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Chris Pine, Zack Quinto
May not have the history
But they're not too bad


Captain James T. Kirk
Of the starship Enterprise
Likes Green Skinned Space Babes

Science officer
Mr. Spock is half-Vulcan
He has pointy ears

Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Is a doctor not an X
Dammit, he's dead Jim

Hikaru Sulu
Is the helmsman of the ship
He performs judo

Montgomery Scott
Never told to "beam me up"
Worked on the engines

Young Pavel Chekov
Navigates them to the stars
His gun means nothing

The Comms Officer
Lt. Uhura opens
Hailing frequencies

When I saw this film
I fell asleep instantly.
Not even a fan

—That 897 Guy

Into the black hole
Where no man has gone before
Bend over, Scotty