Hometown Hero

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People prefer to hear about someone from their group having success and being a Hero.

Townspeople prefer stories about how a local boy made good. City folk what to hear about how great a person from their city is, not someone from the other city with the rival football team.

Nations prefer to have Heroes from their country rather then other nations, even when the scene is set in another country.. This results in Japanese media having Japanese Heroes, French Movies have French Heroes, and Russian shows have a Russian leading the Five-Man Band.

Same goes for Americans tending to be the Hero in American shows... unless it's a Brit: Englishman, Scotsman, or Irishman. For some reason Americans seem to love British heroes. (It is the accent. Everybody loves a good British accent.)

Whatever the country though, expect media produced there to be about Heroes from there. This is Older Than Dirt, as can be seen in Egyptian and Mesopotamian myths and legends. Often a consequence of Creator Provincialism.

In case of a Multinational Team expect the leader to be from the country that produced the show.

It is so common, (and commonly averted), that we ask that neither aversions or straight examples be listed. Only list inversions. If it's even logically possible to subvert this, list those too. For in story cases, look here.

Examples of Hometown Hero include:

Inverted Examples:

  • Inverted in Code Geass in which the main character Lelouch is Britannian (specifically a member of the royal family, essentially a lineage of white people from the British Isles; it's a long story...) and the Japanese resistance rely on him.
  • Nikolai Dante is British, but most of the characters are Russian. While there are Britannian soldiers in the Russian army, the only one among the Rudhinshtein Irregulars is a foppish coward.

Subverted Examples:

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