A Green Sun Illuminates the Void

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The girl channeled all her hate into that one blow. The world seemed all too shallow, like it was painted on the night's sky, as she struck, the light around her as dark as the void compared to her own incandescent radiance. She reveled in her strength.


A common tendency in Familiar of Zero fanfic is for Louise to summon someone else. A Green Sun Illuminates the Void, by Earth Scorpion, takes the rather more unusual path of having her comprehensively fail to summon anything. And such a failure, so epic, so catastrophic, which ruins her destiny and the entire path of the narrative...

... is enough to draw the attention of an Infernal Exaltation.

So now Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière is running around with the Exaltation which once belonged to Queen Merela welded onto her souls, rebuilt by the crippled titans who forged reality as a tool of their vengeance against the world that betrayed them. In her right hand she carries the burning hate of Malfeas, the King of the Yozis. In her left, the endless sands of Cecelyne the Lawgiver open up. Weep, Halkeginia, for a newborn titan stands upon your shores, with nothing save her own morality protecting you from her.

Oh, and separate from the potentially apocalyptic terror in the form of a cute pink-haired girl, A Green Sun Illuminates the Void also rebuilds large amounts of the setting using historical research on 1600s Europe, and a cynical viewpoint on the nature of power and its use, recreating the contrast between gritty fantasy and horrific power that Exalted is famous for.

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See Exalted and The Familiar of Zero for the tropes of those respective universes.

Tropes used in A Green Sun Illuminates the Void include:
  • Badass Adorable: Irukuwa is clearly the queen of this trope, as an enthusiastic, cute girl who just happens to be a giant man-eating dragon who cutely expresses her desire to eat hearts.
  • Horny Devil: As a neomah, this is one of the most immediately notable traits of Marisalon. Unfortunately for her, this is running into Louise's repression, and losing.
  • Powered Armour: Siesta's Lookshyian family comes with this; Louise has a terrifying encounter with a Fire Aspect in gunzosha armour.
  • The Corrupter: Marisalon's job. So far, she hasn't been doing that well at it, because Louise is as stubborn and pig-headed as a Conviction 5 person is expected to be.
  • The Clan: Siesta's family, complete with Dragonblooded, mages, and chains of command for passing secret messages around and calling in strike teams.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Louise and Montmorency are in the early stages of this, a friendship born in hospitalising each other.
  • "Well Done, Daughter" Girl Louise may be empowered by the cosmic force of the creators of linear time and all fixed reality. She still lives for her mother's approval.