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SHIELD YOUR EYES! OSHA Requirement under Rule 34

You want to know what's Not Safe for Work? That picture! He's just letting his privates dangle around in public! I hope you can stomach this!

God, Think of the Children!

Tropes used in Not Safe for Work (Darth Wiki) include:

Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures[edit | hide | hide all]

  • This is the trope maker. And the trope namer.
  • One level has Ed becoming a nudist. *Shudders*
  • Level 123,435,654,645 has Jimmy saying that he's gay. To no one's surprise.

Video Games[edit | hide]

Western Animation[edit | hide]

  • Total Drama Island has episode 3, while Chris is giving the recap, he says that Ezekiel was voted off for sexist comments. Why is this NSFW? BECAUSE CHRIS SAID "SEXIST", A WORD THAT HAS "SEX" IN IT!
    • Oh, and there's that super secret missing episode where the entrire cast, even new characters, show up in the nude uncensored, made just to piss off the censors.
    • See this? That is 100% proof that Geoff is gay for DJ. It is totally what it looks like. Yeah.
  • The only episode of The Simpsons downloadable for the atari 666, because Bart Simpson moons the audience.
    • And no, the scene of the Simpsons movie doesn't count. Because Bart really had something on him that looked like a penis, but was not. How is this true? Because Bart is really a girl. The last episode says that In a NSFW fashion. Despite being NSFW, It is not an example.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: The entire show. Why you ask? Because nopony wears clothes. Not even the all-female mane cast!

This Troper[edit | hide]

  • I've got man parts and you're reading this!
    • Or do you?
    • For that matter, am I really reading this?
    • You want to know what's worse? I... have... breasts!

Real Life[edit | hide]

  • Averted in Real Life
  • Averted by any of the cool jobs. Apparently you can have porn wallpaper.