Category:Trope list needs context

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Many if not all of the tropes listed in these Work and Creator pages' trope lists need context. Tropes Are Not Legos - a list of tropes is not a description of a work or a person.

All The Tropes is not a place to simply make lists; please provide a reason why each trope is listed on this page that can be understood by someone who has never read or watched the work in question, or met the person being discussed. "See episode seven" isn't good enough. See ATT:ZCE for advice on how to do this.

This tag is not for pages that have one or two tropes that need context - that's what Category:Pages with Examples Needing Context is for. This category is for the egregious cases, where at least half of the tropes on the trope list need context.

In order to add a page to this list, add {{trope list needs context}} to the page, immediately below the Work tag.