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Thin Characters

  • Coraline
  • In the animated film Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle, Tarzoon encounters the Everything-Devouring Multitudinous Munchers who eat everything in sight. They devour three people, a tree, several hippopotamus, an alligator, an ostrich, a giraffe, and several water buffalo all in a manner of seconds.
  • In The Return of Hanuman, Maruti is a Big Eater. As a baby, he drank milk from two buffaloes. It only made him look like an elementary school student when he's only three months old. He's not done there yet. He ate all the food supplies from the village where he lives in one night. He also ate bread his friend's mother was making until all of the ingredients were finished.
  • Don Lino & his piranahas from Shark Tale.

Fat Characters

  • Kung Fu Panda: Po eats all the time, but especially when he is upset. That is what makes the climactic dumpling fight so significant; when he finally wins the dumpling and throws it back to his master, it's a welcome sign that he has grown beyond needing that kind of emotional crutch. Furthermore, his girth actually turned out to be vital in his fight with the villain Tai Lung. His fat protects his pressure points.
  • In Yellow Submarine, a denizen of the Sea of Monsters vaccuums up other monsters... it then vaccuums up the submarine...then vaccuums up the background art...then, spotting its own twitching tail, vaccuums itself into nonexistence, leaving the sub slowly spinning in a featureless white void.
  • Russel the hedgehog from Once Upon a Forest.
  • Madagascar's Gloria, apparently her favorite breakfast is six loaves of wheat toast, buttered on both sides, with no crust
  • In Beauty and The Beast, Gaston sings about how, when he was a lad, he ate four dozen eggs every morning to help him get large, and now that he's grown, he eats five dozen eggs, so he's roughly the size of a barge. Though he's more muscular than fat. He also took a bite out of a leather belt.
  • As his name implies, Fatso from Casper, although Stretch and Stinky love to eat too.

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