My Favorite Martian (TV)

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The premise is simple: A Martian astronaut, played by Ray Walston, is stranded on Earth when his saucer crashes. He is taken in by a kindly but not too bright earthling (Bill Bixby). 'Uncle Martin' fortunately looks just like a human being except for two "rabbit ear"-style antennae which emerge from his head at odd moments. He has some special powers but not enough to keep himself and his human sidekick out of trouble with their feather-brained landlady and her suspicious love interest. Nor is he able to repair his saucer, hidden in the garage, possibly because he's a pilot not a mechanic.

It was also made into a movie in 1999, starring Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Martin.

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Tropes used in My Favorite Martian (TV) include:
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Lampshaded in one episode, when Uncle Martin explains to Tim why he's so concerned about their landlady's new private detective hobby:

"An amateur is infinitely more dangerous than a professional. If Alexander Graham Bell had been a professional electrician, he would never have invented the telephone -- he would have known it was impossible!"