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  • Guilmon gets a whole bunch roaming around Takato's school in the second episode.

Principal: Good morning, cardboard box! * double take* ...Student, shouldn't you be in class?
Guilmon: I'm in a box.

Calumon: Calumon, zoom zoom, here a zoom, there a zoom! Calumon, zoom zoom, NO UNDERWEAR, ZOOM!

  • The episode "Not as seen on Tv" (dub), episode 9, features Takato's attempts to De Digivolve Growlmon; he tries everything, from swiping a card backwards, exercice, praying, and just plain hiding him until he reverts. Did I mention that Takato and Growlmon (a big dinossaur/firebreathing dragon) try most of this together?
  • Also, the A Day in the Limelight episode "Juri's Partner? My Leomon-sama!" in which Juri wandered around the city being pursued by Culumon, chasing after the aforementioned Leomon, declaring (in the dub, at the very least) that it was their destiny to be Tamer and Partner, making googly eyes at Leomon and other such nonsense. Best moments: when confronted by said googly eyes, Leomon's reaction—flinching away with the words "Ahh, don't look at me like that!"; also, watching The Stoic, Badass, Mega Neko actually running around through the park to escape a little girl, and hiding behind a tree!
    • The reaction of the Trio is also great. "Okay..." "Tamers aren't supposed to do that!"
    • A sad episode with many funny moments; One of them is when Leomon and Takato meet:

Original - Leomon: Listen ...
Takato: *quick monotone* I am listening.
Dub - Leomon: Wait a second ...
Takato: *energetic* Sir Yes Sir!

    • Meanwhile, Guilmon catches Calumon/Culumon. Then, To defend him, he throws (without looking) Calumon/Culumon somewhere behind him!
    • Early on in the episode, Jeri is talking to Kazu and Kenta about Digimon. She says "I'm not into Digimon. I don't even collect the cards." Cue an enormous stack of cards falling from her person, which she hastily tries to pick up, looking quite embarrassed.
  • I dunno why, but this line gets me every time:

Yamaki: Those bagels were day-old?

  • The owl from the Sinduramon episode, shouting about "THE DEVA! The deeeeeeva who drinks from the light of man and will become a right big chi-cken!". Henry's memories really emphasize the first two words.
    • Takato and Henry's deadpan reactions to it make it even funnier. After all the stuff they've been through recently, they're seriously not at all surprised to be speaking to a talking, glowing eyed owl!
  • When the Tamers first encounter the D-reaper's agents. They decide to run away, but Guilmon was having a staring contest with them. He was winning too.
  • In the Japanese version of Episode 37, Xiaochun feels Lopmon in pain, climbs up a pillar, and her Digivice somehow takes her away to Zhaquiomon's palace. Throughout all this, Guardromon is watching her—and says absolutely nothing. It makes the following exchange hilarious:

Hirokazu: I told you to keep a close watch on her!
Guardromon: I kept a "close watch."

Hirokazu: That's not what I meant!

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