alternately, they're the Lovable Alpha Bitch type... and Ange is the one causing trouble. Remember, we only see things from Ange's perspective: the girls are HORRIFIED by her breakdown, and the school in itself relies on group punishment! So they may have gotten way ahead of their league, with all the horrible results that came.
    • Kanako Kawamori from Sakura Gari.
    • Naruto: When she was younger, Sakura was bullied by a trio of Alpha Bitches for her big forehead. Later, after they become rivals, Ino becomes something of an Alpha Bitch, but she soon grows out of it. Arguably, Sakura herself starts out this way, when first introduced. Again, she gets better.
    • Mitsuko Souma from Battle Royale, though she's a bit more... shall we say, violent than is usually expected.
    • Princess Millerna starts out as the Alpha Bitch in The Vision of Escaflowne, but grows out of it.
    • In Aim for The Ace, the beautiful star player Reika Ryuuzaki starts out acting like this, being the queen bee and at first angered that a newcomer like Hiromi could possibly have made the top five, but she warms up to her eventually.
    • In the Bokurano manga, Mako Nakarai has to deal with an Alpha Bitch that harasses her for being the daughter of an ex-prostitute. After Mako spectacularly calls her and her boyfriend out before her deadly battle, we see that the Alpha Bitch has had a change of heart.
    • Queen Barby from Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, who runs the school that Panty and Stocking are infiltrating in one episode (it's even explicitly stated that the weak-willed principal barely has any control compared to her). She turns out to be one of the Ghosts Panty and Stocking are after: a literal Queen Bee.
    • Hell Girl has a lot of these, at least in the beginning of the series. And they receive their comeuppance. Boy, do they ever.
      • The worst of them is the first one we see, Aya Kuroda. She not only bullies her rival Mayumi Hashimoto, but she frames her for embezzlement, forces her into Compensated Dating, and blackmails her with photos of her "illegal/immoral behavior" She doesn't live to tell, obviously.
      • Later, we meet Shiori Akasaka, who leaves her friend Minami and gets "chosen" to go to Hell, but later, they get reconciled and try to send their rival alpha bitches to Hell instead. That does NOT end well.
      • And later, it's subverted: young Maki is being bullied by a secret stalker... and it turns out to be her teacher Kamishiro. She ends up in Hell.
    • Saaya Yamabuki from Shugo Chara; mostly played for laughs.
    • Miya Koshiro (a.k.a. The "Heiress") in Yumeiro Patissiere.
    • Shute Sutherland is a male example in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. He's hardly seen without his Boy Posse.
    • Manami Anzai from Life, and her Girl Posse.
    • The Ganguro Girls from Durarara!!. While they're not rich (if episode 6 is anything to go by, they're dirt poor), they have all the traits of this character; they take delight in tormenting the female lead Anri Sonohara, are catty and rude to everyone they meet, and are all around nasty and unlikable people. Is it any wonder that the Slasher decided to target them?
    • Great Teacher Onizuka has quite a few of them, but Miyabi Aizawa tops them all.
    • In the manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Seika Kohinata fills this role. Unlike most examples of this Trope, she has the skills to back up her ego; in her one duel with Judai, she honestly wasn't bad.

    Comic Books

    • Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane presents a subversion; through the series, it appears that Liz Allen is the Alpha Bitch of the school, and she certainly possesses the usual qualities—head of the cheerleading squad, bitchy and snobby, dating the head football jock, obsessed with becoming Homecoming Queen, so on and so forth. However, come the night of the Homecoming Dance, it's revealed that Mary Jane—the nicer, sweeter, and more easy-going and modest protagonist, and Liz's best friend—is actually far more well-liked, and is voted Homecoming Queen (despite having not even run for it), much to both girl's surprise and, for different reasons, horror. After a big fight between them, Liz admits that she's always been jealous of Mary Jane, more than aware that she's always been the more popular of the two, thus explaining Liz's desperate need to win the Homecoming Queen crown.
      • In the original comics too Liz was introduced as one, mocking Peter as much as everyone else, until a boost of Character Development after seeing him in different light turned her into his love interest. Similarly, Gwen Stacy started off not too different, and also developed into a more positive character and subsequent love interest. Arguably, his true love.
    • Spider-Girl gave us Heather Noble—she was acting like one of these until Tom Defalco didn't get the idea of making her fall in love with the main character's Geek friend. Later, he created Simone DeSantos, full-scaled Alpha Bitch.
    • An Alpha Bitch is seen tormenting an unpopular girl in Joker's Asylum: the Scarecrow. Unfortunately, the girl's psychologist turns out to be Jonathan Crane a.k.a. the Scarecrow. Having been bullied himself, Scarecrow attacks her party and traps her and all her friends into their own personal nightmares.
    • Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.: Courtney is the blonde newcomer who ends up gaining popularity against a brunette Alpha. Said enemy is also a supervillain and the daughter of the series' Big Bad, and once that gets out, the cliques are bound to change.
    • Replace "High School" with "Super Hero Team", and Sistah Spooky from Empowered proves the platonic ideal of this trope down to the Freudian Excuse (she was a frumpy black girl in a high school filled with hellishly gorgeous blond bitches, and wound up selling her soul for looks).
    • Replace "High School" with "Super Hero Team", and you will get I Hate Gallant Girl, with Gallant Girl as the Alpha Bitch. And a megalomaniac control freak in league with supervillains. Interestingly, main character Tempest's entire motivation is the fact that she competed for the chance to be Gallant Girl and was rejected for simply not being blonde.
    • A rare black Alpha Bitch, and among the first to be a protagonist, is Generation X's Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix (yes, that's her full name), also known as M. She's gorgeous, wealthy, and brilliant, with Flying Brick powers plus telepathy and accelerated learning aptitude. Par for the course was a heated rivalry with Jubilee, and a subtler one with Emma Frost. Being Ms. Perfect has backfired at least once, however. When the Massachusets Academy started admitting human students, nobody asked Monet to the dance because all the boys thought she was out of their league. Thankfully, the many sobering events in the X-Men world have kept her from becoming a Rich Bitch for the most part.
    • Veronica from Archie Comics at her worst. Cheryl, too.
    • Under Geoff Johns, Batman has become the male version of the Alpha Bitch in the Justice League, with Hal Jordan being positioned as his chief rival, because Hal is the only JLA member who isn't afraid of Batman (indeed, going so far as to punch Batman unconscious when Batman's ego sane and rational concern about someone who was not that long ago an unstable lunatic doubts about Hal led him to try to prevent Hal from stopping the Parallax entity). Ironically, in the Justice League of the New 52 Universe—and written by the same Geoff Johns—it's Hal Jordan who acts like a male Alpha Bitch.
    • Jordanna in Batgirl tends to take on this sort of role towards Stephanie Brown, the main character. Since Stephanie's a pretty laid-back sort (and Batgirl, meaning she usually has bigger fish to fry anyway), her usual reaction to Jordanna's antics is along the lines of amused indifference.
    • Linda Lee/Supergirl from Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade is her school's geeky Strange Girl, so her bizarro counterpart, Belinda Zee, is an Alpha Bitch.
    • Minimonsters has a Rare Male Example in the form of Morty Vivente, the leader of Morty's Gang and Frank's rival. While his motives of antagonizing Frank's Gang are atypical (he wants to get Frank's brains), he otherwise fits this trope to a T, being an unstable, faux-pleasant, sociopathic Manipulative Bastard willing to commit atrocious deeds to get what he wants, and whom freely abuses his minions. He further gets into this trope by being able to skip school when he wants due to being the school principal's son. This is subverted in that, despite what he claims, he and his gang are so unpopular they make their rivals look much better in comparison.

    Fan Works


    Cho: Come on girls, let's go show Moaning Myrtle our ball gowns and make fun of her because she can't go.


    Films -- Animation

    • In the direct-to-DVD movie Pollyworld (based on the Polly Pocket toyline), a girl named Beth is one of these. She even goes so far as to help Polly's almost future stepmother try to get rid of her by sending her to boarding school.
      • Beth has been tormenting Polly in other stories as well. In the very first one, Beth tried to prevent Polly's all-girls band from playing at a school event. In the second one, she tried to prevent Polly from making a speech. Fortunately, Polly's look-alike cousin Pia could deliver the speech for her.
    • Mertle from Liloand Stitch (and its subsequent TV series), all because Lilo is 'too weird' for her. That, and she's spoiled rotten by her mother. It's implied that she gets her nasty side from her aunt, and has an inferiority complex. In an interesting variation, she looks more like a stereotypical nerd than Lilo.
    • Giddy, Prissy, Fidgety, and especially Matriarch the elephants to Dumbo and his mother.

    Films -- Live-Action

    • Mean Girls
      • Regina in the first movie. Her Meaningful Name is Latin for "queen", and, despite being feared by every person in the school, every single one of them wants to be like her or be liked by her. The movie is a deliberate embodiment and analysis of this trope. Our protagonist eventually becomes the new Alpha Bitch in true Macbethian fashion after Regina becomes a Fallen Princess, and quickly realizes that, despite thinking Regina was an unholy monster for the way she manipulated people, she herself cannot resist the temptation of raw power and admiration that the "Queen Bee" commands.
      • Her successor in the sequel is Regina without any redeeming qualities. She even goes as far as stealing from a charity in order to frame the protagonist.
    • Jessica Sanders in The Hot Chick.
    • Clueless
      • Subverted—Cher Horowitz is unquestionably one of the most popular girls in school, but she's also a genuinely nice person (if a bit spoiled, shallow, and airheaded).
      • Her rival, Amber Mariens, is a bit closer in spirit to the Alpha Bitch, but is less popular than Cher, and her sluttiness and airheadedness make her more like The Brainless Beauty (albeit a mean-spirited one).
    • In The Movie of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Patty Ferrell was beginning to show the first signs of Alpha Bitch-itis. Granted, she was likely to evolve into an Alpha Bitch in the books and webcomics, but the movie definitely showed more of this.
    • Mandy Moore's "Stupid Cupid" (the singing cheerleader, Lana Thomas) in The Princess Diaries. Notable mainly for the fact that director Garry Marshall explicitly pointed out that Lana was this on the DVD's supplemental material. She does, however, get a Break the Haughty moment when Mia deliberately squishes an ice cream cone on her chest and gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Not only do the principal and several teachers who were sitting near the scene not do anything (a true sign of how much she's really hated) but the other students cheer Mia on.
    • Christie Masters (played by Julia Campbell) in Romy and Micheles High School Reunion.
    • Hilary Faye in Saved (also played by Mandy Moore) is a Holier Than Thou fundamentalist Christian version of this.
    • Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray, played by Colleen Fitzpatrick in the 1988 version, and Brittany Snow in the 2007 version.
    • Heather Chandler (and later Heather Duke) in Heathers. Played a bit non-standardly, because the protagonist isn't her unpopular rival but a member of her Girl Posse, albeit an increasingly uncomfortable one.
    • Parodied and subverted in Not Another Teen Movie with the character Priscilla.
    • Summer in Napoleon Dynamite.
    • Sharpay Evans in High School Musical fits the part pretty well, but the movies' upbeat tone means that she's always redeemed by the end (yes, in each movie.) Though she's a somewhat unusual Alpha Bitch in that a) she's ruthlessly determined about being the star of the school play rather than prom queen, and b) she's actually unpopular for her behavior, apparently having no friends besides her brother Ryan, though this doesn't seem to bother her.
    • Jane Mitchell in Zapped!, who gets a Carrie comeuppance in the end.
    • Taylor Vaughan in She's All That.
    • Subverted in Legally Blonde, where the Alpha Bitch Vivian is actually the Hollywood Homely smart girl who torments the blonde, bouncy, popular rich girl, Elle. And she has a Heel Face Turn in the end.
    • Babs in Animal House is a collegiate version.
    • Roger Ebert summed it up best (see page quote) for Sleepover.
    • Grease
      • Played with Betty/Rizzo, who's the Alpha Bitch of the school, but is also the "bad girl" and so is her Girl Posse, nicknamed "the Pink Ladies" (except for Frenchie, who's more of a Naive Everygirl). She does soften up a bit in the end, though, after she believes she's pregnant and almost falls out of grace..
      • Goody-goody head cheerleader Patty Simcox also has a bit of an Alpha Bitch streak in her; she gets an Alpha Bitch-style comeuppance at the school dance, when Kenickie throws her skirt up in front of everybody. Patty's really just there to illustrate the societal fault lines of 1950s high-school life. To the faculty and the "good kids," she is a pretty cheerleader and model student; to the "rebel" kids like the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, she is a Nerd, and thus eligible for all kinds of torment. (Recall that Kenickie puts a dead frog in her sack lunch to prank her, when Patty hadn't even done anything to him!) The character isn't really intended to be sympathetic, but any Alpha Bitch qualities Patty has might just be a defense mechanism against being picked on herself.
    • Elena in the Italian film A Game for Girls is a particularly dark example. She spends most of the movie as a typical Alpha Bitch, but when her idealistic new teacher tries to get her to change her ways, she conspires to frame him for rape, with herself as his victim, getting her own father killed in the process. And she gets away with it.
    • Deconstructed beautifully with Claire in The Breakfast Club. Complete with Freudian Excuse. Particularly interesting about the deconstruction was how they pointed out that the Alpha Bitch is really not the one in charge at all, and she feels miserably forced into the behaviour she is so notorious for.
    • Tris in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
    • Amanda in Addams Family Values (also appearing briefly in the first movie).
    • Amber Whitmore in Casper. She also overlaps with Rich Bitch.
    • Ethel Hallow in The Worst Witch, possibly more so in the TV series than the movie.
    • Marianne Bryant in Easy A. She actually holds a meeting in Libby Park.
    • Brenda in Teen Witch. "Every school has one."
    • Jenna from Max Keeble's Big Move.
    • Macy from Trick 'r Treat fits this trope amazingly well.
    • Jacey Farrow in The Last Picture Show. Overlaps with Really Gets Around.
    • Abby in The Hairy Bird, although she does a Heel Face Turn towards the end of the movie.
    • Betty Childs from Revenge of the Nerds. She gets better, though.
    • Frankie in The Hole, or so she's presented in the first version of Liz's story anyway, and Liz is far from being a reliable narrator.
    • Subverted in 16 Wishes. Krista Cook acts a great deal like the typical Alpha Bitch, but at the end, it turns out that she just held a grudge against Abby for stealing her best friend when they were children and wasn't mean to anyone but her. The two eventually reconcile.
    • The Ice Princess in Batman Returns was originally supposed to be this trope incarnate: blonde, gorgeous, a total Ditz, and really rude to anyone who got in her way (as the actress who played her openly admitted). However, after Tim Burton had the movie's script rewritten, the character lost the more objectionable traits and became, while still annoying, a generally sweeter person—which made her fatal plunge onto the Gotham Plaza stage a bit more tragic than it otherwise would have been.
    • Mavis Gary in Young Adult was one of these in high school, and hasn't grown out of it. She writes teen-lit novels in order to recreate her Glory Days, and she's still trying to reclaim her High School Sweethearts (who's now married).
    • Melissa from Friday the 13 th VII was such an uncompromisingly straight example of this that audiences cheered when she became Jason's Asshole Victim.
    • Kathryn from Cruel Intentions.


    • The Gemma Doyle trilogy: at first, it seems like this will be Felicity's designated role, but she and Gemma wind up bestest buddies. The role is instead taken by Cecily Temple, who is jealous that the aforementioned event happened.
    • Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie thinks that she's one. In reality, she's nowhere near as Alpha as she'd like to be. Nellie first appeared in the 1937 book On the Banks of Plum Creek.
    • Amy's rivals, April Snow and May Chester, of Little Women, making it Older Than Radio.
    • Ethel Hallow from The Worst Witch.
    • Harry Potter has quite a few:
      • Pansy Parkinson seems to be one. We don't see much of her, but she acts snotty whenever she shows up and dotes on her boyfriend Draco Malfoy. Also, she is mentioned to have a Girl Posse, and all the "good" female characters hate her with a passion. The author seems to really dislike her and she doesn't even marry Draco in the end. J. K. Rowling has stated that she embodied every girl who was mean to Rowling in school.
      • Romilda Vane, Harry's Stalker with a Crush from the sixth book, also had some Alpha Bitch tendencies, possessing her own Girl Posse and telling Harry that he didn't have to hang out with kids as "uncool" as Neville and Luna.
      • Draco Malfoy is possibly a male Alpha Bitch, different from the Jerk Jock. He's blond, rich, snobbish, presumed evil, bought his way onto the Slytherin Quidditch team, and comes complete with two other boys flanking his sides at all times—though Crabbe and Goyle aren't the stereotypically slightly less pretty posse members. Plus, he dates Pansy, as mentioned above.
      • Possibly Olive Hornby, the girl who teased Moaning Myrtle about her glasses. But we don't know for sure. It could have been friendly teasing which Myrtle took the wrong way—it would certainly be in-character for her.
    • Christine Hargensen, Carrie's nemesis in Stephen King's book and film Carrie. She and her Girl Posse are banned from the senior prom because of a very nasty incident in the girl's locker room involving them terrorizing Carrie, who was having her first period at the time and was under the impression that she was bleeding to death, by throwing tampons and other feminine hygiene items at her and chanting "Plug it up! Plug it up!" Chris then pulls a cruel prank on Carrie by dumping pig's blood on her head when she is voted as Prom Queen (this scene is considered a classic in movie history, very memorable) which leads Carrie to freak out. Christine becomes one of many victims in the ensuing Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
      • Averted by Sue Snell, who gets her boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom not to set her up for humiliation, but to genuinely atone for what she did.
    • Lara from Cherie Bennett's Life in the Fat Lane is a weird example: she starts out much like Cher from Clueless — the rich, shallow and naïve, but sweet (and supposedly intelligent) homecoming queen. Then she (suddenly) gets fat and becomes a social outcast (her immediate descent into self-loathing upon gaining the first ten pounds had nothing to do with it...). Enter at least two examples played straight...but wait—here's a girl who's at very least In with the In Crowd, but is sweet to everyone, even fat people... but wait—she's actually obnoxious and condescending and just trying to portray herself as the perfect homecoming queen candidate.
    • Massie Block, the main character of The Clique series of novels.
    • Lana is a more cliched version of this in the books The Princess Diaries, as well as being a Devil in Plain Sight. Mia often retaliates. Later in the series, though, Lana extends the olive branch to Mia, and her friend Trisha enters Mia's group of friends. She becomes much more a Lovable Alpha Bitch after this as she still retains a couple Jerkass tendencies.
    • From His Majesty's Dragon: Miss Montagu, who snubbed Will Laurence at his parents' house when he stopped by on the way to the training grounds, was only a mild Alpha Bitch... until at the end of the book, when she "revealed" (Laurence had already heard), during the celebrations, that Laurence's childhood sweetheart had gotten married.
    • Lila Fowler in the Sweet Valley High series.
    • Holly and Heather Mayflower of the DRAMA! series by Paul Ruditis.
    • Cokie Mason from The Baby Sitters Club is a middle school version.
    • ...and so is Heather Fox from the Canterwood Crest series.
    • Mercedes Lackey's Jinx High has the Alpha Bitch from hell: she's actually a two-hundred-year old, bodysnatching witch who enforces her will with mental control and fatal "accidents".
    • Subverted in 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. Hannah says that Courtney Crimsen could have been this, but instead spends her time making it seem like she is a genuinely nice person.
    • Lavinia of A Little Princess.
    • Aphrodite from The House of Night, until Zoey arrives, that is. Ironic in that, despite the authors' intentions, Aphrodite is one of the most interesting, rounded, and sympathetic characters in the entire series. Certainly more than the "heroine", Zoey, who reacted to the painful and bloody death of a classmate with mild annoyance.
    • Hatsumomo of Memoirs of a Geisha.
    • Hattie from Ella Enchanted. She not only messes around with Ella's life, but orders her to hand over the necklace that her mother used to wear simply because she fancied it, and she also steals Ella's breakfast after claiming that it's "too rich for her". In the movie, she's even worse, as she and Olive actually get Ella arrested after inadvertently discovering her "gift", have her blame her friend for it, and tell her to never speak to her again and, just to add a bit of Fantastic Racism to the mix, tell her to say that she could never be friends with an Ayorthian.
    • Clarissa from the Bloody Jack series. Also overlaps with Rich Bitch. She gets better in the later books though.
    • Not a school-related example, but Diamanda from Lords and Ladies and Annagramma from the Tiffany Aching books both exhibit Alpha Bitch tendency to surround herself with envious admirers who aren't as good-looking, and then treat these other girls like dirt.
    • Blair from Gossip Girl, arguably more so in the books than in the TV series. On the show, she's just a Rich Bitch with an Unlimited Wardrobe; in the books, her behavior actually borders on sociopathic/bipolar/just plain crazy.
    • Carleen Lovejoy dominates the school and antagonizes the narrator in Richard Peck's A Year Down Yonder.
    • Jeanine Bryant in Replica is replaced later by Simone Cussack.
    • Aspeth Montgomery in Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld.
    • In Aaron Allston's Galatea in 2-D, Roger falls into some paintings he made as a teenager and find his hopeless crush in high school, crazy about him but as shallow as she had ever been. (He notes that she had grown up when he met her at the reunion.)
    • Constanza Grayfoot from Midnighters is the fashion-obsessed queen of the school who struts about with her girl posse and dreams of being an actress in L.A. She's part Native American, not blonde, and is more harmlessly superficial than actually evil, but instead of reading like an interesting variation on the trope, she reads like a watered-down copy of Cordelia Chase. She is, however, different from most Alpha Bitches in that she is genuinely nice to and supportive of Jess, including slapping a boy who tried to sexually assault her and giving her advice about her relationship with Jonathan.
    • Twilight
      • Lauren Mallory is apparently supposed to be a Alpha Bitch. However, this is something of an Informed Flaw. She has the usual indicators of being blonde and popular, but all she ever does is get jealous of Bella (at least according to Bella herself) and complain about her behind her back. If anything, it's Bella herself who has more of the Alpha Bitch qualities since she looks down on everyone else.
      • Rosalie Hale of the Cullen clan is actually more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch. The same could be said for Leah Clearwater, though most of that is unintentional.
      • Rosalie Hale is redeemed in Eclipse, where she reveals her tragic backstory (she always wanted children, but could never have one because she is a vampire, and her fiance raped her), and starts fawning over Bella and her child. Leah, though, is never redeemed, and is punished by being menopausal as a result of becoming a werewolf, meaning she can never bear children.
    • Kelly Peters in Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Changeling. A spun-sugar nightmare with a cute face and golden curls. It makes more sense to walk into an operating buzz saw than to have anything to do with her. Most of these types are Karma Houdini, but Kelly actually gets taken down a notch or two (not much) toward the end of the book.
    • Sandra "Sandi" Mitchell from The Bailey Game. She's pretty and popular, but she's also arrogant and vain and leads her group of friends in ostracising the main characters.
    • Cheyenne Martin from Private.
    • The titular character from The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate.
    • Anne of Green Gables has whole families who do this.
      • In Avonlea, the Pyes have a reputation all over town for being mean and nasty. Josie certainly fits this to a T, though Josie certainly doesn't rule the school.
      • Later, in Anne of Windy Poplars, the Pringles take that place.
    • Drew from The Heroes of Olympus.
    • Nancy Drew has had to deal with two of these during her long career.
      • First, in the Nancy Drew Files series of the 80's and 90's, she had to deal with a girl named Brenda Carlton, who was a newspaper reporter and seemed to be an Alpha Bitch a few years out of high school.
      • In the newest series, Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, a much more textbook Alpha Bitch exists in a character named Deirdre Shannon.
      • Also the two "mean" girls in Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock.
    • MacKenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries. Nikki refers to her in the beginning of the books as a(n) (something nasty) in (two-three stylish/trendy items)
    • Christa from Amélie Nothomb's novel Antéchrista.
    • In the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy, Til is the Alpha Bitch among the pages. She has an exclusive clique until Richard comes and proves to be more interesting than her. She maintains these Alpha Bitch qualities when she grows up as a snobby woman who bullies others, including her daughter, and relies on her social status.

    Live-Action TV

    • Alison from Pretty Little Liars. She has her own Girl Posse - the Liars - and is at the top of the social pyramid. She's willing to do anything to stay there, including blackmail and bribery.
    • Sabrina the Teenage Witch
      • Libby epitomizes this trope, she was once the Trope Namer. In one episode, she fell from popularity and wound up in the science club. She simply reinvented her look and turned the club into the same sort of clique the cheerleading squad had been. We would occasionally be given hints that Libby wasn't so bad, and that, someday, she might become a good person, but this never happens.
      • According to one of the tie-in novels, she actually had Presidential aspirations, with a plan and everything. High school was just the beginning.
      • In the movie version, which preceded the TV series, there's a proto-Alpha Bitch character (played by a different actress) who is blonde and is named Katie.
    • Heather Chandler in Chuck, played to great effect by Nicole Ritchie, is Sarah's version of this trope, tailored especially for Sarah in this case, as Heather is also a Femme Fatale in addition to still being an Alpha Bitch as a grownup.
    • Degrassi the Next Generation
      • Paige Michalchuk is, strangely, a Rich Bitch who isn't rich. She's the head cheerleader (who takes credit for other girls' work), and she's a horrendous snob toward anyone less popular than herself. But when school is out, she has to work a minimum-wage job. Paige became a subversion of this trope. It was pulled off arguably well. While she had a lot of moments setting this trope up, they peppered in Pet the Dog moments to keep her from being irredeemable, mostly with Spinner, Alex, and J.T.
      • Her replacement after she's graduated is Holly J., who followed this to a T. Rich, pretty, snobbish beyond logic and reason, and mercilessly cruel. However, the trope is subverted as it turns out that the school actually hates her guts. Then, she becomes poor and a Fallen Princess. Before her fall, they gave her a lot of Ice Queen moments, showing that a lot of her issues were a poor role model at home (her sister, Heather Sinclair).
      • And her replacements are Katie and Marisol. Marisol is this trope played straight, Katie is friendlier but a bit of an Ice Queen and non-confrontational and will usually go with Marisol's plans. More work was put into keeping Katie friendly than Marisol, who has developed a reputation with the fandom.
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      • Cordelia Chase started out as this kind of character and rapidly became the Fallen Princess.
      • Her sidekick Harmony proceeded to take this position up until being killed and turned into a vampire; then, she became the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.
      • Buffy herself started out as the Alpha Bitch of Hemery High in the original movie (or as a Deconstruction of the AB, anyway).
    • Veronica DiAngelo on The Saddle Club.
    • The nameless head bully from Deep Love.
    • Stephanie Kaye from the 1980s Degrassi Junior High is a rare case where the Alpha Bitch is one of the protagonists. As a result, she has frequent Pet the Dog moments in between her bullying.
    • In Heroes, Jackie is a stereotypical example of this trope (although when her karmic retribution comes, it's a bit more severe than growing up to lead an unfulfilled life). The second season has Debbie, who is a copy of Jackie right down to being the blond head cheerleader.
    • Missy Meany in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide—an Alpha Bitch with Theme Naming.
    • Summer Heights High features a parody of this trope, in the form of Ja'mie (played by a man doing a convincing impression), and, to a much lesser extent, her "friends" (played by real girls).
    • Chelsea Breur in Naturally, Sadie. Replaced in second season by Arden Alcot.
    • From Veronica Mars, three words: Madison Freaking Sinclair.
    • That's So Raven: the one-time character Nicki.
    • Wizards of Waverly Place has Gigi. Inverted with Alex: we see her as the protagonist, but there's no denying that she has Alpha Bitch qualities. It might actually fit better to classify Alex as an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist and Gigi as a Sitcom Arch Nemesis.
    • Amber in Hannah Montana. She's not a ditz, though her sidekick Ashley fills that purpose.
    • The Secret World of Alex Mack
      • When the series started, the Alpha Bitch was a girl named Jessica (played by Jessica Alba), who would mock and pick on Alex. However, she disappeared after a few episodes because she got a more prominent role in the remake of Flipper, and was replaced by a similar character named Kelly.
      • A one-shot character who also fit this type was also named Libby, a year before Sabrina. The Freudian Excuse was somewhat subverted; Libby claimed that she has to worry about being popular, and that she really admires Alex, but she was manipulating Alex into feeling sympathy for her, and she wasn't really sensitive or sympathetic at all.
    • Cold Case
      • The killer in the episode "Stand Up and Holler" was one of these. In the present day, she had two failed marriages (and was working on her third) and was desperately clinging to her glory days when she was the most popular girl in school.
      • Another episode has a former Alpha Bitch from the Fifties, who became caught up in second-wave feminism and eventually became a teacher. Her remorse over her treatment of the victim causes her to give the team a vital clue.
      • "Sleepover" revolved around a sleepover at the house of a young Alpha Bitch who poached the victim's best friend into her girl posse. She was also a Creepy Child who killed the family pet. Her parents' form of discipline was disturbing to put it nicely.
    • Maritza from Taina was one of these. She wanted to be an actress too, but she was far more ruthless than Taina and Renee. She even refers to herself as an "Evil Diva"—which you really would agree with. However, there actually are several moments in which Maritza joins forces with Taina and Renee because they each have a common rival, or they want to make money and she would like to be in on it.
    • Cassie Lynn Nubbles from Family Matters. As Steve Urkel put it, she was "the poster child for useless people".
    • Freaks and Geeks
      • Vicki Appleby is initially depicted as one of these, but it's subverted in "Smooching and Mooching", when she opens up to Bill in a Ten Minutes in the Closet session and becomes a bit of a Defrosting Ice Queen.
      • Cindy Sanders is originally set up as the sweet Girl Next Door, but once she and Sam finally get together, she turns into a shallow, vapid, Republican bitch.
      • One of the episodes features a transfer student who befriends the Geeks, who try to keep her away from the popular crowd in the fear that she'll become one of these. It doesn't work, and she joins the popular crowd—but later episodes reveal that, despite what the Geeks fear, she's still friendly towards them.
    • Twist from Spaced, a post-high-school version. Twist is attractive and fashionable, but she works in a dry cleaners and seems to have only one "friend", Daisy, whom she showers with back-handed compliments. Daisy doesn't seem to notice that Twist is an awful friend until the end of the show.
    • Subverted in Thirty Rock, where Liz Lemon dreads meeting the Alpha Bitch at her Class Reunion. As it turns out, that school's Alpha Bitch was, in fact, a nice popular girl, whereas all of her classmates regarded Liz as a bully because of her cruel putdowns.
    • Glee
      • Quinn starts out as this, and her only subversion is that she's also deeply religious and president of the celibacy club. She quickly turns into a Fallen Princess when she reveals that she's pregnant and is kicked off the cheerleading squad.
      • Her former minion Santana thus becomes the new Alpha Bitch. Santana is however a deconstruction of the trope. As she finds out, for all her bitchiness towards everyone, nobody save Britanny likes her. Also, her cruelty comes from her inner torment over being a lesbian who is in love with her best friend.
      • Meanwhile, Terri is heavily implied to be a former Alpha Bitch and now has an unhappy adulthood because of it.
      • Oddly enough, although Rachel is nominally the heroine of Glee and (at least in season 1) Quinn's antagonist, within the glee club itself, she actually functions as the Alpha Bitch due to her unrelenting tendency to belittle, disregard, and demean the other members of the club unless forced to behave otherwise (she calls Kurt and Mercedes 'lesser glee clubbers' to their faces, and tells Tina and Mike that if a potential new recruit can dance, their contribution to the club will be 'even more insignificant than it already is', in quick succession in 2x01, and then sends her new rival to a crackhouse instead of the audition). Her specialty is sweetly offering a brutal putdown and justifying it as 'honesty'. While she gets brought down to earth relatively frequently, it never seems to stick.
    • On Everybody Loves Raymond, there are two competing characters with Alpha Bitch qualities. Marie, the family matriarch has basically been running the family for decades by guilt-tripping them into doing her bidding. Debra, Marie's daughter-in-law tries to assert herself against Marie, initially in a reasonable way but later on by adopting Alpha Bitch qualities herself. Marie's ability to maintain her position as the senior Alpha Bitch causes junior Alpha Bitch Debra to take out her frustrations by asserting herself as the dictator of her own household, often beating or insulting her husband Ray when he attempts to rebel.
    • Gilmore Girls
      • Subverted: Paris Geller bullies Rory (and almost everyone else) mostly out of insecurity, has two sidekicks who are taller than she is, but isn't popular and is respected only for her intelligence and dedication. She also gets brought down to earth in later seasons.
      • Played straight with Francine, who pits her two enemies, Rory and Paris, against each other and subtly manipulates the student council for personal gains.
    • Deconstructed in Wonderfalls, with Gretchen Speck-Horowitz, the Alpha Bitch from the high school the protagonists, Jaye and Mahondra, attended. She did genuinely mean things in school, but when they meet her again at their reunion, they learn that her bullying wasn't because of nastiness, but because of ignorance (for example, spreading a rumour that a girl with Bell's Palsy was a drunk because she thought she was). She's also trapped in a failed marriage and considers Jaye, who hates her and hadn't spoken to her for years, her only friend.
    • The Naked Brothers Band has one episode where Nat is trying to work up the nerves to kiss Rosalina. A girl (who, as she often says, is the most popular girl in their school) shows up to watch them do a music video, and makes fun of Nat because he's unable to do it. Rosalina gets a minor Crowning Moment of Awesome when she tells the girl off in front of both her and her posse. The girl's (rather flustered) response is "Y-You can't talk to me like that! I'm the most popular girl in school!" Rosalina responds with a loud "I DON'T CARE!"
    • Season one of The Sleepover Club had Sara Tiara, and season two had Krystal Beasley.
    • Christine from Dead Gorgeous.
    • Pinky (played by Jennette McCurdy), on True Jackson VP.
    • May Phelps (played by Laura Aikman) on Casualty, who also has elements of the Defrosting Ice Queen trope too.
    • Banning Miller in the Firefly episode "Shindig" definitely qualifies, complete with posse. She is very satisfyingly put in her place by a distinguished old man in true Gentleman Snarker fashion after she sets her sights upon Kaylee in her store-bought dress.
    • Rhonda from Sister, Sister (played by Bianca Lawson) was 'prom queen three years running' and consistently Alpha Bitchy until the 4th season episode 'You are so Beautiful', where the character is played by male actor Larry Wrentz to imply (to a ridiculous degree) that Rhonda had lost her looks over the summer (along with her bad attitude). The character is never heard from again a la Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.
    • The BBC TV series New Tricks has an episode where Detective Superintendent Sandra Pulman was afraid to go to her High School re-union, eventually revealing that it was because she was the school Alpha Bitch. A colleague persuaded her to go, assuring her that people forget these things over the years. However, when she arrived, someone had drawn a devil's horns & beard in red lipstick on her photo in the lobby and she left in a hurry!
    • Neighbours had Jessica Wallace.
    • CSI had a very dark use of the Alpha Bitch in the episode "Unleashed". In it, the Homecoming Queen, as well as her cheerleading squad, in retribution for the Homecoming King dumping her for Maria, ended up posting obscene messages towards Maria, the victim of the day, through the internet in huge numbers. If that wasn't enough, they also ended up uploading a viral video of Maria allegedly saying "slut" and "whore" on the web, and managed to post a website featuring Maria's face on a mule claiming that she's a bitch, eventually garnering over 1,000,000 hits. This doesn't end well for Maria at all, as she eventually broke down from this and other extremely tragic circumstances and committed suicide, nearly taking her developing baby with her, had the Las Vegas police not been there, discovered that she was pregnant, and performed a c-section surgery on her. The Alpha Bitch and her friends ended up paying dearly for it by going to jail.
    • A truly monstrous Alpha Bitch is the Victim of the Week in the CSI: Miami episode "Stoned Cold". She ends up being stoned to death by the parents of the people she tormented.
    • CSI New York: a girl named Libby was pretty nasty: she pretended to make friends with homely girls, dolled them up, had her boyfriend take their virginity, wrote all about it online, and gave the girls big necklaces so everyone would know. The sister of one of her victims strangled her, and then part of her house fell on her. Incidentally, that was the second time that week the killer on a CSI show said "I killed them and I'm not sorry" (the other time was on CSI where a kid shot his abusive dad).
    • Brooke McQueen in Popular, despite Sam's initial beliefs, is not an Alpha Bitch, but more of a Spoiled Sweet. The distinction of Alpha Bitch truly belongs to her nominal second-in-command, the wonderfully Machiavellian Nicole Julian.
    • Kate on Lizzie McGuire, though some episodes do hint that she's not really that bad, and she does seem to get a little better in the movie. One episode has her break her arm so she can't be head cheerleader anymore, and her replacement, Claire, is even worse.
    • Taylor from Caitlins Way, although every once in a while she and Caitlin managed to actually get along.
    • South of Nowhere had Madison
    • Doña Florinda from the Mexican sitcom, El Chavo del Ocho, is thought by some to be an older version of this trope.
    • For the third time on this page, Ethel Hallow in The Worst Witch. Her two younger sisters are quite nice, though.
      • In the spin-off series, The New Worst Witch, Belladonna Bindweed is an even nastier example; she's a more malicious Ethel Hallow, without any of Ethel's Freudian Excuses or redeeming qualities.
    • Community has Megan, played by Hilary Duff.
    • Miu Kazashiro from Kamen Rider Fourze starts out as this trope. But after one of her sidekicks voluntarily turned into a monster and tried to kill her, its revealed that she is a Lovable Alpha Bitch when she forgives said sidekick. She also befriends the main character and joins his club, while she first thought of him as.[1]
    • Raising Hope: Virginia's cousin Delilah is an Alpha Bitch who never grew out of it.
    • Sadie in Awkward
    • Lexi Reed on A.N.T. Farm, though she's gradually become more likeable.
    • Abigail Armstrong or "Abby" of the Australian produced TV series Dance Academy is a highly competitive ballerina that will verbally assail any other student that she sees a threat to her goals sometimes outright sabotaging theirs. Despite all of this the other lead characters still put up with her in a somewhat friendly manner which softens Abigail's harsh personality very slightly. One of the leading male characters has an unconditional crush on Abby. No matter how she treats him he still seems to be in love with the alpha bitch. Abigail considers the other lead females to be her "Frienemies".
    • In The Finder Willa went to a beach party with a bunch of rich kids. The girls there in one exchange fit this trope and Girl Posse to a T, being catty and snobbish to Willa's more down to earth style of dress. ...Willa then borrowed the Alpha's car on her way out of there.
    • In Wednesday, Bianca comes across as of this in the first few episodes, quickly becoming Wednesday's rival. Later she evolves into a Lovable Alpha Bitch.


    • The song "Roses" by OutKast is a long "The Reason You Suck" Speech directed at an Alpha Bitch named Caroline. In the music video, she doesn't really seem to mind.
    • The music video to Avril Lavigne's song, "Girlfriend", has her acting aggressively bitchy against the nerdy girlfriend of a boy she fancies. The song is actually parodying the Alpha Bitch, though many real-life Libbies didn't understand and have taken it as a theme song for themselves. Though Avril Lavigne herself seemed to miss the point of her own song when she made the video, since the Alpha Bitch she plays ends up getting the guy at the end of the song and never getting punished for her bullying behaviour, while the poor girlfriend is left alone and miserable. What an encouraging message to girls out there.
    • Chumbawamba's "She's Got All the Friends" is a perky, poppy song loaded with backhanded compliments towards an Alpha Bitch ("She's got all the friends that money can buy", "Both her faces are so pleasing to the eye", etc.)
    • Taylor Swift did a double role as both the blonde Girl Next Door and the brunette Alpha Bitch (whom she antagonizes) in the "You Belong With Me" video
      • Her new song "Mean" is also at least partially directed at mean girls. The song itself is simply about bullies, but the video shows two examples of mean girls, one trio of girls who ostracize another for wearing the wrong colored bow, and the other a group mocking a teenaged girl working in fast food to save up for college.
    • The character Jordan Pruitt's song, "Miss Popularity", is about.
    • Emily Osment expresses her contempt for such a girl in her song "I Hate the Homecoming Queen".
    • The girl in the blue dress in the music video for Paramore's "Misery Business."
    • In the Fleming & John song "Ugly Girl", the girl singing appears to be an Alpha Bitch who is trash-talking her ex's new girlfriend who she considers ugly.
    • A possible interpretation of the singer's Love Interest in "Just The Girl" by The Click Five.
    • The rival in Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door". However, it is potentially subverted in that the protagonist does have a boyfriend, seems more of a loner, naturally, and is more edgy, wanting to "hit her", when the only indication of the rival purposefully bothering her is when she pushes her books, which might be imagined in a Dream Sequence. It gives rise to the possible interpretation that the protagonist is actually just insecure and jealous of a girl more popular than she is, and that the popular girl isn't a bad person at all.
    • Red Union, a serbian punk band, has "I Hate Girls Like You", about the protagonist trying to teach and help the Alpha Bitch to be a better person, but being frustrated by her shallow attitude and unwillingness to learn.
    • The singer in Barry & the Bookbinders' song "2 Hot 4 U, Part II" is very clearly an Alpha Bitch:

    Oh my god, you little geek,
    Get away before I freak.
    I'm a babe and you are not.
    You can't handle what I've got.


    Newspaper Comics

    • Peanuts
      • Violet is the elementary school epitome of this trope (though she has dark hair). She always leads the other catty girls in picking on Charlie Brown.
      • Patty (not Peppermint Patty, the other one) occasionally had some of these traits in the early years as well.
    • Tiffany from Luanne, though her popularity might be in her head considering she lost her own beauty contest.

    Professional Wrestling

    • WWE Divas Michelle McCool and Layla El were vapid, brainless co-champions (the last co-champions were over-caffeinated male cheerleaders for reference). They seemed to exist only to insult every other Diva on the Smackdown roster. They started with trying to say that Mickie James and Beth Phoenix were fat and ugly. Eventually, they wised up and used only non-visual insults, saying that Kelly Kelly had bad body odor ("Smelly Kelly!") and just treating Rosa Mendes like dirt (although they occasionally still called The Bella Twins "The Belly Twins"). Michelle was tall and blonde, fitting the traditional visual aid for this trope; Layla, by contrast, was rather short and Ambiguously Brown (Moroccan father, English mother), making her a rare African-American example of this trope.
    • Who Lay-Cool was based on, TNA's Beautiful People: Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne. Recently, however, things have changed so much that Madison is the only one who is still a heel (at least, the only heel by her own decision, anyway). Additionally, their Alpha Bitch tendency of "Cleansing the world, one ugly person at a time," has disappeared and they just genuinely hate each other.
      • They also temporarily had amongst their ranks Lacey Von Erich, a third-generation female wrestler and (at least in appearance) an uncanny Expy for WWE's Kelly Kelly.
    • Torrie Wilson became this for a time after she came to the Raw roster late in 2005 and expressed her jealousy toward new Diva Ashley Massaro. She and fellow bad girls, Victoria and Candice Michelle, divided their time between picking on the more sympathetic Divas and serving as henchwomen (and, presumably, mistresses) for Vince McMahon. And just to make audiences detest her more, Torrie started carrying around a cloyingly cute Maltese puppy named Chloe. Torrie eventually turned face again after Candice became The Starscream and she and Victoria beat Torrie up.
    • Triple H, the filthy-rich megalomaniac who ruled the Raw main event for several years, was a male version, concocting various schemes to enable him to retain his status as World Heavyweight Champion, including pretty cowardly ones like having members of his well-dressed "Evolution" faction interfere in his matches so he'd get disqualified and screw the babyface out of the title. After he turned face in 2006, he grew a Badass Beard and shed all of his more effeminate traits.
    • Alberto Del Rio is another male example, acting as the brand's "Mexican Aristocrat." He lives in a swank mansion, enters arenas in (among other lavish automobiles) a Rolls-Royce with an obnoxiously loud "La Cucaracha" horn, and constantly puts down other Mexican-descended wrestlers (Rey Mysterio most of all) for not embodying the spirit of the Mexican people as well as he does. And just to drive home what a rich pussy he is, he climbs into the ring wearing a white scarf.


    • How Glinda initially appears in Wicked, down to the dizziness, fashion obsession, and sheeplike Girl Posse, until undergoing Character Development in the first act. Later, as her social influence becomes outright political power, she becomes a Stepford Smiler and, finally, The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask.
    • Even bearing the trope name, Alpha Bitch Michaels of Clifford Odets's Paradise Lost. In typical Odets fashion, she gets some interesting and dark depth: initially the frivilous fiancée of the Gordon family's athlete son Ben, she dumps him for his slimy social-climber "friend" who gets Ben fatally injured.
    • Lucy in Thirteen is the stereotypical Alpha Bitch, but she's only second in command after The Brainless Beauty Kendra.
    • Amber Von Tussle from Hairspray. She learned it from her mother Velma, who is an Alpha Bitch grown up. They both get better at the end though.
    • Adrian in The Shape of a Girl.

    Video Games

    Visual Novels

    • Yume Miru Kusuri: Kyoka—called "Antoinette" by the main character, after the infamous French queen whose extravagant spending on things such as mansions and the like (although a lot of it was exaggerated by enemies) while people were starving out on the fields was a prime example of the kind of thing that led to the French Revolution—is the antagonist of Aeka's route. Something that's kind of odd to this trope is that she had a crush on the lead from the beginning and tried to get with him several times, though the lead just found her annoying. This doesn't stop her from targeting him along with Aeka once it becomes official that the two are going out, though. It gets pretty brutal. This goes for the backlash, as well, which sees Kouhei and Aeka turn the tables on and nearly kill Kyoka when she decides to have her friends pin down Kouhei so that he can watch Kyoka's boyfriend rape Aeka.

    Web Comics

    • Subverted by El Goonish Shive; Diane fits the stereotype perfectly, but the setup turns it inside out. First, we see her as a "Mooching Tease Pimp" and Nanase keeps brushing off her attempts to get her into the Girl Posse. Then, Diane does one Sherlock Scan and is shown to be caring, implying that it's Jerkass Facade. She was introduced as the most shallow and mundane character around, but after a few scenes we can only guess who and what she is. It is almost certain is that she's not a magic-user.
    • Subverted by Footloose; Sparkle is very intelligent and somewhat Genre Savvy. She still gets her comeuppance though.
    • Subversion: In Penny and Aggie, Penny is a popular girl, and seems like an Alpha Bitch at first (in contrast to the independent-minded Aggie). As the story progresses, however, Penny turns out to be a decent, observant, intelligent person, with most of the conflicts between her and Aggie being initiated by the latter.
    • On the other hand, Carrie of Loserz is the epitome of this trope, or is at least trying to be. See here.
    • Charlotte Peechi from Annyseed. She displays all the common character traits, yet later, it is revealed that she's not the most popular girl in the school and hasn't exactly been spoiled by her parents. Will she get her comeuppance? All will eventually be revealed.
    • Sluggy Freelance briefly features Cindi. Subverted when she wanders rather badly out of her league in this strip.
    • Sayuri Morita in Red String. However, her nastiness eventually comes back to bite her, and the main characters actually haven't gone and befriended her yet.
    • Kharisma in Something*Positive. Oh Lawdy does she get her comeuppance. And then some.
    • Felicia Laine in Ozy and Millie fits most of the characteristics of an Alpha Bitch, despite being in elementary school. In subversion of the trope, however, she's not stupid (as much as she acts the part), nor does she have any attraction to the strip's Jerk Jock Jeremy (indeed, they've never even met). Her infatuations are mostly directed at the members of boy band du jour.
    • You'd think that with cheerleaders as protagonists, Cheer! would be free of Libbies. You'd be wrong.
    • Sarah and Cass from YU+ME: dream, though Sarah and Fiona were childhood friends.
    • Misfile
      • Emily's pre-misfile friend Molly. An arc back in 2009 has Emily going to her for advice on how to deal with The Rival, Missi.
      • Jenny Jr. shows many characteristics of an Alpha Bitch as well.
    • Shadowgirls gave us Misty—an Alpha Bitch that crossed the Moral Event Horizon. Her mother possibly was one in the past, but it's not sure.
    • In Blip, Mary is a narcissistic, shallow, vain robot. On at least two occasions, she's been accused of using her Alpha Bitchiness to mask insecurity. Notwithstanding, she does seem to care about K and her friends. Maybe. At the start of the comic, she and K had a nasty falling-out, and refused to speak to each other for years. Mary makes the first reconciliatory gesture, and the two proceed to immediately bury the hatchet.
    • Though a minor character, Julia Greenhilt is clearly the Alpha Bitch of her magic school in The Order of the Stick, complete with two tagalong friends with whom she gossips about other students' clothing choices.
    • Eerie Cuties
      • Melissa Hellrune, a classic Alpha Bitch, except she's not a ditz.
      • The Spin-Off comic Magick Chicks starts turning Cerise into the Alpha Bitch, much to Melissa's chagrin. And their new school already has an Alpha Bitch that they want overthrow. Faith is a Schoolgirl Lesbian and Telepath who uses Emotion Control to make herself queen of a neglected and poorly used (but vigorously defended when there's a threat) harem at their all-girl school. She seriously dates a boy from the counterpart boy school as sort of Worthy Opponent, and treats girls as disposable conquests. The main plot of Magick Chicks is transfer Alpha Bitch v. current Alpha Bitch v. wannabe Alpha Bitch.
    • In the Scary Go Round Spin-Off Giant Days, where Esther de Groot goes to university, she meets three former head girls, each of whom was probably the Alpha Bitch back at their respective schools. Although instead of (or perhaps "in addition to") cheerleading, each of them knows a specific style of martial arts.
    • Khaos Komix gives us Natalie Geln, who is probably even more cruel than your standard Alpha Bitch.
    • Bridges features head cheerleader Lana, who is controlling of her squad to a borderline psychopathic level.
    • Lulu Cthulhu features three of these who have undertaken the mission to make all the losers feel accepted at Valentines' by giving chocolate to losers. They genuinely don't seem to understand why being singled out as losers doesn't make people happy.
    • Princess Pi has Sam, Alex, and Butch, also known as the Totally Nazis. The story "Princess Pi vs. The Alpha Bitch" even uses this trope's name in reference to Sam, although Pi expresses confusion about the term's meaning.[2]
    • Zodiac Blues gives us Lia, who calls even her boyfriend a 'loser'.
    • Homestuck has Vriska, who uses violence, intimidation and actual mind control to secure her status as a high-ranking and powerful SGRUB player.
    • Young Cannibals (Peanuts parody) presents Gemma… except not only she's airheaded, but no one respects her, including her dog. According to the author's comment later, "gemma is how I would imagine Paris Hilton would be when she was six years old".

    Web Original

    • Sooni from Tales of MU both uses and subverts this trope. While she starts out appearing to be a textbook Alpha Bitch, it quickly becomes clear that she's trying to live out a fantasy, with a Girl Posse made up of virtual slaves and little actual popularity.
    • Helena van Garrett (v1) and the Sisterhood (v2) from Survival of the Fittest. Sally Connelly (v4) also falls into this territory.
    • Trisha from The War Comms is an overblown caricature of this trope, which is probably why she also serves as a Butt Monkey for the saner socks.
    • Thalia's Musings
      • Aphrodite, though somewhat subverted in that she has no Girl Posse and is excluded from the other Olympian cliques.
      • Hera is a straight example, being the queen of the gods and having her Girl Posse of Demeter and Hestia. Also she often puts down other gods and goddesses. She also often suffers humiliations due to her husband's chronic infidelities and having to put up with his bastard children on a daily basis.
    • Solange (Tansy Walcutt) of the Whateley Universe, complete with a perfect body, blonde hair, a girl posse, and sycophants. Worked her way up to queen of the Alphas at Whateley Academy before her downfall.
    • Heather Jones from Erikas New Perfume is a textbook example, at least, until she got turned into a three-year-old. She did get turned back by the end of the sequel thanks to Erika, who underwent a lot of Character Development.
    • Ami in Sailor Nothing is one. She eventually pays dearly for it, becoming an instant Woobie in a single scene that's so horrific it makes the protagonists feel guilty for hating her. Aki is a subversion: she's pretty, popular and head of the Fashion Club, but she is (secretly) friends with the class weirdo and feels trapped by the superficiality of her life. After she's publicly humiliated and dethroned, she realizes it's the best thing that ever happened to her and turns out to be a pretty nice person.
    • Kelly from The Crazy Kids of Grade 5 is rich, spoiled, and thinks she is the leader of the 5th grade popular group.

    Western Animation

    • Bonnie Rockwaller on Kim Possible, except she tries (repeatedly and in vain) to usurp the role of captain from the cheerleading heroine. Bonnie did eventually become cheerleading captain in one episode, and much to Kim's initial dismay, proves to be exceptionally competent and dedicated to the job (though she doesn't become any less bitchy). Kim eventually decides to not fight it, as she's sure Bonnie will get sick and tired of all the hard work involved with being squad captain. And she's right; the next episode showing the cheerleading, Kim's clearly back in charge.
    • Mandy from Totally Spies! Extra points for being shallow.
    • Tami from the sequel show The Amazing Spiez too, albeit frequently more likeable.
    • Paulina from Danny Phantom.
    • Rhonda Wellington Lloyd comes between this and Rich Bitch in some episodes of Hey Arnold!. However, she actually is shown to have a friendly side, since her best friend Nadine actually is implied to be a middle-class girl (and with almost completely different interests than Rhonda. Nadine loves arthopods, Rhonda loves fashion).
    • Gemini Stone from Sabrina the Animated Series.
    • The Ashleys in Recess. Despite having some moments where they aren't a bunch of Rich Bitches, they spend the majority of the series wanting to screw with everyone for the sake of being mean.
    • Sierra McCool in Disney's The Replacements.
    • The Oblongs has Debbie Klimer and her posse of identical Debbie clones.
    • Mindy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is a much younger Alpha Bitch, as well as an incredibly obsessive one. For example, she loses her head cheerleader position to Mandy (who just shouts the game plans to the team) and, after consulting the "patron saint of cheerleading" (a trophy she thinks is talking), decides the best solution is to incapacitate her in some way in the middle of a match, or, failing that, blow her up. If she sees Mandy with anyone aside from Billy or Irwin or the like, she walks up to them, puts on an obscenely perky face, and says "You're my best friend!"
    • Miranda Kilgallen in As Told by Ginger, however, she is the second-in-command to the Girl Posse leader and Brainless Beauty Courtney Gripling. She also defrosts a little. She never exactly becomes friendly, but she's a lot worse at the start than she is at the end.
    • Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas in Code Lyoko is a strange version of this. In the first season, this is played straight, with the exception of a few scenes in only a few episodes. However, her assistance to the heroes in later seasons, particularly the second and fourth, is often offered without second thought or a specific request for a reward, though this can happen quite a bit in a life-or-death situation. It seems that her personality alternates between seasons, from a straight Alpha Bitch with several Pet the Dog moments in Seasons 1 and 3 to a more Jerk with a Heart of Gold Lovable Alpha Bitch in Seasons 2 and 4. And odder, her Alpha Bitch persona was caused by the heroes themselves. In the origins episode in Season 3, it's revealed that she was with them when they found the supercomputer, but broke their secret out of concern for their welfare. After the Reset Button is pushed the first time, the heroes decide to give her the cold shoulder so they can continue helping Aelita. So this does explain her flip-flopping behavoir a bit. By the end of the show, they've clearly come to think better of things and re-accept Sissi as their friend.
    • Patty Smirnov and Mattie O'Hare, the school journalists in Monster Allergy.
    • In Tiny Toon Adventures, Shirley was unlucky enough to be in a ballet class with four girls who fit the criteria (only one - Giselle - had a name, but all four were equally nasty); naturally from Perfecto Prep (Acme Looniversity's rival) the four "stuck-up snobs" (as Babs called them) said mean things about her accent, called her an airhead, and an "ugly little mud hen", and said she isn't fit to dance with them. Worst of all, Shirley overheard, and when they realized this, they didn't care. They tried to make her look bad at a recital, although this quickly degenerated into the four of them blatantly trying to crush Shirley, leading to one of the weirdest cases of Soundtrack Dissonance on the show; who'd ever imagine that Swan Lake could be used in a fight scene? Fortunately for Shirley, Babs had her back, sabotaging their part of the recital with a variety of toon-favored weapons (banana peels, anvils and the like) giving Shirley the glory and the spotlight.
    • Winx Club
      • A girl from Bloom's old hometown named Mitzi definitely fit the bill, despite appearing only a few times. On the Halloween episode, she invited Bloom and her friends to a party - which turned out to be an elaborate scheme to humiliate the girls. She bought and rigged a house, made up an elaborate legend, hired actors to pose as party guests (complete with scripts), and set up elaborate special effects around the house, just to pull a prank on someone she had barely seen in two years, along with four girls she had never met. Mitzi gets a more prominent role in some episodes of the fourth season: she lays her eyes on Brandon and wants to take him from Stella. Later, the Wizards of the Black Circle temporarily turn her and two friends into evil fairies. After that, she's practically Put on a Bus.
      • The Trix themselves qualify. They bully others in school and generally boss others around before getting expelled. After episode nine, they get much, much worse, what with the multiple attempted homicides, turning The Cutie into a pumpkin for ruining one of their plans, removing the heroine's powers in a needlessly sadistic way after threatening her parents and revealing her backstory, and attempting to take over the universe. They're like Regina George, only with magical powers.
    • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, Cheerleader Sally Avril is the most abusive girl in M³'s Six-Student Clique, even mercilessly mocking fellow clique-member Flash Thompson when his hero, Spider-Man, appears to be committing robberies. Slightly subverted when Peter's aunt has a heart attack as Flash mentions that even Sally feels sorry for him, although she is not as forthcoming with her sympathies as his friends are. Both she and Flash have gone through a bit of Character Development. When she thinks that Peter's been killed, Sally is horrified. She does say it's because she'll have to tell Liz and Liz "looks awful in black", but when she sees that Peter's okay, she performs a textbook Anger Born of Worry. A bit later, she tells him that no, she doesn't care, but she doesn't want him to be blown to bits, she's not a monster.
    • Daria
      • Sandi Griffin, who is outright emotionally abusive even to the other members of her own clique (Stacy Rowe in particular). It isn't until the series' final season that her position of control is finally first slowly undermined by both Quinn starting to distance herself from the group and Stacy gaining a sense of self-confidence, and then finally lost when the other three members of the Fashion Club all agree to dissolve the group and she agrees last, as a face-saving measure. One of the potential futures shown at the end of the series (in place of the usual series of pictures) shows Sandi being a hostess and maintaining her queen bee attitude.
      • And her mother is also as bad... given that household, it's a surprise her brothers weren't utter bitches.
    • Trixie Tang of The Fairly OddParents is rich and popular AND lusted after by everyone, including Timmy, the main character. However, in the episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen, a genderbended Timmy learns that there is another side to Trixie—a boyish side that likes comics and video games, which would shock all of the people who worship her. She says that all she wants for her birthday is a friend who understands this, but when Timmy arrives at her party and makes the offer, she saves face.[3]
    • Penelope Lang in Atomic Betty, who coincidentally also looks Asian. Her two cohorts are a pair of sycophantic nerds.
    • Tricia from 6teen.
    • Total Drama Island
      • Heather has pulled this off quite well in a non-high-school setting.
      • Courtney also qualifies as one due to her bossy, over-competitive nature.
    • Tiff and Brit, the Krust Cousins from My Life as a Teenage Robot.
    • Doug
      • Beebe Bluff is a subversion. The richest (their middle school was named after her by her Dad), most popular, and somewhat snobby and spoiled, she was actually quite nice to everyone despite these character traits. She even ended up being Doug's First Kiss in a sweet way.
      • Jerk Jock Roger adds some Alpha Bitch traits after he becomes rich in the Retool. Although Beebe does not want to get involved with him in any way.
    • Pacifica Northwest in Gravity Falls is this initially; after some Character Development reveals Hidden Depths (and horribly abusive parents) she evolves into a Lovable Alpha Bitch.
    • Rugrats
      • Angelica became this in the transition from Rugrats to All Grown Up!, though she's admittedly less of a jerk than she used to be, being a rather Lovable Alpha Bitch instead of an Enfante Terrible. Maturity can do that to you sometimes...
      • She's less of an Alpha Bitch compared to Savannah Shane, a girl whom even Angelica can't stand (and yet, she always seemed to be trying to get in her good graces). A particularly strong example comes from the episode when Savannah plans a party on the same day as Angelica's thirteenth birthday party, and it's found out that she did it on purpose to "teach Angelica a lesson" after sitting at her lunch table.
    • Monster Buster Club gives us a subversion of the Always Female rule. Resident Alpha Bitch Mark is a male Spoiled Blond Rich Kid who delights in insulting and generally being less than pleasant with the four kid heroes, apparently for no reason. He may, in fact, be this show's answer to Sissi from Code Lyoko; as it has been pointed out, Monster Buster Club rather seems to take after it.
    • On the show Horseland, we have sisters Chloe and Zoey Stilton, who are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in appearance. They're definitely Alpha Bitches, and also Rich Bitch material... oddly enough, they seem to have bigger "boobs" than the other girls. That's not accurate, let me rephrase... none of the girls, who are about 13, have "boobs", they have "bumps". But Chloe and Zoey seem to be drawn a little bigger.
    • Carla Cabrera & Melanie Melisma from Growing Up Creepie.
    • Claire Brewster in Beetlejuice.
    • Connie D'Amico from Family Guy. Especially glaring since not only is she mean to Meg, but Brian spells out how her life is going to turn out, and predicts she'll "hit the wall" at age 19. This sends her running off crying.
      • Connie is the walking stereotype of the Alpha Bitch. She goes out only with popular boys, bullies anyone that isn't popular like her (mostly Meg, and is willing to make an unpopular boy popular just to prove that only she can make anyone popular, and that she can be the girl who dated every single popular boy. Even though karma has bitch slapped her several times, she still goes around making everyone miserable at school.
      • Lois Griffin was one back in high school, pulling a Chris Hargensen-level prank on a chubby girl. Interestingly, her subsequent life turned out much like Brian's aforementioned prediction of Connie's life.
    • Subverted on American Dad! where the "hottest girl in school" and head cheerleader, Lisa Silver, appears willing to go out with the nerdy Steve and is surprisingly understanding when the show's antics keeps messing up the planned dates. In another episode, it looks like she and her Girl Posse did something terrible to Steve's unpopular girlfriend... but it turns out it is actually Steve's friends who are responsible, once again subverting what you'd expect from Alpha Bitch behavior.
    • Nanette Manoir from Angela Anaconda, also a Fauxreigner French Jerk.
    • Paige Logan from Grossology.
    • Nina Harker from Braceface. Interesting, though, in that she and the protagonist, Sharon Spitz, where actually best friends when they were little. But a mishap with one of Nina's dolls that got its head popped off ended their friendship when she accused Sharon of being the culprit. So her bullying Sharon is more or less out of spite. They do somewhat reconcile as the series goes on. Especially by season 3 when its revealed that Sharon was indeed innocent of the doll incident. Nina's cousin was the cause of that.
    • Dawn from The Buzz on Maggie.
    • The Mighty B!'s Portia is the stuck-up, Valley Girl, blonde Alpha Bitch, with front teeth that are even uglier than the main protagonist's. Her cousin and mother are even worse.
    • Batman Beyond has two: Blade, who doubles as Rich Bitch, and Chelsea, who is usually alot more sympathetic.
    • Kick Buttowski has Kendall Perkins, a strange and unique case of an Alpha Bitch who likes going to school and learning.
    • Angela, from Mona the Vampire.
    • Suzi from Pixel Pinkie.
    • My Little Pony Tales had Melody, who only occasionally drifted into Lovable Alpha Bitch territory and was hands-down the most self-absorbed of the heroines.
    • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
      • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, a pair of Spoiled Brats who tease Apple Bloom about not developing a cutie mark yet. Later episodes have hinted that Diamond Tiara is the real alpha of the two, with Silver Spoon nicer but quick to knuckle under when Diamond does anything.
      • On the other hand, the show subverts this trope with Rarity, who displays several trademarks of the Alpha Bitch (her love of fashion and fixation on the richest boy around), but also displays generosity and genuine niceness.
      • In the first two episodes of the second season, the corrupted (by Discord) Rarity and Fluttershy act like this.
      • The Great and Powerful Trixie also qualifies. While she isn't a schoolyard type bully, she's still catty, rude, manipulative and obnoxious, with the added bonus of being totally full of her self and a complete and utter liar.
      • Gilda.

    "This is your idea of a good time? I've never met a lamer bunch of dweebs in all my life!"

    • Raquelle from Barbie: A Fairy Secret, although once the plot gets into motion, it's mostly pushed by the wayside.
    • Sencarity from What About Mimi?.
    • Cleo from Clone High.
    • Victoria Best from Word Girl.
    • Gretel from Staines Down Drains.

    Real Life

    • Rachel Simmons's seminal work of psychology Odd Girl Out: The hidden culture of aggression in girls begins by confirming the Truth in Television status of the Alpha Bitch hard, giving a series of incredible real-life examples. Further in, though, it rejects the idea of a specific girl being the bully to which others invariably fall victim, arguing that manipulation and covert aggression are endemic, practiced in all sorts of ways and frequently directed not at "losers" but at attractive, wealthy, high-performing girls, to keep them from getting "above themselves". Simmons, having cited her own experience being the victim of an Alpha Bitch as a motivation for the study, is shocked to realise in Chapter Five that she herself had been an Alpha Bitch to another girl later on in her school career.
    1. said in Gratuitous English
    2. She thought it referred to a canine Sesame Street character who helped children learn about letters.
    3. It's possible that this side of her personality is hinted at in The Big Superhero Wish! and Wishology. In both specials, she apparently enjoys being in action scenes