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  • During Mr. Robinson's stellar performance, an old man leans over to his friend and asks "Whoa, who is this guy?" and Rocky, Mr. Robinson's son tells him "That's my dad. Rock on dude!"
  • In "The Responsible", Gumball decides to take the wrap for Anais flooding the house. She's so touched she hugged him and whispered "thank you". But when Gumball was about to say it, he sees his mom's eyes are on fire, so he blames it on Darwin.
  • The ending of "The Quest", right up to where Tina's dad comes up from behind Anais, Gumball, and Darwin.
  • After getting falsely arrested for robbing a convenience store, Nicole still has her family celebrating her birthday with them besides her cell.
    • The cops found her innocent after all, too.
  • If you think about it, Alan and Carmen's relationship is this. Carmen is a cactus and Alan is a balloon, but that doesn't stop them from loving each other, and attempting to kiss each other.
  • The end of "The Painting", where Anais asserts that, even though the drawing she made showed her father as lazy, her mother as stressed-out, and her brothers as destructive, it says "I love my family" and she meant it.

Anais: If you'd listened for a second, you'd know have known that I never wanted anyone to change.
Mom: But I thought you were unhappy, honey. That painting?
Anais: That painting says, "I love my family"...exactly as they are.

  • Penny sticking up for Gumball in "The Gi".
    • Heck, the whole ending is, when Nicole realizes she should never have tried to suppress her husband's spirit and returns his cape.
    • "The Cottontail Cavalier has returned!"
  • Darwin comforting Gumball after he suffers a panic attack in "The Prank" least until it gets a little too Ho Yay.
  • In "The Picnic", Darwin saves Gumball from the nasty creatures of the forest.

Nobody messes with my team! (Darwin then fish-slaps one of the creatures, forcing all of them to run away!)

  • The end of "The Meddler".

Gumball: Mom, you know how I said I wanted to be my own man and make my own decisions?
Nicole: Yes?
Gumball: Can it just wait for a few years?
Nicole: The longer the better honey. Even when you're 80 you'll still be my Gummy-puss.

  • The end of "The Fight" when Tina and Gumball become friends.

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