Azumanga Daioh/Ho Yay

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  • Azumanga Daioh is positively dripping in this as much as a Shonen parody of Shojo should be expected to. In addtion to the canon Schoolgirl Lesbian Kaorin's Stalker with a Crush attitude towards Sakaki there are the Heterosexual Life Partners of the teachers Yukari and Minamo, the Odd Couple relationship of Yomi and Tomo, Tomo's Foe Yay with whoever she decided is her rival today, Kagura's Foe Yay with Tomo and Sakaki and the traditonal Les Yay between Chiyo/Sakaki, Chiyo/Osaka.
  • And then there's that one episode where Kaorin freaks out over a picture of Sakaki in a bathing suit and also when she sees a picture of Tomo and Sakaki sleeping in the same bed and Tomo cuddling with Sakaki.