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For many years, Dracula has fight against the Belmont family, and their series has provided the Internet with a handful of memes.

  1. From the infamous opening. While the whole dialogue can be considered memetic, this is the most quoted line.
  2. This track plays when the someone tries to play the disc in a regular CD player and the part about computer data refers to the fact that older CD players, not knowing how to handle data on a CD that isn't Red Book audio, would screw up when trying to play data for a computer or game console. (It's supposed to be Alucard delivering the message.)
  3. Simon's Quest has a number of villagers who, through either design intent or mistranslation, often have incredibly useless information. This is a key example, and yes; the dialogue really is referring to the bird.
  4. The text whenever the sun sets. Very slow.
  5. Another example.
  6. It portrays Maria as a breast-obsessed Pettanko. This is her response to Sypha (who would become a Sweet Polly Oliver) bemoaning her own femininity.
  7. The main characters of Portrait of Ruin call each other's name when tagged. This can be spammed rapidly, and speedrunners frequently do so to speed up their attack rate.
  8. Leon's Narmful response to Walter's declaration that he is "beloved by the night".
  9. In tool-assisted speedruns of Julius mode, this is how Julius' fastest movement style sounds like.