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  • The day Bison graced <insert_something_here> was the most important day of your life. "But for Me It Was Tuesday". [1]
  • OF COURSE! [2]
  • Quick! Change the channel![3]
    • You got... paid? (Unfortunately, Balrog wasn't there to fully cash in on that scene.) [4]
  • From Dee Jay: "Oh man, I should have stayed at Microsoft". [5]
    • GAAME OVER!! [6]
    • You still refuse to accept my GODHOOD!? KEEP your own God! In fact, now my be a good time to PRAY TO HIM. For I befell Satan as he FELL FROM HEAVEN! LIKE LIGHTNING!! [7]
  1. Bison's Crowning Moment of Awesome, when Chun-Li called him out for killing her father. Notable because it codified and named an awesome trope.
  2. Bison dramatically turns and delivers this line when Sagat shows surprise at the reveal that Guile faked his death. Popularized as a meme by The Nostalgia Critic in reference to any villain whose plan is to, you guessed it, Take Over the World.
  3. Dimwitted Zangief comment as a video broadcast displays an explosive heading directly for Bison's base.
  4. Zangief makes a Heel Face Turn after discovering that not only was Bison the villain, but his compatriots (most notably Dee Jay) only worked for Bison for the money. Balrog addendum is a reference to his "I GOT PAID!" winquote from the Capcom vs. SNK games.
  5. During the siege on Bison's base as Dee Jay attempts to escape.
  6. Bison's triumphant exclamation as he destroys Guile's stealth boat and believes he's finished him off.
  7. Bison's excessively hammy proclamation to Guile in their final fight...moments before he's beaten.