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Deeper is a three-issue pornographic series written and illustrated by Mazjojo from the now defunct Black Monkey group, published around 2013 to 2015.

The story of the first two issues is about boyfriends Daisure Moriyama and Yoshiro Aoyama, two swimmers with a very active sexual life, but who will be separated as Daisuke will leave to study abroad. The third issue is about Yuuji Aoyama, younger brother of Yoshiro who has a crush on Daisuke, but ends up having a relationship with Coach Tetsuo Kanada.

In 2023, Mazjojo Productions announced a visual novel adaptation following their success with Full Service. It stars a new character, Junya Tadano, who has an opportunity to end in a relationship with any of the established characters.

Tropes used in Deeper include:
  • Arc Words: In issue 2, Dream. The central conflict of the story is how Daisuke doesn’t want to be away from Yoshiro, but Yoshiro keep pushing him to follow his dream. By the end, Daisuke agrees to leave Yoshiro, since to Yoshiro, Daisuke’s dream is his dream too.

Daisuke: "Swimming is my dream...but Yoshiro, is also my dream... how can I move forward without both of them...?"

  • Bara Genre: Written by a gay man, the series involve very muscular and attractive hunks having sexual relationships.
  • Bittersweet Ending: After sleeping together, Daisuke leaves to the airport not before promising Yoshiro that they will meet each other again. When he reads the note, Yoshiro can’t help but cry, since he realizes that he wasn’t ready to let his boyfriend go.
  • Cast Full of Gay: All four male characters are homosexual.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Both coach Tetsuo and Yoshiro’s brother Yuuji appear in a flashback of issue 2, and are named in Daisuke’s note in the epilogue. Both characters would be the protagonists of the next issue.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: In issue 3, the story starts in-media res with Yuuji masturbating inside the Swimming Pool’s bathroom. We later see that, during practice, he was having sexual fantasies with Daisuke, but the coach saw his boner, leading Yuuji to run to the bathroom. The coach later finds him, and then assaults him.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In issue 1, the coach’s design isn’t finalized, nor is he identified by name.
  • Flashback: The story starts with a flashback showing how Daisuke and Yoshiro ended up as boyfriends, with Daisuke telling Yoshiro he likes him, and Yoshiro confusing it for a Love Confession.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Both Yuuji and Tetsuo are characterized as jealous individuals. Yuuji is jealous of his brother for having Daisuke all for himself, but Tetsuo is jealous of Daisuke for Yuuji not paying any attention to him.
  • Hollywood Sex: Issue 1, Daisuke opens up to Yoshiro to have anal sex for the first time, since before that, it has only been blowjobs. They don’t use lubricants, nor Daisuke feels any sort of pain, only pleasure. Issue 2 and 3 have the characters experiencing pain, but nothing dangerous.
  • Hunk: Daisuke, Yoshiro and coach Tetsuo are very attractive and muscular characters, with the work combining seme and uke dynamics with hunk characters.
  • Irony: Yuuji has sexual fantasies of Daisuke fucking him. Not only is Daisuke Yoshiro’s boyfriend, he is a passive, preferring to receive than give.
  • "It's Not Rape If You Enjoyed It": Despite blatantly raping him, coach Tetsuo doesn’t end in any problems because Yuuji returned the affections, even If the latter was using the coach to have his fantasies with Daisuke.
  • Love Confession: Played with. Daisuke didn’t try to confess his love to Yoshiro, instead merely telling him how much he liked him due to helping him become a better swimmer. Yoshiro, flattered, tells him if he does like him, they should be boyfriends – thus starting their relationship.
  • Memento MacGuffin: Issue 1. After their sexual encounter, Yoshiro gives Daisuke a necklace to symbolize they’ll never be apart.
  • Minimalist Cast: There are only four characters in the setting. In issue 1, we only see Daisuke and Yoshiro; by issue 2, we see Yuuji and coach Tetsuo.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Issue 1. Despite Daisuke’s worries of being seen by a guard, Yoshiro constantly sucks him in the swimming pool. However, feeling that he may never see Yoshiro again, Daisuke tells him he wants him, thus Yoshiro has intercourse with him.
    • Issue 3. Tetsuo immediately regrets assaulting Yuuji after finishing. However, he is surprised when Yuuji returns his affections, unaware that Yuuji is merely using him for his sexual fantasy.
  • One-Word Title: The series is only known as Deeper, and its chapters are known by a word related to the story of the issue.
  • Seme: Yoshiro and Tetsuo are characterized as the actives in their relationship, while Daisuke and Yuuji are passives. However, this is played with and discussed in issue 2.
  • Shotacon: Yuuji is the youngest member of the cast, and he ends up assaulted and in a relationship with coach Tetsuo, the oldest member of the cast.
  • Sequel Hook: The extra story of issue 1 ends with Daisuke asking Yoshiro to sleep at his home, which leads to the next issue.
  • STD Immunity: All four characters engage in rough, fantastical sexual encounters that don’t involve the usage of lubricants or condoms.
  • Title Drop: The title, that serves as a theme, of every issue is spelled throughout the story. This includes "deeper".
    • Issue 1. The title of the issue is spelled out loud after Daisuke realizes he wants to please his boyfriend with anal sex for the first time, since they may never see each other in a long time.

Daisuke: "“I'll be transferring soon... We’re running out of time together…and this is probably the last time I could do this with him. I've decided! I want my relationship with go deeper!”"

  • Issue 2. The title of the issue, dream, is used in Yoshiro’s comforting words to Daisuke that they’ll always be together even if they are apart.

Daisuke: "“But at the same time, I also feel unlucky...that I have to separate with him just to follow my dreams.""

  • Issue 3. Imagination is the main theme of the issue, as Yuuji constantly fantasizes about having a relationship with Daisuke –and this extends to when he returns Tetsuo’s affections, despite how wrong it is.

Yuuji: "“Do I like coach Tetsuo the same way he likes me...? Did I really want to do it with him or was I just using him to fulfill my imagination for Daisuke?”

  • Uke:
    • Played straight with Daisuke and Yuujiro, who are both passives. Even before being assaulted, Yuujiro dreamed of Daisuke fucking him.
    • Discussed and played with in issue 2. Daisuke, wanting to pleasure Yoshiro one last time, takes the initiative and attempts to pleasure his boyfriend as a top – only for Yoshiro to be very uncomfortable, saying that ever since their first sexual experience, Yoshiro was meant to be the top. Daisuke just thinks he is afraid of being a bottom, which pushes Yoshiro to prove he isn’t. By the end, he still finds it very uncomfortable and Daisuke admits he prefers to be the bottom.
  • Victim Falls For Rapist: Zigzagged. Coach Tetsuo finds Yuuji masturbating in the bathroom. In a moment of passion, he immediately assaults him while confessing his “love” for him. After finishing the act, he realizes he screwed up and apologizes. The subversion, however, comes is that Yuuji returns the affections as they have sex again not because he fell in love for the coach, but because he is using the coach as a substitute for Daisuke. However, Yuuji’s internal thoughts state he feels bad about the whole thing, and despite the coach giving him the love he wished Daisuke gave him, he still wishes he was with Daisuke. Issue 2 suggest they are in a relationship, but Yuuji looks uncomfortable about it.

Yuuji: "“All this time, I've been looking so faraway, when someone who will treat me special, has always been by my side. I wish it was you, Daisuke - san...”

  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Except for issue 2, the characters wear nothing but a swimming suit due to the story taking place around the swimming pool.