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CeCe and Flynn have different fathers

  • Mostly an argument from silence, but nowhere in the episode was it ever mentioned or implied that Flynn's father was CeCe's father. Also, CeCe doesn't seem nearly as upset about the father's chronic absence, and seems a bit perplexed as to how to comfort Flynn. This could be because she never had a father to begin with, and thus fails to empathize. This brings me to my second point...

Kurt Martin is CeCe's father

  • Georgia met Kurt at a meet-and-greet after one of his concerts. Kurt's chronic infidelity being a reason for his eventual divorce, he and Georgia hooked up backstage. After finding out she was pregnant, Georgia vowed to be responsible for her child's sake. Believing Kurt would not be a good influence, she decided to leave him be.
  • One might think this has been Jossed, but consider that Flynn looks just like his dad, but CeCe looks nothing like either of her parents.

Cece is a Demigod

  • Most likely a child of Apollo. This explains why Cece and Flynn's dad is at "work" all the time.
  • She also has dyslexia, which is a symptom of a demigod. She also seems really hyper too which is another symptom.

Rocky and Ty are descended from either Seaweed or Li'l Inez.

Either that or they're related to Zack Taylor who is more likely descended from Seaweed.

CeCe and Rocky are Hibiki and Kanade's US counterparts.

And fortunately for the former, the notes of the Score of Happiness didn't go to Chicago, otherwise Hummy have them get powers. This makes more sense than having them be Nagisa and Honoka's counterparts because of Suite's music thematic (music and dancing go hand-in-hand) and CeCe looks like she could be a good live-action Hibiki.

Deuce and Dina are half-siblings.

Dina's father is played by the same guy who played President Martinez on Cory in The House. Deuce's real name is Martin Martinez. Furthermore, Deuce and Dina are practically clones of each other. Plus, it would be immensely funny. And we never do see Deuce's parents.

Crusty's is a replacement for the front steps set

The brass thought having the kids hang out on the front steps all the time made them look like a bunch of hood-rats.