Colin Quinn: Long Story Short

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Former Saturday Night Live writer and stand-up comedian Colin Quinn decides to tackle world history and he's doing it in 75 minutes. Directed by Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn Long Story Short is a one-man show that runs in Broadway for a few months before it was finally shown on television as an HBO program. The show can basically be described as History The Abridged Series hence the title Long Story Short. Or Axis Powers Hetalia as told by an American and with the good dose of Black Comedy.

The story starts at long before the Ancient Greeks. Colin Quinn satirically evaluates various civilizations from the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, Britain, India, Africa, China, and finally America.

Tropes used in Colin Quinn: Long Story Short include:

"I'm violent because I'm afraid, so I tried to cover it up. I'm shoving you to the ground because I'm trying to reach out to you and I have a bad depth perception. Don't judge me by what I do, judge me by what I'm telling you what I am."