Autopsy (film)

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Autopsy is a 2008 horror movie directed by Adam Gierasch. It follows a group of friends who are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and happen to hit a man wearing a blood-stained hospital gown. In no time at all, they're whisked to a convenient hospital by a timely ambulance. Hilarity Ensues...

They discover that the doctor in charge of the hospital is trying to cure his wife's terminal cancer by performing some sort of an experiment, he also needs their bodies and organs to perform said experiment.

This movie combines the Gorn of Saw, with the dumb teen leads of most other Hollywood slasher flicks.

Did quite well at screenings aimed at its target audiences, not so well with the world at large. It was later part of the After Dark Horrorfest film festival.

Tropes used in Autopsy (film) include:
  • Body Horror - Bobby's ultimate fate.
  • Bond One-Liner - What Emily Says to the nurse after She cuts off her hand.
  • Did Not Do the Research - Nitrous Oxide does not explode when exposed to a naked flame.
  • Extreme Melee Revenge - What Emily does to Travis, repeatedly bashing him with an oxygen canister until his entire face caves in.
  • Gorn - There's the guy whose liver gets removed while tied down and conscious. It sort of goes from there.
  • Heroic Sacrifice - Jude lighting the nitrous to try and kill Dr Benway and Scott.
  • Strapped to An Operating Table - Happens to Dmitri early on, then happens to Emily towards the end.
  • Too Dumb to Live - Arguably Emily, since she manages to get caught not once, but three times over the course of the movie, even though she is a healthy and fit young adult. Whereas Jude manages to evade capture, even though he spends most the movie wandering around and hallucinating.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot - When Emily is tied down and left with Travis, he beats her up a little, causing her to vomit on his hand and herself. Her chest remains coated in vomit for the rest of the film.