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In a setting where a group of young girls trains to be Magical Girl Warriors, and their powers explicitly forbid relations with men, Les Yay should not be surprising.

  • Erstin seems a bit overly fond of being on either end of bodily contact between herself and roommates Arika and Nina, and in the sound dramas, under the influence of a mushroom that takes away self-control, also forces herself onto her Onee-Sama, Akane.
    • Ers' manga counterpart has her crush on Nina dialed up several notches, to the point that she gets severe panic attacks even when she's around other men (including her protectorate, Princess Mashiro's twin brother).
  • While Natsuki is more or less part of an Official Couple with Shizuru in the Otomeverse, this hasn't stopped her from being teased with other female characters:
    • She keeps pictures of Mai on her desk in her office reminding her of their time together in school, and Mai is almost hanging on top of her while Shizuru (Natsuki's big-sister figure at the time) is standing off to the side, smiling. When they finally meet up again late in the series, Natsuki openly declares how worried she was when Mai left... while sitting less than a foot away from her in a hot tub.
      • Shizuru even mentions at one point that during Mai and Natsuki's survival test (they were paired together), she caught them in a "compromising position" after they got lost and used their transponder signals to summon help. Knowing those two, it could mean that they were using their Robes and literally trying to kill each other, but considering Natsuki's reaction...
    • There's also Nao's teasing of Natsuki in the episodes leading up to that encounter... and the part in one of the drama CDs where she "apologizes" to Natsuki in the shower for teasing her. Then again, this is Nao we're talking about, so it's hard to tell whether or not she was being serious.
      • It's eventually revealed that this was part of a ploy engineered by Yukino to see whether Natsuki and Shizuru were a couple. Natsuki telling Nao that despite their clashes, she's glad to have had her around during her flight from Windbloom does suggest that unlike their My-HiME counterparts, Otome!Natsuki and Otome!Nao may actually like each other.
  • And let's not forget Haruka and Yukino, who seem practically married through their Otome/Master-bond in this continuity.