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Fridge Brilliance

  • When Zarbon's about to transform, he makes a point of saying that his transformed self is completely different in every way from his normal self. The second he transforms, he says, "IMMA RAPE YA, BITCH!" Vegeta, thinking Zarbon is gay at this point, says he's exactly the same just less subtle. Except he's not gay, as we find out later on. Ergo, his transformed self, in being "completely different," is. - User:Mr Death
  • In Christmas Tree of Might, Krillin did get another Christmas present: Not being the Butt Monkey (for once). Unfortunately, it was during a non-canon special, so he didn't get to keep it.
  • When the group reaches Planet Namek, Bulma hopes that she'll meet a new boyfriend on the planet (not considering Yamcha a real man). She does, unknowingly in the form of Vegeta (even though she was, at first, infatuated with Zarbon, until he transforms.)
  • In the Bardock special, Nappa distracts young Vegeta from the news that his planet and people have been wiped out by taking him to Dairy Queen. At first, this seems to be typical Nappa idiocy and Vegeta just going along with it to shut him up. But, Nappa has a degree in Child Psychology (with a Minor in Pain)- he knew exactly what he was doing to distract Vegeta, and it worked.
  • Guru's "Kill it like the rest" comment. Makes one wonder if the Albino (White) Namekians are similar to a certain Martian race.
    • Or actual Dragonball villains like Pilaf and Garlic Jr. who resemble pale namekians.
  • In episode 18, a babbling Vegeta annoys Guru who then tells Nail to slap him; Nail slaps Krillin instead of Vegeta. While this may be just one of the many showings of Krillin's butt monkey status, it can also be noted that Vegeta and Krillin are voiced by the same person and thus, technically, he really did slap Vegeta.
  • Vegeta's insult to Bulma in Episode 19 about her hair looking stupid is a probably a joke regarding Bulma's hairstyles changing on a regular basis in a show where nearly everyone's look stays exactly the same.
    • Albeit, that's not entirely true. Most of the characters' hairstyles change somewhat from one story arc to another. Bulma's just the most noticeable because her character design will frequently shift within the arc. Excluding the bald/hairless characters, Goku and Vegeta are the only two whose hair doesn't change at all over the course of the series, and there's a biological reason for that. (And if you count GT, then it's just Goku.)
  • At the end of episode 7, Nappa names one of the saibamen "Vegeta Jr.", and Vegeta quickly disposes of it. Remember what started playing as his theme music in episode 20?
  • In episode 23, Vegeta's line, "I don't know what this Yamcha is, but it sounds just like Raditz" is a double joke, the first is obvious, the second being that Yamcha and Raditz after the recasting is voiced by the same person.
    • It's actually a triple joke, in addition to that, it's also a callback to Guru's line: "I do not know what this, "Yamcha" is, but it sounds disappointing."
      • No wait, quadruple joke. Yamcha was killed by a saibaman, which had a power equal to Raditz.
      • And possibly yet another layer: Vegeta did meet Yamcha on Earth. And Yamcha was so pathetic that Vegeta didn't even bother remembering him.
  • In episode 24, when Vegeta's shout from Freeza's ship and Piccolo responds from somewhere else on the planet entirely with "Ow, my ear!", it isn't just pointing out that Vegeta is RIDICULOUSLY LOUD, but it semi-makes sense in-unverse because, as the Lord Slug movie demonstrated, Namekians have hypersensitive hearing!
    • Not just Lord Slug, but the main series canon too; when Trunks first comes back in time, Piccolo overhears the conversation he has with Goku despite being across a huge distance from them.
    • Yeah...it's obvious that Teamfourstar has been writing in Piccolo's ability to hear long distances, hence why he has to yell to be heard, while everyone is talking at room level and he hears them just fine. Started all the way back with "CLIMB DOWN!"
      • Shouting "CLIMB DOWN!" is justified, in that human hearing isn't as good as his'. As for the rest, maybe he likes the sound of his own voice (backed up by his big ego and desire for attention).
        • I didn't mean the shouting, I meant how Gohan is talking to himself, and Piccolo can hear him from however far away he is.
  • Another one in episode 24 is also a Call Forward- King Kai is so sick of Piccolo & Co. that he demands they be wished back before he kills himself. When Krillian asks if gods can do that, King Kai says he's about to try. Remember what happens in the Cell Saga? Goku teleports Cell, who self-destructs and kills everyone on King Kai's planet.
  • The abridged parody of their first season of abridging had a nice looking short sequence at the end, in the same style as the Inception title sequence. It wasn't just for show, this is an abridged version of an abridged series. WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER.
    • To add onto the fun, Dragon Ball Z Kai is essentially DBZ without the filler episodes. AKA: It was abridged.
  • Goku's explanation of the muffin button for how he got mind-reading powers is a better explanation than the anime, where he just says it must come from training at 100x normal gravity.
    • He's already shown to have communicated telepathically with Gohan while fighting Vegeta back on Earth, which is before his trip to Real Namek. So maybe muffins in general grant you telephatic powers.
      • In canon, Roshi, Karin, Kami-sama and Kaiou-sama all have telepathy, Kuririn and Gohan both displayed telepathy on the trip to Namek, and Goku's ultimate move involves telepathically asking the entire planet/solar system for their ki. This was probably the first time he tried to use it for something other than basic communication, but it was still a tactile version of something that Roshi did from a distance about a decade earlier so its not really unusual that he can do it as well.
  • Piccolo mentions to Nail in episode 25 that he switched to Spacebook. What was he using before? mySPACE!
  • In a big sense of irony, Vegeta gave Nappa immortality with the Ghost Nappa persona.
  • It's unknown if TFS will use this in future episodes, but when Freeza impaled Krillin, he kept jabbing him with his horn, to the point where he got two 1Ups. A funny joke until you realize that after this part of the original series, Freeza is thought to have died twice. The first time when Goku's Spirit Bomb hit him and the second after Namek blew up.
  • To answer Vegeta's unanswered question about Freeza's flashback in Episode 25: The same way Freeza knew about the Namekian Dragonballs. If Nappa was talking with his transmitter on for a whole year, it's reasonable to think he might have blabbed about that at some point.
  • Guldo's Word of Gay on Burter. What did he say in episode 21?

Burter: Well, you've got very nice hair, you're a beautiful shade of red and honestly, you're the only one on this team I can rely on.

  • Goku seems to start off being a very Skilled but Naive Cloud Cuckoo Lander with just a very small dose of Idiot Hero, even going so far as to trying to be nice to Vegeta, who was the Big Bad at the time. In Season 2, he took a high level in dumbass. Why? Because he was brain damaged.
  • Right before Kami's death, he told Mr. Popo to get the dragonballs from planet Namek. Popo responded with "Bitch, I ain't going nowhere" making him seem like a Complete Monster. What does he do in episode 11? He tells Goku & friends about the dragonballs on Namek. Looks like he really does enjoy his company.
    • Plus when he returned, Kami and Popo bond over the pot Popo grows.
      • That's probably the only reason why he doesn't leave. He's far too busy getting high.
  • When Vegeta said that his scouter was upside down it was still on his left eye, something that would be impossible if it was still attached to his ear when he said that Goku's power level was 1006. This means that there's probably a righty-flip option so that people who wear scouters on their right ear can still see everything normally. This leads me to believe that he accidentally activated said righty-flip.
  • Piccolo's CMOA in Episode 25 was also a moment of Fridge Brilliance. Freeza tells Piccolo to stop him if he's heard the joke before. He stops him because he has, as Nail is in his body.
  • In Episode 7, Krillin/Kuririn takes offense at being called a Namekian. Later on, Guru reveals that Krillin/Kuririn looks just like an albino Namekian.
  • Again, in Episode 7, Nappa blows up a cargo robot And the cargo was people! in order to protect his image. Why? Well, as it turns out, he has a modelling career!
  • In DBZ Kai Abridged, Lanipator plays the role of Raditz from first appearance until Raditz’s death; rather than until Vegeta3986 takes the microphone to correct an attack name. But this makes perfect sense considering they skip over the part Vegeta3986 would have interjected at.
  • In Episode 27, Freeza states he'll make an asshole disappear. He kills Vegeta, but never destroys the body. He does however eat the space crab, Orpheus, that would've revealed how to beat him. Given the number of heroic speeches he's heard, he's likely come across people like Orpheus several times prior and saw it coming.
  • Episode 28 shows that Goku entrusts Piccolo with talking to Gohan about what he's been through since he arrived on Namek. It's not that he's lost interest in Gohan, he's just handed the parenting responsibilities over to Piccolo.
  • How did Goku know what song Piccolo was singing in his head in Episode 2 in Episode 29? Muffin Button.
  • Almost everyone who first hears about the dragon balls says "a dragon's what?" Preluded in the first issue of Dragonball, where Bulma introduces them to Goku and he says "Y'mean... some poor dragon...?"

Fridge Horror

  • For an example of Fridge Horror, Dodoria is the most beautiful and fertile woman on her planet. Then....what do the other people on her planet look like? -Daionus The 23 rd
    • Maybe her planet's opinions on beauty are the reverse of ours. What they would consider eye-meltingly hideous would be drop dead gorgeous by our standards.
      • But that was BEFORE Freeza destroyed it
  • The events of Dragon Ball appear to be canonical in DBZ abridged. If that's true, Goku would have spent three years training at Kami's lookout. That's three years with Mr. Popo. Is it any wonder that Goku reacted with panic upon seeing Popo in episode 11? -SFH
    • It actually shows in the episode Goku reacting because of that.
  • A more subtle example: Think about WHY Trunks was able to identify Vegeta's rage-filled scream as his father's. Think carefully. Give up? Assuming the androids were still responsible for the deaths of the majority of Earth's defenders, as in canon, Trunks MAY have been born in time to hear Vegeta scream in agony as he was killed.
    • Technically, in the original History of Trunks canon, he was born BEFORE the Androids started their attack. Heck, he was born roughly around the time Goku died of heart disease. So its fairly possible he was still a baby when hearing his father get killed by them.
      • Frankly, he's living in the most technologically advanced area on the planet other than maybe Gero's lab. I'd be surprised if Bulma didn't have some sort of recording of Vegeta to show her kid. Well, assuming it's something that she'd want to show her son.
        • Or maybe Trunks saw/heard it himself via Space Hulu. He could've been watching the Ginyu Force on GalacTV. Tokusentai, tokusentai!
  • In episode 24, Krillin dresses up in the Freeza soldier armor and notices how he looks like Nappa. He then goes:

Krillin: Hey Vegeta, what was that one guy's name? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?
Vegeta: Goddammit, Nappa.
Krillin: All right, good old Goddammit Nappa.

    • Please note that Krillin's dialogue was the same as Nappa's right before Vegeta kills him. You can see the cogs turning in his head of wanting to kill Krillin.
    • Furthermore, it's likely that Vegeta wasn't even answering Krillin or seeing Krillin. Rather he was just responding as if he was looking at and talking to Nappa and wanting to kill him again.
  • Gohan's anger at his father for "Abandonment". Remember what happens towards the end of the Cell Games Saga? Goku forces Gohan to fight Cell, who nearly kills him and the rest of the group, leading to the sacrifice of Android 16. how is Gohan going to react to that?
  • Lord Slug is one half from a Namekian, the other Namekian half was Guru, who calls himself Lord Slug's evil half. What was the original Namekian like?
    • Even worse, what if Guru got the idea to wish himself young and strong?
      • Well, he thought dying in the middle of wishing on the Namekian Dragon Balls was a bigger dick move, so that's that problem taken care of.

Fridge Logic

  • Freeza asks where Gohan and Krillin are from and Little Gre-, I mean Dende, tells they're from Earth. Freeza didn't seem to know that yet. But an episode earlier, Nail said to Freeza that "The Earthlings have the password." Apart from the fact that it's weird he knows where a planet with no real interstellar contact is by name, he couldn't guess Earthlings came from Earth?
    • Nappa had been talking on his communicator for over a year so at some point he would have spoken about Earth when he and Vegeta were going there so he could have knowledge (then again this is all coming from Nappa) of Earth. Other explanations: he wanted to mess around with them (which reveals the weak link of Dende) or he was so angry at the time he had forgotten that important piece of information. Former makes more sense.
  • Wouldn't Gohan be super powerful in his fight against Nappa and Vegeta? Think about what his training was. He got the crap kicked out of him on a daily basis. As everyone knows, Saiyans become immensely more powerful everytime they almost die. So wouldn't Gohan be much stronger than he actually was if he was nearly killed that many times over and over?
    • In canon, the power-ups are kinda extremely random (see Goku nearly dying repeatedly only bringing him up to Ginyu's levels, then doing it one more time made him equal to a playing-around form four Freeza, or Vegeta going from Zarbon+ to stronger than Form 3 Freeza in one jump). In DBZA, well the power-ups only happen from recovering from near death experiences and Piccolo doesn't have any healing abilities or artifacts, so he'd have to smack Gohan around enough to hurt without endangering his life.
    • Also, just because he was beaten doesn't mean he was ever 'near death'. Even after being thrown face first into a mountain, he still managed to cry rather loudly and next scene was only lightly injured.
    • To quote Vegeta, Power Levels are bullshit
  • Okay, so in one part of episode 10, we see Nappa use a Pokeball on Chioutzu. Why then, did he not use one several episodes earlier on Arlia to capture the Rancor?
    • The Rancor's not a Pokemon.
  • Why is it that when Goku is told by Lord Slug that it isn't Christmas, he loses his fury and False Super Saiyan transformation? Sure it's not Christmas right now, but Christmas would still die if Slug wins. Because there wouldn't be much of a Christmas to celebrate if everyone is dead.
  • So we can all agree that the Jock Strap Incident involved a lot of people dying and being buried in dug up holes. Freeza implies that he needs to dig holes for all the deceased (Zarbon, Dodoria, The Ginyu Force). What doesn't make sense is why he needs to dig up holes if almost everyone exploded (Burter's neck was cracked and Frog!Ginyu was squashed under Vegeta's foot)
    • Before claiming that the deaths of Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginyu Force were like the Jockstrap incident, Freeza states: "This has been one giant mess." It could be that the events were similar due to being such giant messes, rather than due to people dying.
      • Yes, but Freeza even asked Vegeta if he's any good at digging holes (besides the one he's in fighting him of course).
      • All Freeza knows is that they died, not the COD for each of them. When his guys killed someone there was a body.
      • I always assumed the hole(s) were to bury the eponymous jockstrap....