Kamen Rider Decade/Awesome

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  • The Rider War. Nearly every rider of the last ten years, all their mecha and bikes and special moves in one climactic Final Battle. And this is THE VERY FIRST SCENE.
  • Later on in Hibiki's World, when Decade, Diend, the original Ibuki and Zanki, and their successors team up in a united performance to defeat a giant monster. Might qualify as Crowning Music of Awesome as well, not to mention a stellar example of The Power of Rock.
  • Black and Black RX transforming side-by-side and doing their In the Name of the Moon speeches as Crowning Music of Awesome plays. For those of you not familiar with Kamen Rider, Black RX is Black, just a few years older and with new powers.
    • Also, Black and Black RX's DOUBLE KICK in episode 27. Good god that was a manly way to end the fight with Apollo Geist.
  • The Movie, three words: All Rider Kick.
    • All the Riders performing a Rider Kick on Shadow Moon at the same time.
    • Also from the movie: Diend summons Kamen Rider J. Then he turns Decade into a giant Decadriver, which mounts on J's waist, turning him into a titanic Decade Complete Form. The other Riders leap into the air, turning into KamenRide cards of themselves. Jumbo Decade leaps through them, performing a Rider Kick as large as J's own giant kick, but with more explosive power.
    • Let's just say that from the second you hear the VROOM!! of the bikes of Riders 1, 2 and V3 in their and almost all other main Riders' Big Damn Heroes moment, everything just becomes a crowning fight scene of awesome.
    • The entire last twenty minutes of All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, starting from the "VROOOOM!" and only getting awesomer from there.
  • Yusuke's transformation into Ultimate Kuuga from Episode 2 and the subsequent fistfight he has with Decade. The Supreme Warrior vs. The Destroyer of Worlds, it gave me goosebumps.
  • In the Hyper Battle Video, despite it being much wackier than the series, Decade Compelete summons all 9 other heisei riders in their super mode. They all use finishing moves on the monster along with Diend. (Half of them use a rider kick while the other half use ranged attacks.)
  • Doras's Rasputinian Death from a well-coordinated case of teamwork in The Last Story.
    • Teamwork of 12 Kamen Riders, 10 of whom were in their Super Mode, you mean.
  • How about the fact that this is the first Kamen Rider series to actually team up with Super Sentai - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.