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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: The designs for Decade's armor was not particularly well received by the fandom. Then the Rider war sequence from episode 1 was shown...
  • Non Sequitur Scene: Double's appearance in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker; he simply rides in, hands Shadow Moon his ass on a platter (after SM beat Decade AND Rising Ultimate Kuuga at the same time), sends him flying into the Dai-Shocker HQ, then rides off. However, the aftermath of the BLAM gives all Riders an extremely wide opening to perform the All Rider Kick.
    • It does later get a nod, however, in Movie Wars.
    • The Kabuto World story ends with Kivaara facing off with a Worm mimicking Kivaara, for no reason other than to have a Worm mimicking Kivaara. It gets weirder if you're familiar with the concept from the original series.[1]
    • The first sign of Diend's powers shows up during a fight in Blade's world, where suddenly out of nowhere Todoroki appears. He plays his guitar solo, strikes his guitar into the ground attacking everyone, then disappears.
  • Broken Base: On one side, people who like Decade enjoy it because they feel it's a celebration of what makes Kamen Rider great while having an interesting Myth Arc story. On the other side, people who dislike it feel that the overuse of Suspiciously Similar Substitutes ruins what could have been a great Reunion Show and that every returning character was weakened to make Decade look stronger. However, both sides generally agree that the show should have had more than two episodes per plot arc.
  • Cargo Ship: thanks to what happened to him in Diend world, Yusuke/Kivaala.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Episode 19. Enough said.
  • The CSI Effect: There is no blood on that fork!
  • Epileptic Trees: Not only is the typical life expectancy of female Riders subverted, but two female Riders (Akira in Hibiki and L'Arc in Blade) are brought back just to have them retconned with a much better fate. Unfortunately though in the Rider War...
    • And then the Final Chapter movie has Natsumi becoming Kamen Rider Kivara and they even give the original quasi-female Rider sidekick Tackle a decent sized sub plot as way of homage.
    • Though, Natsumi prior to being Kivara was Den-o for one episode, and was killed off a couple of episodes later. She gets better.
  • Fan Nickname: Diend, also known as Radiator Man due to the grill setup of his helmet and chest armor; alternately, "PS2head" or "PS2face", since the front of his helmet is both styled like and in the colors of a Playstation 2. Decade is often referred to as Watermelon due to his coloring.
    • And as mentioned below, Decade is Mega Man and Diend is a Pokémon Trainer.
    • The Taurus Ballista Lord being named the "Chicago Bulls Mascot."
    • Yusuke is "Yuseless," due to his lack of doing anything. If fans are feeling more charitable, they call him Newsuke.
    • The Decadriver and both Decade's and Diend's K-Touches have been referred to as PSPs.
  • Game Breaker: Decade and Diend's Complete Forms.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: in All Riders, Decade's Final Kamen Attack Ride has the All Riders turn into giant FFR cards. In Final Chapter, this is what remains of the Riders when Decade kills them.
    • It's common knowlege by now that Kuuga's original actor regarded that series as an Old Shame - but now, it's Decade that's known for rubbing the Fan Dumb the wrong way,[2] while its lead actor Masahiro Inoue is more than proud of his role, putting it lightly.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Before he became Yusuke Onodera, Ryota Murai appeared in Den-O: Climax Deka as the rookie cop who works with the Den-Liner crew. And flipping the trope around, fans probably know Ryosuke Miura better as Ankh/Shingo Izumi than they do as the Tiger Orphnoch from Decade's World of Faiz arc.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: While this show features the first Super Sentai/Kamen Rider crossover, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Masked Rider crossed over first. At the end of the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover, the world of Kamen Rider Black RX, the show Masked Rider used footage from, is revealed to be the next world.
    • Speaking of Sentai, the first fight in the Shinkenger crossover with both Rangers and Riders involved Shinken Gold and Diend. Care to guess which Ranger is among the evil duplicates created by Diend's (outright villainous) Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Expy Basco in his debut episode?
    • About Gokaiger again, though more subtly: the first Shinkenger episode of Decade was one of the very few times in Decade where the Kamen Rides (both Diend's and Decade's) had a thematic link to the episode's theme (Shinkenger, Ryuki and Den-O were all written by Yasuko Kobayashi); Gokaiger turned out to be far more liberal in its usage of such thematic transformations into past heroes in episodes with alumni guest stars.
    • In one of the Net Movies, Shin Kamen Rider imagines What Could Have Been if his show took off, like meeting up with a child fan - of Shin Kamen Rider. You know, FOR KIDS!
    • At the beginning of the Den-O World arc, everyone assumes that Den-O's Final Form Ride is supposed to be DenLiner since that's how the card shows it...then later on it's revealed to be Momotaros himself. And then in Final Chapter, the DenLiner thing becomes reality.
    • Another FFR example would be Agito's. Think they'll be using that concept again?
    • The appearance of King Dark near the end of All-Riders is funny in retrospect, since it means two personifications of the Great Leader [3] are duking it out.
    • In the World of Hibiki, if you're an Oni and lose your sense of justice and seek only to be stronger, you turn into a Makamou. Change the words Oni and Makamou to Magical Girl and Witch respectively and you get what happens to Sayaka just a few years later.
      • Also replace the words justice and seeking to be stronger with sanity and refusing Grief Seeds respectively.
    • Faiz's world is a High School AU. Which has Orphenoch hiding out in the school. Since they're pretty much zombies, does this count as a Highschool of the Dead?
  • Memetic Mutation: "Mo' fear! Mo' pain! No henshin, Kamen Rider Kuuga!"
  • Motive Decay: Heroic Example: Originally, the reason why Decade was traveling the worlds was to save them. That was when he was expecting to travel to nine worlds, and then he has to travel to Other worlds. At the end of Amazon's world, Natsumi even asks what the point of it all was.
  • Narm: Decade's super mode makes him look like a collectible card game display rack. Which it essentially is.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Judging by her reaction, Momotaros-possessed Yuusuke was this for Natsumi.
    • Some of the deaths in this series, particularly Great Shocker's assault on The Multiverse, where people get killed onscreen.
  • Special Effect Failure/Off-the-Shelf FX: Kivaara has (very noticeably) gone from full CGI to a toy on a string.
    • Taken to an absolutely appalling level in episode 12, where Kivaara has CGI in one scene and then instantly shifts back to toy-on-a-string for her next appearance in the very same episode.
  • Tear Jerker: the deaths of Kuuga!Yashiro and AU!Hibiki. Some could probably counted as well.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The whole "Orphenochs can't go to school" aspect was just mentioned by one or two lines and that is it. Even after Faiz is revealed to be one, it doesn't get mentioned again.
    • More than likely, Faiz's plot wasn't expanded because it was very similar to Kiva's, so rather than focusing on the Fantastic Racism, they just used the arc to introduce Kaitou.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: More literally in All Riders than the series proper, since Evil!Tsukasa sets up a Rider Battle tournament in order to determine the strongest of the Kamen Riders. For the record, Decade wins the three-on-three final battle with V3, Super-1, and Black RX single-handedly after Kuuga is eliminated and Diend punks out.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Hibiki's Final Form Ride. And the Suspiciously Similar Substitute Asumu is only ten or so!
    • Also with the boy in the Amazon World arc. The writers never explained why he had make-up on his face. Perhaps he is a Visual Kei fan?
      • It's a Mythology Gag to the original Kamen Rider Amazon, where humans brainwashed by the Geddon inexplicably had make-up applied after the process. And that has unfortunate implications in itself.
  • The Untwist: It's hard to not see the Tsukasa is leader of Daishocker twist coming when the initial rumors were that Tsukasa was either gonna be an Otaku or an Evil Overlord.
  • What an Idiot!: No, Fourteen, forcing your most loyal servant watch his brother get brainwashed while telling him you've been lying to him the entire time about his education program WILL HAVE NO CONSEQUENCES WHATSOEVER.
    • In the world of Black RX, Apollo Geist claims that Tsukasa is trapped in the parallel world of Black forever. As he is saying this, meanwhile in that other area, Schwarian leaves a portal to the world of Black RX open while fighting Decade.
  • What Could Have Been: Early rumors claimed that Decade would be a high school Ace named Jun Ryusei who was given the Decadriver by a corporation in order to continue the legacy of the Kamen Riders, and that his mentor would be Garren. Interestingly, the rumors made Jun seem like more of a Jerkass than Tsukasa, and yet quite a few people who liked the idea of Jun turned right back around and hated Tsukasa...
  • What the Hell, Casting Agency?: Ryo Hayami (Kamen Rider X's actor) really wanted to be in the movie or at least a voiceover, but Toei forgot to notify him of the movie before casting started despite X prominently featuring in Episode 26. So in the movie he was be replaced by The Other Darrin. WTH, Toei?
  1. Typically, Shapeshifter Baggage is only loosely employed so that Worms, being human-sized, can only impersonate other humans - but Kivaara is the size of a baseball.
  2. It doesn't help that Gokaiger showed everyone that finding an egregious number of past alumni was possible
  3. the second one, obviously, was Decade
  4. It should be Dikeido, actually, but...Just check the highlighted letter.