Christmas Is Here Again

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Christmas is Here Again is a direct to video animated Christmas Special produced in 2007 by Renegade Animation. The story begins one night when Santa Claus' sack is stolen by an evil being named Krad, forcing Santa to cancel Christmas. Thirty years pass by with no visits from Santa.

Then one day an orphan named Sophianna finds one of Santa's elves trapped in ice. After being freed from the ice, the elf, named Paul Rocco, is shocked to learn that nobody knows what Christmas is. Together they set off to find Santa's sack and retrive it so that the world can know Christmas again.

The major characters are:

  • Sophianna: An orphan girl forced to walk with a cane. She's a kind, loving girl, despite never experiencing Christmas. After running away from her orphanage, she discovers Paul Rocco and decides to help him find Santa's sack so the world can know Christmas again.
  • Mr. Caterpillar: A caterpillar whom Sophianna finds in a tree. He accompanies her on her journey and plays the role of The Voiceless.
  • Ms. Dowdy: The woman who runs the orphanage where Sophianna lives. She isn't a villain; she's just a perpetual pessimist.
  • Paul Rocco: One of Santa's elves. When the sack is discovered missing, he goes out to find it, but is frozen in ice for 30 years. Sophianna finds him and the two set out to find Santa's sack and bring it back.
  • Santa: After being out of work for 30 years, Santa has really let himself go and has all but given up hope.
  • Mrs. Claus: She still holds out hope and encourages her husband to cheer up.
  • Dart: A young reindeer who dreams of being on Santa's team one day, despite the fact that he's never flown. He goes along with Sophianna and Paul Rocco to help them out.
  • Charlee: A fox who lives on the mountain. Charlee is a perpetual schemer, but ends up helping Sophianna anyway.
  • Buster: A polar bear who's friends with Charlee. He seems to have an incredibly short attention span.
  • Krad: An evil being who stole Santa's sack after Santa stopped handing out Krad's coal to bad children.
  • The Selves: Krad's minions who are forever forced to mine coal for him.

Tropes used in Christmas Is Here Again include:
  • Bag of Holding: Santa's sack
  • The Bible: One of the few animated specials that try to tie Santa Claus back to Christ. Specifically, Santa's sack is able to hold so much because it's made from baby Jesus' swaddling clothes.
  • Convection, Schmonvection: Sophianna and the others ride down a river of lava with no ill effects and Krad's castle is in the middle of a lava lake.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Buster
  • Crapsack World: Basically, an entire generation of kids grew up without Christmas or Santa Claus.
  • Disabled Means Helpless: Averted; Sophianna's handicap is portrayed fairly accurately. Her leg was injured in a car crash, forcing her to walk with a cane. And the special portrays Sophianna as having very good upper body strength, which is common among people with weakened legs.
  • For the Evulz: Krad's main motivation for what he does.
  • Hair of Gold: Sophianna
  • Informed Ability: Sophianna spends all her free time reading cookbooks and is actually pretty good at cooking.
  • Jerkass: Krad lives this.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Hoo boy, Charlee. He only helps Sophianna after she gives him her gold locket. He was planning to ditch her, which was ruined by Buster. He then tempts Sophianna with wealth after finding jewels. He steals some of the jewels which leads to the group being trapped on a river of lava. And finally he pretends to sell Sophianna out to Krad so he can get close to the sack.
  • Kids Are Cruel: Bullies who are perfectly aware of Sophianna's condition pelt her with snowballs until she falls from a tree and steal her walking stick.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: "Krad" is "Dark" spelled backwards.