Double Happiness

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Double Happiness is a comic book (later published on the Web) by Jason Shiga.

Upon coming to San Francisco, Tom meets up with his cousin, Jackson, who offers to let Tom stay at his place in Chinatown. Tom's initial excitement turns to frustration when he realizes that he doesn't fit in with his Chinese-American relatives any better than he did with the whites back in Boston. In response, Parker and his friends take it upon themselves to teach Tom the language and the finer points of Chinatown culture.

Life is looking pretty good... and then everything comes crashing down, hard. Tom ends up with a crowbar in his hand and a choice to make.

The complete story can be read here.[1]

Not to be confused with the Chinese drama series produced in Singapore or the 1994 Sandra Oh movie that share the same name.

Tropes used in Double Happiness include:
  1. Note: Attempting to navigate to this comic from Jason Shiga's website won't work, because the internal link is misspelled.