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  • Where do we begin? Well, the beginning of the whole saga has the Hero on a cliff...and then it gets hit by lightning and we see a scene of the hero getting battered and bruised as he slides down onto the ground below.
  • In the Escherion saga, the player has obtained the Runix Cube and is prepared to beat throwing the cube and hitting Escherion with it!
  • There's Cysero's wedding event and he needs items to make Nursey's ring with.[1] After getting the items, the hero needs to get the item for his portable magic forge. So, what did he disguise it as? A POTATO.
  • In Ryuuji and Nythera's wedding event, the first trial is mining a special gem in a cave. While the hero does so, they also realize someone else is there...that someone is Artix who's only there cause he's helping out a friend (Ryuuji) win some trial. Cue the mad dash.
    • Earlier on, Nythera gives Puppy Dog Eyes to her father in an attempt to not get married. It fails, by the way.
  • In the Battleoff event, the Hero sees opposites of people and places. When they see Cysero and Warlic, they wonder if they have something nonsensical (or something on the lines of what Cysero would make) and Cysero replies: "That is silly. Can we focus on the task at hand please?"
    • Also during the event is Artix appearing at the end who was shocked to find out that the player defeated Undead Artix and he wasn't invited. This is added by him screaming "I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!!"
  • The hero defeating Artix at Lightguard Keep by the time-honored "your shoe's untied" ploy. Poor guy tries to fight it, but he eventually gives in.
  • Twilly defeating Nyctox, the Fear of the Dark, during the Fear Chaser event, complete with Nyctox's hilariously high-pitched Big No as he suffers a Critical Existence Failure.
  • The Book of Lore EATING the giant book at the end of the Temple at Doomwood.
  • The Ebil Dread part of the August 2010 Friday the 13th event, which has Artix and the Hero up against some very, very pink undead. Did we mention that Artix is utterly terrified of the color pink?
  • When you fight off Safira's get a parody of Edward from Twilight. This means that the Hero gets to just massively poke fun and insult the parody by making fun of why the vampire sparkles, his hair and stating that his girlfriend left him for a werewolf cause "she MUST have a thing for bad hair."
  • The scene(s) where Ryoku is charging up his attack Soul Nuke. You immediately think that it's an immediate One Hit KO, right? Well, he screams and he is charging his attack and it takes a LONG TIME. How long? Well, the Hero gets a drink: still charging. Player takes a nap: still charging. Player asks if they can go talk to Ai no Miko: Sure! Leaves and does many quests, fights O-Dokuro and Kitsune: OVERCHARGING. Then the player wishes to have won the goes Ryoku, ALMOST about to unleash the the player simply clocks him.
  • Chuckles saving Gravelyn from Noxus and getting his body for a promotion. A great way to end a two-year Brick Joke!
  • In the final confrontation against Vordred, you can choose to try and get Artix away from him. You knocked Artix out earlier by telling him his shoe was untied. As it turns out, he took precautions. He's not wearing shoes under his armor. Or anything but his boxers, for that matter.
  • Your character when they're undead in Doomwood forgot the undead can't talk and cause the Paladins to panic.
  • During the January 2011 Friday the 13th event, anytime Andrew the "Unicorn Crooner" appears. Especially in the intro, when you just don't expect him coming.

  1. Cysero states that Nursey's looks are actually based on his wife's.