Get Your War On

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An incomprehensibly bitter, angry, profane, surreal and hilarious political Web Comic by David Rees, composed entirely of clip-art and with the general emphasis being on the bubble text, which tends to come out as something like an Author Filibuster. The comic covered events from shortly after 9/11 to just after the end of the Bush presidency, generally reflecting Rees' appalled and incensed reaction to much of the doings of the United States in this period, with the characters (such as they are - nobody is ever named) frequently expressing incredulity and generally acting as if they are trapped in their own personal hell. To say the series wore its bias on its sleeve would be a significant understatement.

Rees has recently started a Sequel Series called Get Your Censor On, whose target is corporate attempts to censor and/or control the internet.

Tropes used in Get Your War On include: