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  • MarzGurl's entry for The Search For the Nostalgia Chick, a review of The Last Unicorn, includes a part where MarzGurl dons a long, silver wig and lip-syncs to the So Bad It's Good "Now That I'm a Woman".
    • Also, MarzGurl throwing her cat out of her house because it can't Talk Like a Pirate.
    • MarzGurl wondering if she can attract boys by learning how to sing and kiss at the same time, like Prince Liir and Lady Amalthea appear to do in a short scene.
  • MarzGurl's review of Arcade Gamer Fubuki, a blatant promotion show of Sega games in form of an anime, has her theorizing that the Mysterious Protector character Mr. Mystery, who only wears a thong and a mask, dangerously accompanying a little girl (with lots of Panty Shot stuffs) to be Segata Sanshiro. Cue to Mr. Mystery's goofy entrance accompanied with Segata Sanshiro's theme and Sanshiro himself saying "Sega Saturn!".
  • No love for the Cool World crossover with Linkara? Why the f*ck not? There's the whole beginning of the thing, the random sequences (mostly involving plush toys), and:

Marz Gurl: Not only does the car have lips, but it has an ass, too. Yes, an ass on a car. *beat* I think I'm gonna cry.

MG: He was showing kindness by giving it to you, and you showed kindness by saving him from certain death and restoring peace to the country. Keep the ring.

That Sci-Fi Guy: Why does he have a rag?
Marz Gurl: Where did it come from?
That Sci-Fi Guy: Does have a bag of holding?
Marz Gurl: Is there, like, a Pocket Dimension instead his jacket?
That Sci-Fi Guy: Is he a Time Lord?

    • Dr. Wiki's sudden appearance, especially That Sci-Fi Guy's reaction.

That Sci-Fi Guy: Dr. Wiki? What, do you just follow me everywhere?

Cringer: B-b-b-but Adam, I'm too scared to fight Skeletor!
He-Man: Oh for the love of god Cringer, I'm not in the mood for your Snarf crap okay?

  • Her Crayon Recreation of Jem provides nothing but laughs from beginning to end, and features an ending that presumably differs from that of the show. Synergy becomes disgusted with Jerrica dating Rio as two different girls, as well as Jerrica apparently having no problems with the possibility that Rio feels okay with cheating on her, so Synergy self-destructs.