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  • When Sabrina is shocked that Salem has a daughter, Hilda remarks "He's over 500 years old. He didn't spend all that time watching television".
  • Mr Kraft's ex-wife Lucy has this catty remark about Zelda:

Lucy: "Oh look your hair's down again (looks Zelda up and down), I guess everything eventually loses the battle with gravity".

  • A season 3 episode gives us this little gem:

Harvey: "My mom's...she's pregnant"
Valerie: "Oh, wow. I didn't realise your parents still--"
Sabrina: "Valerie, we're eating"

  • At the end of "Halloween Scene" Sabrina's friend Mindy brings Salem to the door, angrily saying she found him in her lingerie drawer.
    • Also Sabrina remarks that it'll changed when she has him "fixed". The episode cuts off with Salem wailing "hey this isn't the way home!"
  • The episode "Sabrina And The Pirates" has Sabrina and Valerie referencing smoking and drinking.
  • Mr Kraft's...attitude towards Libby is especially Squicky since he's in his forties and she's 17 years old. "Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Knows Libby" increases this by having them kiss and giving Zelda an Imagine Spot where he's dressed like a Sugar Daddy as she slaps him.
  • From "The Crucible" when the history class are re-enacting Puritan living...

Libby: "Jenny was with Adam. Unescorted."
Mr Pool: "How unseemly."

  • In "The Great Mistake" when Zelda is rooting through her tennis balls she yells out "Balls, balls, balls!". Enter Hilda saying "what's going on here? Sounds interesting" and looking very disappointed when she sees what's really going on.
  • From "Love In Bloom":

Salem: "Nothing says Valentine's Day like swimming upstream".

  • In "Salem The Boy" it's heavily implied that Caligula wants to rape Hilda and Zelda.
  • In "Cloud Ten" Sabrina makes a comment about Cathy putting her bra in the freezer and says "Colder than a witch's...nevermind".
  • "Deliver Us From E-Mail" has Salem reading a limerick to Zelda about a witch from Helsinki "who did what with her pinky!?".
  • Morgan's brother Chip is implied to be into bestiality.
  • When Hilda leaves her fiancee at the altar because she has her biological clock back:

Eugene: "This isn't the first time I've been left for a small appliance".

  • In "Halloween Scene" Hilda keeps making comments about fog always showing up whenever she went to see The Bride Of Frankenstein at the drive-in. When they actually appear in the movie she gives us this little comment:

"This is usually where the fog shows up. Why didn't I bring a date?"

  • Sabrina comes home to find Mr Kraft and Aunt Zelda giggling while playing Twister in the living room.
  • The season 5 Valentine's Day episode is a big middle finger to the radar as Sabrina casts a spell that makes Miles irresistible to Roxie and she comes home to find them writhing on the couch.

Miles: I tried to resist but she is very persuasive.

    • There's also this gem from Hilda yet again:

Hilda: "I am going to be queen of VD!"

Zelda looks at her strangely

Hilda: Valentine's Day

  • Hilda actually says the word "Jackass" in a season 3 episode.
  • When Aunt Irma is interrogating Harvey she makes a comment about her pointing finger and Hilda says something along the lines of "there's another finger I'd rather show her".
  • The episode "Humble Pie" has several moments where Hilda walks out of the Dean's office a little dishevelled looking very pleased with herself.
  • When Harvey is in the bleachers before a hockey game he turns around intending to kiss Sabrina but ends up getting another player on the cheek. The player's response? "Do you want to get some coffee after the game?"
  • In "Time After Time" Sabrina implies that maybe Zelda didn't marry her fiancee because he was possibly gay.
  • In the season 7 premiere Morgan is writing an article about a rock band. In her notes she mentions that the drummer ignored her and outright says the word "gay".
  • Morgan is being interviewed about a new set of clothes she has designed.

Morgan: "Come next Winter, every man's legs are going to be in my pants...wait"

  • From the season 7 Christmas Episode where the girls are in Florida, Morgan enters a beauty pageant to crown "Miss Wet Christmas". Wow
  • Sabrina offends a famous musician and she is forced to make a public apology. When she arrives at his concert, he asks her to bend over so he can spank her with a rolled up magazine.
  • The first episode with Roxie's radio show has her talking about drinking and drugs on the air.
  • From the end of "You Can't Twin" we get this little gem..

Hilda: "Say woo-hoo"

Sabrina: "Woo-hoo!"

Salem: "Impostor!" [1]

Sabrina: "Quiet, furball, or else I'll tell Aunt Zelda about the time I caught you in her lingerie drawer trying on her lacey red--"

Salem: "It's Sabrina!"

  • The season 6 finale has Zelda dressing up in a hot red dress trying to seduce Hilda's fiancée. When they are caught, both the fiancée and Hilda refer to Zelda as a tramp.
    • In the fiancee's first episode Hilda and Zelda say they'll "interrogate" him and when the episode returns to them Zelda is passionately making out with him on the couch. When he cracks, Hilda sighs that "we didn't get to do the whole Good Witch, Bad Witch routine".
  • Sabrina summons up a man called Even Steven who tells us all:

"I used to be Stefan but 'Effin Stefan' gave people the wrong idea"

    • Later in the episode he arrives at the house to lure their dog away by pretending to be a rich bachelor.

Zelda: "Mansion and a valet? You're welcome to slap a collar around my neck"

  • Hilda used to have a magic typewriter that made stories typed on it come to life. She talks about how she used to love writing romance stories with herself as the heroine and watching them come to life. Knowing Hilda, it probably wasn't just kissing...
  • When one of Sabrina's classmates becomes invisible, she wonders where he would go and then immediately rushes to the girls' locker room.
  1. Sabrina's Evil Twin Katrina impersonated her and they were testing to see if it was really Sabrina