Shining Goodness

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Firefly slang for "Cool" or "Great".

Basically, this is when the word "Shine" and its variants are used to mean "Good", "Holy", "Righteous", or other similar things.

The reason is that to shine is to reflect a lot of light, so in a setting where Light Is Good (or at least seems to be), to shine is an indication of goodness. It's the reason the word is in the phrase Knight in Shining Armor.

Again, this is just the word, nothing else.

Examples of Shining Goodness include:

Anime and Manga


  • In Thud, the in-hiding king of trolls is known as "Mr. Shine," and Crysophase the troll refers to Captain Carrot (the suspected king of Ankh-Morpork and an all-around Nice Guy) as being "shiny."

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation