Kobold Adventure/Characters

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Player Character

The Kobold/Moe

The Player Character, a green kobold living in the forest near the city of Varanar. For several years, you made a living by sneaking into camps and stealing whatever you can find. Unfortunately, the gang you've been paying, the Three-Tailed Rat Clan, recently raised its fee to a level that you can no longer afford.

After a few months, you've accumulated a significant amount of debt despite your best efforts, driving you to steal a bag of money from one of the king's transports.

United Dragon Empire


The princess of the United Dragon Empire, and the first child of King Onyx and Queen Diamonde.

  • Rape as Drama: Constantly by her trainer and the human nobles. She can also get raped by the Ten-Paw Gang if you don't intervene.
  • Roaring Rampage Of Revenge: Upon getting to safety, she immediately gathered the best knights that were present and returned to Varanar. Her latest appearance in Morning Three has you witness them heading towards the keep.


Princess of the United Dragon Empire