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  1. Bugs Bunny declares war whenever he decides to Get Serious. It always means War.
  2. Tweety Bird's Catch Phrase. Often altered for whatever is appropriate for the situation.
  3. Daffy Duck's Catch Phrase.
  4. More Catch Phrases, this time Elmer Fudd's.
  5. Bug's Catch Phrase, meanwhile, is an irremovable icon of animation.
  6. Bugs keeps forgetting to make that turn. Mutated to be the only reasons anyone ever gets lost.
  7. Probably the most popular and well-known exchange in animation history, epitomising the characters involved.
  8. The episode "What's Opera, Doc?" is possibly even more famous than the Duck Season! Rabbit Season! episode for many reasons.
  9. A certain Abominable Snowman and his destructive affection became a One-Scene Wonder.
  10. Marvin the Martian's reaction to being denied a kaboom.
  11. Foghorn Leghorn frequently finds himself stripped of his feathers as a result of whatever prank he just attempted on the Barnyard Dog or Henery Hawk.