Kamen Rider Gaim/Ho Yay

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Being a Kamen Rider series of Cast Full of Pretty Boys, naturally this would occur in Kamen Rider. It doesn't help that there are few major female characters compared to the males…

  • All over the place is Kouta and Kaito, in a Foe Yay sense. Discussion and youtube comments talk about how the two act like a married old couple and actually think they should lovers. It doesn't help that Kouta is the only character besides Mai and Minato (who are both actual love interests to Kaito) capable of tolerating him and his Jerkass behavior. Usually when Kouta is in danger, Kaito appears and protects from whatever threat attacks.
    • Case in point, in #13 and #28, he saved Kouta from Bravo and Zangetsu Shin, despite fully well how strong and skilled they are compared to him. To put into perspective with Zangetsu (who is really Micchy in disguise), all three of Yggdrasil's other New Generation Riders all have to keep a low profile to how evil they really are so Takatora doesn't kick their ass. Even their actions suggest total fear of Takatora: Ryoma needed to have Minato and Sid helping him to defeat him (despite having shown to strong enough to casually Curb Stomp Gaim and Baron in a row), Minato is completely serious while fighting him, and Sid feels that him being gone gives him enough edge to destroy all of Yggdrasil Lockvehicles and essentially "fuck you, I'm doing what I want!" to Ryoma in the face. Kaito twice fought Takatora and lost humiliatingly, not even landing a decent hit on him, and he still decided to fight him for Kouta's sake twice. Granted, both times are probably for personal revenge, but the fact he fights somebody that three people at once are too chicken-shit to cross is saying something.
  • Takatora and Kouta also seem to have a thing going on between them. First starting from #27 and up. When they were chasing Deemushu together, Sid comes out of nowhere and attacks Kouta, to which Takatora steps in and defends Kouta. Later, Micchy disguises himself as Zangetsu Shin as a way to kill Kouta in secrecy, knowing the latter isn't willing to fight his brother.
  • As of #27, Ryoma and Takatora, as they started off in the same root as Micchy and Kouta.
  • The earliest is Kouta and Micchy. Throughout the series, Micchy is fiercely loyal to Kouta and wishes to be him, and Kouta actively defends Micchy when someone talks down to him. After his Face-Heel Turn, Micchy's actions with Kouta eerily resembles that of an abusive partner: He uses blackmail techniques to keep away from his business and to do what he wants, he calls him an "idiot" behind his back, and will do anything to keep him and Mai happy. After Kouta finally gets to reach his breaking by unintentionally having Mai slap him, Micchy takes whatever frustration he has since then out on Kouta, both physically and emotionally, to which Kouta remains optimistic and trying to convince him out of it. When the jury is out in #36, while everyone (especially Kaito) besides Mai writes Micchy off as an irredeemable monster, Kouta unsuccessfully tries to sugarcoat his acts by saying the Overlords may be manipulating him, only to be called out otherwise by Kaito. In #43, unable to go through with killing him, Kouta attempts a Heroic Sacrifice to remove the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed from Micchy's driver, reminding him to how they always will be at each other's side, which drives Micchy into near madness. In the series finale, Kouta returns to Earth to fight by Micchy's side one more time, telling him how they will always be friends.