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Know your land. Know your prey.

A Canadian reality-based TV show which features Terry Grant, a veteran of the Alberta Foothills Search And Rescue Team as the "mantracker" and his guide (different each episode). Two guests as "prey" have thirty-six hours to get to an objective some forty kilometers away through the wilderness. Mantracker and his sidekick have to stop him. The prey are on foot while Mantracker is mounted which means the chase will often be a balance between the horses speed and the preys ability to utilize heavy or broken terrain. A common scenario has the prey using the main road for a time and then ducking into cover as Mantracker approaches. The result is a contest of skill and cunning played before the eyes of the viewers. There is also an attractive human interest element in the interaction between the characters. Another appeal is the nostalgic Shout-Outs to traditional Westerns.

Tropes used in Mantracker include: