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  • The Chestburster's first appearance.
  • Ripley blowing the fully-grown Alien out into space, and then incinerating it.


  • "Get away from her you BITCH!"
    • This troper considers the entire fight scene between the Alien Queen and Ripley to be the origin of his love of mecha.
      • You know its awesome when Bishop says after the entire fight scene, "Not bad for a human."
  • Another moment just before that one: When the alien queen comes out by surprise and splits Bishop in half. After almost 20 years, this troper has yet to find a monster entrance that is more impressive.
    • And then Bishop follows with one of his own: despite being torn in half, he manages to save both himself AND newt when the airlock is sucking them out of the ship.
  • As the tank is escaping with the marines, an alien begins to force the door open. Hicks shoves his holdout shotgun down it's throat. "Eat this!"
  • Lets Roooooock!!!
  • Bishop's Big Damn Gunships moment
  • When she's retreating from the Queen's nest with Newt in her arms, and an egg ominously opens up next to her, Ripley cocks her head to one side, as if to say, "Well, that's it. Now you're toast." and torches the entire room with her flamethrower before blowing the holy shit out of the Queen's egg sack with pump-action grenade after pump-action grenade.
  • "You always were an asshole, Gorman."
  • Hudson screaming "Fuck you!!" even as he's being dragged to his death by the aliens.
  • A meta-example, Sigourney Weaver getting nominated for Best Actress in a sci-fi/action/horror film which both then and now is almost completely unheard of.


  • Dillon's Dying Moment of Awesome, taunting the Alien all the while that it isn't fighting him hard enough.
    • "Fuck You!!!"
  • Ripley committing suicide so that Weyland-Yutani can't get their hands on the Alien, essentially giving them the finger in doing so.
  • Dillon's speech to the other convicts about how they're all going to die sometime, but they can either go out on their knees whimpering, or on their feet, fighting.
    • Also Dillon's Big Damn Heroes moment when he rescues Ripley from attempted gang rape--and beats the everloving hell out of the cons responsible.
  • Aaron, after being constantly insulted by the prisoners for his low I.Q., gives them a short but sweet "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

"You all keep going on about how dumb I am, but at least I’m smart enough not to end up with a life sentence on this rock!"


Alien: Resurrection

  • Disposing of the Humalien via a hole in the spacecraft window and vacuum pressure effects.
  • Purvis killing Wren with his own chestburster.
  • More of a behind-the-scenes version of this, but when Ripley 8 threw the basketball over her shoulder and scored a perfect hoop? No tricks, Sigourney Weaver actually pulled that off!

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