Penny and Aggie/Recap/Constitution

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This is what it feels like. Change.

In this three-strip arc, featuring art by Sam Romero of Edge The Devilhunter, Aggie, Lisa, Penny, Katy-Ann, Stan and Duane meet at school to write a constitution for the new, more inclusive and constructive social environment they hope to create in the wake of the bullying and slander during "The Popsicle War". The document, the specifics of which Duane, Stan, Aggie and Lisa in particular wrestle with (revealing in particular Duane's lingering mistrust of Stan, and Aggie's of Charlotte), decries "lies or disingenuous statements" about themselves and their peers (a response to Charlotte's rape slander against Sara), as well as "attacks on the health" of others and themselves (a response to Cyndi's fostering of Michelle's eating disorder). The constitution also endorses "kindness, inclusiveness, and mutual support," as well as the use of "positive peer pressure" to foster these values. The latter is with reference to Penny's idea of adopting Aggie's signature peace-symbol belt buckle as a uniform for the group.