Schoolgirl Lesbians

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    Osaka: Kaorin... are you gay?
    Kaorin: The correct term is lesbian! Uh, not that I'm a lesbian! It's just, you know, a teenage thing. That's all. (...) Just to prove it, I wouldn't mind if she was a guy!
    Osaka: ...Huh?


    Girls having crushes on other girls is, while not common, nothing that raises eyebrows in the Japanese school system. Sometimes matters go beyond simple crushes to explicit romance; even then eyebrows remain unraised as long as participants aren't too indiscreet. Note that this is less a Japanese media trope than a reflection of real-life behaviors and attitudes—the Japanese refer to this as a Class S Relationship, which teaches the young ladies about "real" relationships and is meant to be outgrown eventually. Retaining a Class S Relationship as one grows older is a sign of immaturity (note the number of immature Clingy Jealous Girls whose lesbian crush has suddenly noticed Boys). Thus, it is not uncommon to find such girl-girl relationships in anime, especially with the frequency of adolescent characters. Also see Romantic Two-Girl Friendship for a more ambiguous relationship with a similar cause.

    If they don't just pretend the girls are together and get out of it later by revealing they're not, often writers like to hide behind subtext in a form of Getting Crap Past the Radar.

    Also see Yuri Genre, for Japanese works that focus on female-female romances, whether schoolgirls or not.

    Examples of Schoolgirl Lesbians include:

    Anime and Manga

    • Haruka Ten'ou and Michiru Kaioh (Sailors Uranus and Neptune) in the original uncensored versions of Sailor Moon. And in the censored versions, though with a bit more subtlety and a lot more kink. (Not that the dubbers intended it.)
    • Bleach: Chizuru's very open infatuation with Orihime. Unfortunately for the Shonen audience, her advances are invariably thwarted by the protective Tatsuki, who Chizuru has commented she would also find quite attractive if not for her boyish persona. Regardless of her primary crush, Chizuru has also ogled other female members of her circle of friends, namely Moe Moe Mahana and Tall, Dark and Bishoujo Kunieda.
      • She was literally drooling over Rukia at the start of the Bount arc.
      • The closest she's ever gotten with Orihime is grabbing her... considerable assets. This was changed in the anime to hugging Orihime around the lower chest, with her forearms pushing Orihime's breasts up.
      • She also once had a throwaway line in the manga where she declares that Orihime's cuteness is "Giving her an erection." Whereupon she's promptly pervert-stomped by Tatsuki. A doujinshi of Chizuru having a relevant daydream in class soon began circulating the internet.
    • Akane Kasuga from Kimagure Orange Road.
    • B-ko Daitokuji in Project A-ko.
      • Possibly unintentional; the director admitted in an interview for the US DVD re-release of the film that he didn't think about how the scene featuring B-ko in a giant bath, thinking about C-ko, could be interpreted.
        • Which is kind of confusing, because it looks to all the world like B-ko is touching herself while thinking about C-ko.
      • Based on the differences between the dubbed and subtitled versions, if it was unintentional it can only be because it's so common in the genre that it got put in without being thought about. The dub takes this aspect of the complicated relationship between A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko out, and makes C-ko seem a bit weird and creepy as a result.
      • It isn't so much unintentional as it is a leftover from when the film was supposed to be part of the Cream Lemon series of erotic films, where indeed B-ko was infatuated with C-ko.
    • Lain and Arisu from Serial Experiments Lain seem to be really, really, really fond of each other... sometimes to romantic levels.
    • Kirika and Mireille from Noir are not shown being physically intimate, but they share a bed and by the end of the series are emotionally dependent on each other. Also, Chloe exhibits a rather warped (and mostly frustrated) desire for Kirika.
    • Steel Angel Kurumi features Saki, a female android who because of the circumstances of her activation has a romantic fixation on the titular character, another female android. The sequel series Steel Angel Kurumi 2, tops that with what is either an oversized Love Triangle or a small Love Dodecahedron: Kurumi Mk. II is fixated upon young cellist Nako, who activated her. Nako's friend Uruka also has a crush on her, and out of jealousy activates Saki Mk. II in order to battle Kurumi; Saki, however, ends up pining for both Kurumi and Uruka. Eventually, Nako comes to return Kurumi's feelings.
    • Futaba in Puni Puni Poemi is both an extreme parody of this character type and a parody of Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura, who is an example of this trope herself (see below).
    • Chanohata Tamami in Mahoraba admits to Shiratori Ryuushi that she is in love with Aoba Kozue (who is completely oblivious), explaining her mean-spirited attitude.
    • Simoun cheats a little by setting the story on a world where everyone under 17 is female, making all of the main characters Schoolgirl Lesbians by default. And they use the power of Girls Love to make their fighter planes fly.
    • In Azumanga Daioh, Kaorin has an immediately obvious crush on Sakaki that seems one-sided; however, considering Sakaki's addiction to cute things, it's possible that it would be reciprocated (or at least not minded) if she wasn't entirely oblivious.
      • According to the newest manga, Kaorin is either in denial or in denial and in the closet.
      • As if we didn't get the hints.
    • Devilman Lady (aka The Devil Lady)
    • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch has the Black Beauty Sisters...
    • Lavinia and Jessie in Soukou no Strain. They never do get together in the end, or at least it's left open-ended, despite having a very close encounter due to a misunderstanding. Which is rather strange, since Jessie seemed very responsive, yet she never brings up the incident again afterward.
      • Other than that, it contains some mindbreaking hints at a possible relationship between Sara and her doll Emily. Things get worse when we discover that the "doll" actually contains the living brain of an alien girl. Whose race shares a common hive mind. So by acting nice to her, Sara acts nice to a whole goddamn One-Gender Race. Is this someone's weirdest yuri harem fantasy or what?
    • In Mahou Sensei Negima, Setsuna serves as Konoka's protector, and admits it precludes hooking up with anyone else. Naturally, other characters assume this is a complicated way of saying that they are a romantic couple, or will be. Konoka certainly has no problem being her (kissing-activated) partner in their magical contract. It's pretty much just Setsuna who isn't aware of this.
      • Naturally, when Setsuna proved to be a popular character, the overtones became a lot more obvious in the Negima?! remake, with a more knowingly teasing Konoka and a more flusterable Setsuna, to the point of Setsuna stuck between embarrassment and ogling at Konoka in a swimsuit. Considering that in the early manga the way Setsuna acts around Konoka is exactly the same as someone with a really strong crush (complete with blushing and a loss of the ability to speak whenever she's around) makes the subtext already quite strong.
      • The last chapter implies, but does not explicitly state, that they are married to each other in the future.
    • My-HiME features Shizuru and her obsessive love for one of the main characters, Natsuki. Fandom has rewarded this with a series of doujinshi, the tamest of which explore Shizuru's more publishable fantasies. The more extreme, well... let's just say that Shizuru is a very imaginative individual. One of the artbooks states that they "find happiness" at Natsuki's graduation.
      • Shizuru's popularity in this series likely led to her Mai-Otome incarnation actually hooking up with that universe's Natsuki.
      • Speaking of Mai-Otome, there appear to be quite a few of them there, too, since most of the story takes place in the all-girls' Garderobe Academy. Chie, in particular, appears to have out-Chizuru'd Bleach‍'‍s Chizuru in the "openly flirty" department.
        • All-girls academy, nothing. The Schizo-Tech of that gives the girls their super powers is destroyed by sperm, and neither condoms nor vasectomies exist.
    • Parodied in an episode of Tenchi Muyo!. After being cast into a High School AU, Magical Girl Sasami shoots the bickering Ayeka and Ryoko with a "beam of friendship". The sequence just gets more suggestive as two begin gazing into each other's eyes, proclaiming their mutual love and admiration, and almost kissing before being cut off by the end of the episode.
    • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Juri's secret obsession with Shiori consumes her entire life. Possibly Anthy and Utena in the series, though it's canon in the movie. Tons of girls also fawn over Utena and in one episode (and only one episode), Anthy.
    • Almost every single character in Strawberry Panic! Then again there are absolutely no males in this series.
    • Pretty much the entire cast of Oniisama e..., at least until the end.
    • Mariasama ga Miteru has only one explicit case of a lesbian love affair. The rest of the relationships often seem to go in that direction, but generally stop at the Romantic Two-Girl Friendship level, which raises suspicions of Bait and Switch Lesbians among part of the fandom.
    • Anna towards Izumi in He Is My Master, to the point of Stalker with a Crush. Izumi doesn't exactly reciprocate the feelings, but the cast (including Izumi, with promises) do use Anna's obsession to their advantage on occasion.
    • Hiyori in Lucky Star is a Yuri Fangirl/artist, though it's apparently nonsexual for her.
      • Some people assume that Konata and Kagami, despite the personality clash, may secretly be these. Konata playfully flirting with Kagami and Tsukasa after a Marimite session doesn't exactly help her case.
        • Also, don't forget Kagami's Freudian Slip in the OVA.[context?]
          • Word of God says either Konata or Kagami has an unrequited crush on the other, without specifying whom.
        • It appears to be on Kagami's side since Konata has said she's straight. She could always be wrong or lying though..
      • Yutaka and Minami are even more blatant, even after you remove all the parts of the show that were viewed through Hiyori's yuri-goggles.
        • Konata remarked on this a couple times, though it's not entirely clear if she's joking or serious.
    • Blue Drop, it also contains older lesbians as well. Most of the plot of the anime revolves around the relationship between Mari and Hagino, the latter being the female commander of an alien battleship who hides at Mari's all-girl high-school.
      • Played for horror in the manga, Tenshi No Bokura. The alien lesbians, the Arume, have all-girls schools filled with girls who are raised to be lesbian nymphos (with males as a wholly foreign concept) so they'll have hot human women to screw when the little girls grow up. Naturally, they pass through a "schoolgirl lesbian" stage at some point between puberty and graduation, although not all of the teachers are willing to wait that long...
    • Kitagawa from Doki Doki School Hours has a thing for petite women, which just happens to apply to her teacher - and she is not at all shy about showing her affections.
    • Hazumu and Tomari (pictured above) from Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, along with the third girl in the triangle, Yasuna. The other characters dismiss Hazumu's sexuality since she used to be a guy; still, Hazumu remains a girl permanently. Yasuna, on the other hand, is physically (possibly a genetic mutation, according to "alien-san") incapable of seeing faces of men.
    • Yamada and Satou from Koi Koi 7 like to cheerfully show their affection for each other.
    • Rosalie from Rose of Versailles isn't technically a schoolgirl, but she's in the right age bracket and certainly has a huge crush on Lady Oscar.
    • Sakura from Penguin Musume Heart often shows extreme interest in intimate interactions with some of her female classmates. Sure, she is absolutely bonkers, but it happens a bit too often to be coincidental.
      • Not to mention that she tries to force Kujira into marrying her in an alternate time line.
    • Nina Einstein from Code Geass fits this trope pretty well. After Princess Euphemia stands up for her in a hostage situation, Nina has a huge obsession with her, and even goes as far as to masturbate against a table with a picture of Euphemia. Later, when Euphemia dies, Nina goes insane and threatens to set off a bomb killing herself, Zero, and many innocent bystanders. This is promptly used by Schneizel, Euphemia's half-brother, who takes the still insane Nina in so she builds an even bigger bomb for him...
    • In Ikki Tousen there's the Ryoufu Hosen (Lu Bu) and her best friend Chinkyuu Koudai (Chon Gong). Ryoufu is seductive and even brutal, bordering on Depraved Bisexual, but shows a more human side when around the devoted Chinkyuu. In the manga, they die together when Chinkyuu is raped and both she and Ryoufu rebel against their evil leader, Toutaku (Dong Zhuo). In the anime, Chinkyuu is not only raped but beaten to death; Ryoufu dies trying to kill Toutaku and herself. Later, Kan'u Unchou (Guan Yu) is shown to be one of this for her leader and friend, Ryuubi Gentoku (Liu Bei).
    • Nene, the Class Representative from Hyakko, claims to be bisexual—but she is mostly shown drooling over girls.
    • Sakuya from Candy Boy has a major crush on Kanade and has no qualms about letting everybody know about it. Alas, she has lost by definition to Kanade's twin sister, Yukino.
    • A Certain Magical Index: Kuroko, who gets concerned at how much fun Mikoto seems to be having in her rivalry with Touma. Clingy Jealous Girl, too.
    • Makina in Shikabane Hime once found herself being stalked by a large-breasted lesbian schoolgirl who was attracted to death.
    • Kanako in Maria Holic. She has a strong dislike of men and attended a girls' school purely to find a female love interest. She has a tendency to have nosebleeds at the thought of that.
    • Hidamari Sketch. Natsume is painfully Tsundere for Sae but can't catch a break, being the losing corner of a Love Triangle. Played up to the hilt in episode 12 of x365 when Sae joins Natsume for lunch, with the latter first getting combative before quieting down. We even get a few Male Gaze shots in that episode; when Natsume watches Sae enter the cafeteria (focusing on her hips), watching her eat (focusing on her lips), and again as Sae walks away... The flowers the spring out of her hair and the Luminescent Blush seem to put it straight into Schoolgirl Lesbians territory. The very last episode has her praying at a shrine to become more honest with her feelings. And guess who wrote that passionate fan letter that Sae got?
    • Possibly hinted at in the ending credits of SHUFFLE! episode 24, where Lisianthus and Kaede share an "accidental" kiss.
    • Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito is about one of these searching time and space for her best friend/adoptive older sister Hatsumi who turns out to be Eve...yes, that Eve. Who returns her feelings, but can only exist in a given world for 16 years at a time. Hatsumi herself is at least bisexual, as a series of very direct love letters shows.
    • In Kannazuki no Miko the two main characters are a pair of eternally reincarnating Schoolgirl Lesbians.
    • Yurika Kochikaze in Akikan! is blatantly lesbian for Najimi.
    • Eto Hachibe and Arata Tagoto in Iono the Fanatics. Everyone else is just a lesbian.
    • Shinobu of Ninin ga Shinobuden assuming it isn't just being played for parody.
    • Rainbows are straighter than Subaru Nakajima.
      • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's has Nanoha and Fate, seemly regular grader students who have an awkward relationship at the beginning of the show. if it's not for all those blushing they do, nobody would find their relationship any more suggestive than being best friends.
    • The Reveal in one of the chapters in Franken Fran was that the focus characters were lesbians who didn't know how to properly express their love for each other. Surprisingly, it managed to be one of the few chapters with... a fairly happy ending. Squicky, but happy. Compared to the usual alternatives, anyway.
    • Nodoka of Saki, especially in the animated version which took her subtextual crush towards Saki in the manga then jacked it up to bleedingly obvious. Hell, most of the girls have the same thing going on. Saki very obviously returns Nodoka's feelings, all of the Kazekoshi girls want their "kyaputen" who may be in a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with Kana and certainly has a big crush on Hisa. Hisa and Mako have rather obvious crushes on each other. Touka is almost Psycho Lesbian for Nodoka, not to mention Ryuumonbuchi's Hajime/Touka/Ayumu/Jun Love Dodecahedron. And then there's the Ensemble Darkhorse couple of Momoko and Yumi. All of the relationships are subtextual, but are still very obvious.
    • Yume and Yuuki in Kanamemo are established as being very lesbian for each other right out the gate. Even if Yume puts too much sugar in her cooking, Yuuki will still eat it. Considering that Yume gave up her sleeping bag to newbie Kana in the first episode, this led to her sharing Yuuki's room, which she had no problem with. Then there's whatever went on in the porta-potty.
      • Both are working adults, however, rather than schoolgirls in the sense typical in the trope. Yume is attending a patisserie academy (hence her tendency to put way too much sugar in everything), but both women are older than most examples on this page.
        • Mika, however, being both a schoolgirl and very, very Tsundere for Kana is a genuine schoolgirl lesbian.
    • In the Affectionate Parody fighting series Airmaster, Mina, a Shrinking Violet with Gag Boobs who often finds herself kidnapped or otherwise in trouble, is hopelessly in love with stoic Huge Schoolgirl protagonist Maki and is teased rather often about it. Maki doesn't quite know how to react, but she doesn't seem to mind Mina holding onto her arm when they're walking around the city with their friends.
    • Aoi Hana focuses on the romantic entanglements between several high school girls. There's the Love Triangle between Yasuko, Fumi and Kyouko. Yasuko's sisters also appear to have been very popular at their all-girl school as teenagers (which gets ample emphasis in the manga)--and it's even hinted that their mother was as well. Eventually, even Akira joins their ranks, by finally answering Fumi's feelings for her.
    • In a similar vein to the above, there is Sasameki Koto. The focus is on the tall and awkward Sumika's crush on her lesbian but oblivious friend, Kazama, who herself is constantly on the lookout for cute girls to crush on. There are also their classmates Miyako and Tomoe, who are in a relationship. Lastly, Yuri Fan Aoi Azusa appears to have a crush on Sumika.
    • Tomoyo Daidouji in Cardcaptor Sakura, though it was toned down a bit in the anime. The manga actually had her telling Sakura that she loves her in that way, though it went right over the heroine's head.
    • To LOVE-Ru has Risa and Mio, who both shamelessly love groping girls (and sometimes, molest them outright), but kinda subverted with both.
    • Hanjuku Joshi is an erotic manga about the relationship between Chitose and Yae, two students at an all-girls school.
    • The OVA Butt-Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman and its sequel spend a lot of time on the crush tomboyish Saori has for her cute roommate Mari (who also happens to be the titular Gautaman.) It's even all but flat-out stated that they went all the way, which is much farther than Mari ever went with her heterosexual love interest, Tobishima. Nevertheless, when Mari is forced to move away at the end of Gautaman R, Saori is left standing on the train platform shouting her love for Mari, who's wistfully daydreaming about Tobishima.
    • Shoujo Sect, where the entire cast are Schoolgirl Lesbians in an all-girl school.
    • Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite. Yashima Sanae's feelings for her boss Konoe Tsurugi.
    • Husky and Medley chronicles the budding romance between the eponymous pair of high school students who attend an all girls school, and is supposedly Based on a True Story.
    • Hayate × Blade, being set in an all-girl school where students on a special swordsmanship scholarship are made to pair up with a partner in a way that's similar to marriage, this is inevitable. For most characters, it's kept strictly on the subtext level, but main character Hayate is entirely unambiguous about her affection for her Tall, Dark and Bishoujo partner, Ayana, despite the pain that inevitably ensues.
      • And then there's Jun, the Lovable Sex Maniac of the cast who, despite having jokes made about her being bisexual, has never once given any indication that she is anything but lesbian. She and her partner Yuuho were also polled as the most popular pairing in the fandom, despite being half-sisters.
    • Hen: Chizuru for Azumi.
    • Margot Knight and Malga Naruze in Horizon in The Middle of Nowhere. Their official character profiles even list them as 'Lovers'.
    • Hikaru and Megu in Prism.
    • Suruga Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari is this for Senjougahara. But she also works as The Tease for Koyomi and generally acting as a full-blown Lovable Sex Maniac.
    • Squid Girl: Sanae is this for Squid Girl.
    • This is the entire plot of Yuru-Yuri.
    • Bodacious Space Pirates gives us Jenny Dolittle and Lynn Lambretta, who keep it on the down-low while Jenny is President of the school's Yacht Club, but are hardly shy about expressing it after Jenny blasts her way out of an Arranged Marriage and rendezvous with the Bentenmaru.

    Comic Books


    • Lost and Delirious revolves around a new girl at a boarding school, who becomes the roommate of a high school lesbian couple.
    • Memento Mori, a South Korean movie by Kim Tae-yong: the whole story revolves around the lesbian relationship between two high school girls.
    • In Samaritan Girl by Kim Ki-duk, Yeo-jin's feelings for her friend Jae-yeong border on the homosexual, and at one point they share a kiss while scrubbing each other before a bath.
    • Most of the girls in the German film Maedchen in Uniform, which was also the first example of lesbianism in film.
    • Although the protagonists of Murmur Of Youth by Lin Cheng-sheng are no longer schoolgirls, having graduated from high school the year before, their relationship arguably fits this trope.
    • Be With Me, a Singaporean movie by Eric Khoo
    • Blue Gate Crossing, a Taiwanese movie by Yee Chih-yen: Kerou has a crush on her best friend Yuezhen but doesn't know how to tell her.
    • Double subverted in the farce But I'm a Cheerleader as it is set up as though it's going to be played for laughs and ultimately it winds up being played straight.
    • Naomi and Michelle inThe Secrets, an Israeli film that takes place in an Ultra-Orthodox women's seminary.
    • The 1968 film Therese and Isabelle about a a pair of young women in a French girls' school (Essy Persson and Anna Gael) whose Romantic Friendship becomes a love affair, an affair which ends when Isabelle leaves because her family moves.


    • S.M. Stirling provides a Western version of this trope in The Draka series. In Draka boarding schools, schoolgirl crushes and romances are very common. Just as commonly, the girls grow out of it when they reach adulthood (Yolanda Ingolfssen in The Stone Dogs is a rather notable exception).
    • Lillian "Lia" Wanderley and Letitia Coramae "Tommy" Tomlin in Carolyn Wheat's short story "Cousin Cora".
    • In Carmilla-reimagining The Moth Diaries, the pupils of an exclusive girls' boarding school have relationships similar to this as practice for the real world and boys. The unnamed diarist is romantically obsessed with her best friend Lucy ... as is the 'vampire', Ernessa.
    • In Colette classic Claudine at School, various girls are interested in one another. Claudine first falls in love with the pretty teaching assistant Aimee, then switches her affections to Aimee's sister when she goes off with the Headmistress. I Am Not Making This Up. Considering this is set in France in the 1890s, no one seems to bat an eyelid at these goings on between girls. The affair between Aimee and the Headmistress is another story.
    • The Getting Of Wisdom a semi-autobiographical novel by Henry Handel Richardson (Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson) touches in this somewhat when the protagonist becomes involved with an elder schoolgirl.
    • In The Wheel of Time, teenage novices in the White Tower often become "Pillow Friends," which can range from being just close to being in full-blown lesbian relationships. These relationships usually end when the novices become Aes Sedai.
      • Though some interactions later on indicate that they do sometimes continue.
    • Maybe, just maybe, Bill and Clarissa in Enid Blyton's Malory Towers. Fandom is more definite, and not without justification.
    • Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden is about two Schoolgirl Lesbians, Annie and Liza, and is one of the first Western books to present lesbianism in a positive light. Needless to say, the Moral Guardians are on the phone.
    • Even with all the Les Yay and Romantic Two-Girl Friendship floating around in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, there's a canonical and very deep romantic love between Felicity and Pippa.

    Live Action TV

    • In Heroes, Gretchen and Claire become this.
    • Emily and Naomi from Skins. Well, College Lesbians, but plenty close enough - it's stated that they kissed at a party while they were still at their previous school. Emily claimed she was high at the time, although she later admitted to Naomi that she just wanted to kiss her. After half a dozen episodes of Emily chasing and Naomi running (including one episode where they made out when they really were both high), they finally got together, although Naomi wasn't sure about the relationship for at least a good few episodes after that (Emily definitively considers herself gay, while Naomi has absolutely no clue what she is). As of the end of series 3, they've both come out to everybody important (Emily to her family, Naomi to herself) and left the Love Ball hand in hand.
    • Sophie Webster and Sian Powers from Coronation Street also paired up near the end of their standard schooling. Sian may be bi-sexual, or Sophie-sexual as they are, thus far, too focused on each other to even acknowledge other people exist. The last few months of 2010 saw the couple, now at college but still both under 18, making their relationship public before sleeping together in the New Year's Eve episode.
    • Though not outright stated in Dollhouse, this is strongly implied in the college relationship between Caroline and Bennett, at least from Bennett's side of things. The fact that Bennett tries on clothes she would never normally wear because Caroline bought them for her, helps Caroline infiltrate Rossum because she was Bennett's "friend", and develops an intensely bitter hatred for Caroline after she abandons her only strengthens the notion.
    • Santana and Brittany in Glee. Particularly the following lines from "Sectionals":

    Santana: Sex isn't dating.
    Brittany: If it were, Santana and I would be dating.

      • Their status as this was cemented in "Duets", complete with angst.
      • Elaborated on even more so in "Sexy", which is almost completely Brittany/Santana-centric.
    • Part of the backstory of Frankie and Cat in Lip Service.
    • Emma and Jenny from the German show Hand Aufs Herz have been headed towards this for a while. A slap slap almost-kiss relationship led to an actual first kiss, then more kisses, then catastrophic misunderstandings and broken hearts. Recently, they both managed to get over it and as of episode 147 are a couple, alebeit secretly.
    • In the TV series of Pretty Little Liars, Emily and Maya and later Emily and Paige are like this. In the book series Emily was bisexual.


    • The Russian band t.A.T.u. was a rather crass attempt by producer Ivan Shapovalov to cash in on this trope. It takes a turn for the sordid when you consider that both girls were 13 years old when the band was formed. Outright Nightmare Fuel is achieved when you learn that before forming the band Shapovalov was a child psychologist.
      • In their documentary, Anatomy of t.A.T.u., Lena and Yulia revealed that they aren't actually lesbians, and that it was just a stage act. In the same month, they also broke off from Shapovalov. Apparently, they weren't too happy about being used.
    • It's heavily implied that the two main characters of the music video for Aerosmith's 1993 song "Crazy" -- played by Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler -- are this.

    Video Games

    • Natsuki... no, not that one...the one from Persona 3, whose friendship toward Fuuka occasionally took on dangerous levels of obsession, resulting in the SEES group having to keep her isolated for her own good. Of course, the 'dangerous levels of obsession' was from a Shadow giving her impulses so that she'd be a prime victim, which is why she was isolated. After that incident, the two became extremely close to the point that Natsuki moving out of town was the catalyst for Fuuka's Persona to power up.
    • We mentioned Grim Grimoire, didn't we? Amoretta and Lillet? Yup. It's canon. The hints were there from the beginning, though.
    • From Valkyria Chronicles, there's Dallas Wyatt, who grew up in a relatively man-free environment until the conscription. She has "Man Hater" and "Fancies Women" as traits and she is very obviously crushing on main character Alicia Melchiott.
    • In the Harvest Moon spinoff series Rune Factory, this happens. In Rune Factory 2, two twin girls can be courted and fake proposed to and "married". However, the priest says something about how girls can't get married.
      • This, oddly enough, was left in the English version of the game. However, it had some... unusual changes.
    • Much of the plot of Rule of Rose centers around this.
      • Much less than the reputation would incidate. There's one distinctly romantic friendship in the game, and one unrequited crush, but neither are distinctly sexual in nature; most of the characters aren't even in their teens yet, after all.
    • In Gensokyo, where almost the entire cast (read: all but one) is made up of girls that look between high-schoolers and young girls (depending on who draws them), is this way in fanon. Even if almost all of them are youkai that are much older than they look.
    • Seiko Shinohara of Corpse Party hides behind her feelings for her best friend Naomi behind a "Just Joking" Justification, since she knows that Naomi doesn't return her feelings. After Seiko's death, it can be invoked if you correctly meet the requirements for a scene in which Seiko appears in Naomi's dream, where she apologizes for their fight and explains that she wants to make up with Naomi before she leaves this world. She has just one request: a kiss. The game gives you the option (Because you're totally going to say no to Seiko's final wish) to have Naomi grant her request.
    • Misha from Katawa Shoujo.
    • In the H-game Yukkuri Panic Escalation, one ending has most of an entire girls' school becoming the harem of the game's main characters. In other endings, it's some of the main characters that fill this trope.

    Web Comics

    • In El Goonish Shive, Nanase and Ellen and apparently Catalina.
    • Cheesecake St.-Cherrywell from Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy is a particularly over-the-top parody, particularly of Chizuru from Bleach.
    • Jessica from Loserz, forming a pair with bisexual Jodie, beginning in this strip.
    • Fuuko's from Red String unrequited crush on an upperclassman sports star Maaya causes a big scandal at their school. Fortunately for her she later moves to Tokyo where she meets someone Hanae Niijima who does return her feelings.
    • Missi Fuller from Misfile dived headlong into dating Ash after being aproached by Rumi. The problem is, Ash isn't exactly a girl and is stuck in a perpetual identity crisis, so Missi got dumped almost immediately. Missi has refused to give up though, and is currently somewhere in Stalker with a Crush territory.
    • Heliothaumic has Cassandra and Lydia, who first paired up in High School as Lydia rebelled against her ancient Egyptian-themed religion, broke up later on, and have recently gotten back together.
    • YU+ME: dream is, at first, a Schoolgirl Lesbians themed story, with the slight twist that they're at a Catholic school (and it's also hinted that one of the girls' parents is homophobic). But, after the Drama Bomb of issue 9, turns out to be more than that...
    • Rachel Einhorn in Kevin and Kell. It's a bit of a surprise to her when Samus Is a Girl ends up reversed, genderwise. The fact she's lesbian is only highlighted here; no-one really cares otherwise (although the male target of her misdirected affections starts going for more masculine attire).
    • Questionable Content seems to assume many of the students of the Real Life Smith College are this.

    Web Original

    Real Life

    • According to this 2010 article from the BBC, 27 pupils were expelled from a South African all-female boarding school after "two girls who were caught kissing reportedly said that other pupils were involved in same-sex relationships".
      • Leaving one to wonder: was the the 27th cheating on her other girlfriend or part of a threesome, or did the 28th get away with it?
    • Historically, the phenomenon was somewhat common in Western female-only colleges where the students were completely sequestered from opposite-sex contact.
      • See Lesbian until graduation, or just go visit certain women's colleges, e.g. Mt. Holyoke and Smith.
      • Heck, it happens even at normal mixed sex colleges, especially ones that segregate the dorms. A fair number of women get really curious at that time, and end up at least giving it a try, but eventually settling down with a guy later.